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Xsoul Hair Removal At Home

Xsoul hair removal uses IPL technology to remove hair. It will help you get permanent results within time. How to use it? Is Xsoul Device suitable for all skin colors?  And what are the features of it? 

Do you want to have silky smooth skin touch? Xsoul IPL device is what you need. It will give you results similar to professional hair removal treatment at salons. The instructions are clear and the device is very easy to use at home. Xsoul device comes with 500,000 flashes which are enough for doing full body laser treatment at home.

What Is Xsoul IPL Device?

Xsoul hair removal device is developed by a team of professionals. It uses adapted IPL technology from professional IPL to be suitable for home use. IPL technology is much better than traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, and epilating.

Why you Trust Us

Our team spent more than 455 hours reviewing and comparing top IPL devices for home use. We think Xsoul IPL is one of the best economical choices on the market. 

Xsoul hair removal Reviews

xsoul hair removal

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User rating 4.3

Our rate 4.0


  • 5 energy settings 
  • 2 treatment modes 
  • Suitable for full body hair removal 


  • Results need time 

User’s Reviews 

“Amazing device! Worth the money” Said Anna. 

She used the device for a month and tried it on her left armpit to compare the results. She used the device on the highest energy level. The treatment wasn’t painful. For some areas, her skin was sensitive to light so she used a lower energy level. For treating the armpit it took only 1-2 minutes. Treating legs took around 15 minutes. Each leg took 200-300 flashes. She will try to shave less often after reaching good results. 

“Wish I bought this device years ago,” said Jada. 

She had done many laser sessions at clinics years ago. The hair kept growing back within the time. During the pandemic, she decided to have her hair removal device to use at home. She tried the Xsoul IPL device and it was worth it! After one month, she noticed up to 80% hair reduction on the face. Although the device doesn’t work on white hair. She would buy this device again as the price is considered cheap. This device is effortless to use, and you can adjust the energy level easily to the level you can tolerate. She didn’t use the protective goggle so much but it was a nice addition to the device. You can start using the device once delivered as it comes with everything you need for your first hair removal session at home. 

 “This product is easy to use! Highly recommend” Said Katherine.

She had been searching for a personal hair removal device for months and she loved this device from the first impression about it. The delivery was fast and upon unboxing the device, it is made of high-quality materials. First, she made a test patch on her leg. There were no side effects. After that, she started her treatment plan for both legs. According to the plan, the results could be seen after 8 weeks but until now the results are great. She is very excited to finish her laser hair removal sessions. 

“Good quality and does the job” Said Donald. 

He wanted to get an IPL device for a long time. As he had to stay at home, he bought the device to try during his free time. His skin is pale and his hair color is dark black. The device comes with everything you need to start your IPL treatment at once. The user manual is very clear and easy to follow. Although you have to be patient to see real results. He started noticing that the hair grew slower than before after only a few weeks. After finishing 6 weeks of IPL treatment, the difference is huge. Some hairs grow back but they are finer and fewer. He is no longer embarrassed with body hair. When you have pale skin and dark hair color, it is quite annoying. He used the device on level 5 as he could tolerate the pain. The higher the energy level, the more painful is the treatment. Treating my legs took a lot of time as I have thick dark hair. You should set at least one hour for the IPL treatment session. Avoid overlapping the flashes as it might hurt. Don’t direct the device on tattoos or freckles at it might cause burns. He is very glad that he bought this device and the results are promising. He will continue his treatment plan until he reaches permanent results. 

How To Use Xsoul Hair Removal Kit?

  1. Shave the area you are going to treat. You must shave before the initial sessions to maximize the results and get fast hair reduction.
  2. Wear protective glasses during the IPL session. You should wear it during the sessions especially when you are using the xsoul device for treating your face. However, you shouldn’t use the device very close to your eyes to avoid getting hurt. 
  3. Press the switch to determine the best energy level for your skin tone and hair color. If it is your first session, you should test the device on a small patch using the lowerest energy setting. If you don’t have a sensitivity to the IPL light, use the device on a higher energy setting. Continue using your device on the highest energy your skin can tolerate. 
  4. Use the device 90 degrees on the skin. Keep moving the device from one spot to another while pressing the light button. Don’t stay in the same spot for a long time to avoid hitting it twice with the flash when using the auto mode. 

There are 2 modes for using the Xsoul IPL machine: the auto mode and the manual mode. Use the auto mode for treating small areas such as bikini line, underarms, and face to give your precise hair removal experience. While the manual mode is more suitable for treating large areas such as your back, arms, and legs. It will save you much time treating straightforward areas. 

How often should I use Xsoul Device At Home?

Read the user manual before starting using the device on your skin. We recommend using the device once every 2 weeks for the first 3 months. If you noticed no change, continue using the device twice every month for 3 additional months. If the hair growth is reduced, you can use the Xsoul device once every month or every 2 months. You should test the device before starting to use it regularly. If you notice serious side effects, visit your doctor and don’t continue the treatment. 

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Who can use Xsoul Hair Removal Device? 

You can use the Xsoul IPL machine if you have pale skin to light brown skin. However, it is not designed for brown and dark brown skin tones. The device is not effective on yellow, white, grey, and red hairs. It is most effective on dark black and brown hair colors. 

Can I use Laser Hair Removal Device Every Week? 

No. You should not use your personal device more than twice per month. The initial treatment sessions are 6-12 sessions. After that, you will do a maintenance session when needed once every month. 

Why is My Hair Still Growing After Laser Hair Removal? 

The light targets the melanin inside the hair follicle suppressing the hair growth cycle. You won’t get immediate results. Hairs in the anagen phase will be affected by the light used. However, hairs in the catagen or the inactive phase won’t be affected by the light. That’s why it is very important to shave before your IPL or laser session. However, the light reduced the hair growth cycle. Each time you use your device, the hairs are more suppressed until you get permanent hair growth reduction. 

You can exfoliate between your sessions to get faster hair removal results. In general, the hair growth is reduced each time until you notice complete clear patches. People with pale skin and dark hair color are most likely to get faster results as they are the best candidate. 

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Xsoul IPL device is very effective in hair removal. The treatment is almost pain-free and you can use it for most body areas such as legs, bikini line, underarms, back, and face. It is also suitable for both women and men. The device is 100% safe and has 500k flashes. You will reach your goals if you keep on the schedule and do your treatment sessions as planned. To sum up, Xsoul hair removal is a great economical choice that is suitable for a variety of hair colors and skin tones. 

Tell us in the comments below about your experience with IPL and laser hair removal. If you have any questions about Xsoul Device don’t hesitate to ask as our experts are here for you. 

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7 thoughts on “Xsoul Hair Removal At Home”

  1. I just purchase this device, and after reading the instructions it differs from what your guidance, which is using the device once every 2 weeks for the first 3 months. The manual indicates that eight weeks is a complete cycle 1-4 weeks, once-twice a week, 5-8 weeks, once every 1-2 weeks. Could you please clarify this. Thank you.

    1. The treatment plan might differ from one version to another. you should use your device as directed in the user manual. generally, IPL devices are safe to use once every 2 weeks.

  2. Where can I buy this machine it’s not available on Amazon is there any other site or the other distribution options
    Thank you

  3. I got it on Amazon 2 months ago. I use it every other day and hit each spot 3 times on level 5 . I have done my feet, under arms, back of neck and pubic area and have far less hair and what does grow comes back very slowly. My skin also looks great. Totally worth the money in the long run!

  4. I purchased this device in May. And have seen results. However, I now have to turn it off every 30-40 seconds to get the light flash to sort again. I sent an email to the company & havnet heard back.

  5. I bought this product months ago but have not had a chance to use it. I got it out today and charged it. I cannot get it to even turn on. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to register it? I cannot return it b/c I missed the return deadline. Please help. I cannot seem to find my instructions. Only the box and glasses, razors and skin a skin chart and a offer for a gift card.

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