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Yes Finishing Touch Reviews [Full Guide]

Yes Finishing Touch Reviews: experts and users’ reviews of how to use the device, does it really work? And how to get smooth skin touch from the first use? 

Using an electric razor is one of the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted hair. I know, razors don’t remove hair from the roots but they give you immediate smooth-looking skin. Yes Finishing Touch is one of the top-selling hair removal electric razors. 

Why You Trust Us 

We have tested and reviewed more than 100 electric razors on the market. Our team spent more than 4 weeks testing and reviewing the Yes Finishing Touch hair remover. We made our review based on the effectiveness, the sensitivity of the skin, and the time of the hair removal session. Using an electric razor will save a lot of time compared to using a manual razor. This device works great for large and small skin areas. It doesn’t cause cuts, burns, or scars like other hair removal methods. Read our yes finishing touch reviews to know everything about this device and how to use it before buying. 

Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover

yes finishing touch reviews

Uer's Rate
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What Is In The Box? 

  1. Yes Finishing Touch Device 
  2. Charger 
  3. 2 heads (for trimming and precise hair removal) 
  4. Cleaning brush 
  5. User guide 


  • Removes unwanted hair in one sweep 
  • The painless hair removal device 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Designed for full body hair removal 


  • The device is small in size 
  • Doesn’t remove the hair from the roots 
  • Hair grows back in a short time 

User’s Reviews 

“The only razor that you will need! Great results and eco-friendly device” Said Krane. 

This device is great for shaving. Once you try it you won’t use manual shaving again. She used the device for full-body hair removal. You won’t need to buy extra disposable razors ever after. The device is a long-time investment. You shouldn’t use it during the shower as the device is only for dry shaving. She found yes finishing touch electric razor painless because the razor moves oscillating. The device is chargeable and doesn’t need batteries. You can shave daily in no time if you want thanks to this impressive device. 

“Excellent product,” Said Nadia. 

She used many electric razors before. This product is good and fast. The session is painless and you can clean it easily using the cleaning brush. The results are great. For her, she has been using the Yes finishing touch device for a year and she didn’t notice any change in the hair growth cycle. She doesn’t use regular shaving methods anymore. This device is perfect and she recommends trying. 

“Great  Hair Remover,” Said Mary. 

She found yes finishing touch device better than other cheap electric razors on the market. It doesn’t remove unwanted hair permanently. However, it is a great device if you want to shave your legs fast. It comes with 2 heads for shaving and trimming. Use the trimming head for removing long hairs first then use the precise head for removing shorter hair and adding touch up. 

“Be sure to use the device 45 degrees on your skin. I used the device for my legs and the results are amazing” Said bonnie 

She has been using this device for 6 months. You have to angle the device correctly and move it with medium speed on your skin to get the best results. She found the device really effective and every woman should try yes finishing electric hair removal. The shipping was fast and the price of the device is cheap. She is very happy that she bought this device. 

“I have tried many tweezers and epilators for years. This device is much better” Said Jean. 

The device doesn’t remove the hairs from the roots but it is close enough for her. It is a cost-effective device. She bought a yes finishing touch because epilators are painful. This device is painless and easy to use. Her skin looks and feels better after using the yes finishing touch device. She found the device worth the money. If you are looking for a painless hair removal device, this is the best option for you. 

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How To Use Yes Finish Touch Hair Remover? 

  1. Plugin the Yes Finish Touch Hair remover device. Switch on the device by turning up the power button towards the activated light head. 
  2. The power LED will flash which means the device is ready for use. However, it won’t be activated until it touches your skin. 
  3. User the trimer head first if you have long hair. Start shaving from the opposite direction to the hairs. Make sure that the device is 45 degrees on the skin surface. You will see the hair shedding off while you move the device. 
  4. Always remember to run the yes finish touch device against the skin with a tight press. You can use your free hand for tightening the skin while the session to get a cleaner shave. 
  5. Use the cleaning brush to clean the device and continue using it until you finish the area you are treating. 
  6. To finish off the treatment: remove the trim hair and put the micro foil head. Use it at a 9-degree angle.  You will find your skin is smooth and shiny after finishing the session. 
  7. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before using the device because it is not suitable for wet shaving. 
  8. Clean the device after each use. 

Yes Finishing Touch Video Reviews 

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube


Does Yes Finishing Touch Work?

 Yes. it works. You can use the yes Finishing touch device for removing unwanted hair on any body area. No need to buy razors anymore. However, this device is only suitable for shaving extra hair. It doesn’t remove the hair from the roots so don’t expect permanent hair removal results. The treatment is painless and the session is fast so you can use the device daily if you want. 

Does Yes Finishing Make Hair Grow Back Thicker? 

No. Using Yes Finishing Touch Hair remover won’t cause your hair to grow thicker or more than before. Shaving in general doesn’t increase the number of hairs. When using a razor it tapers off the hair and doesn’t cut the hair straight. That’s why you might feel the hair is thicker than before. 

Is Finishing Touch An Epilator? 

No. it is an electric razor that works corded without a battery. It doesn’t epilate the hair. The device only sheds off the upper part of the hair. 

Which Is Better: Electric Or Manual Razor? 

Both manual and electric razors are effective in removing hair. The most important thing is what shaving method is more suitable for you. There both have the same efficacy. However, using an electric razor such as yes finishing touch is quicker for a large skin surface. All you need to do is plugging in the device and moving it to the area you want to treat. Clean the head using the brush and continue the treatment. Besides, using a manual razor might cause skin irritation. To sum up, using an electric razor will help you prevent nicks, cuts, and skin inflammation caused by shaving. 


Yes finish touch is a great electric razor for removing unwanted hair in no time. It doesn’t remove hair from the roots. If you are looking for an electric razor that removes facial and body hair quickly, this device is the best choice for you. However, if you want to get permanent hair removal results, you should check our reviews of IPL devices for home use. IPL devices will inhibit the hair growth cycle within time until you get permanent results.

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