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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X & Precision – Comprehensive Reviews

Tria Hair Removal is the best choose for you if you are one of those beautiful ladies who are giving great care for maintaining their beauty? Tria has been working on offering you the best solution. It offers you the best hair removal devices that can be used easily and safely at home.

Experts Advise You to Remove Excess Hair Regularly

Just a few excess hairs that can be noticed on your face, chin, eyebrows, arms, or legs can ruin your day! Thus, you are required to get rid of such hairs regularly. But, classical methods, such as plucking, tweezing, and even waxing, require excess hairs to be much long in order to be eliminated.

Tria laser Beauty is a leading company in the field of health care and hair removal. It’s been there for years giving the world many wonderful solutions for permanent hair removal. It didn’t take the company so long until it produced the Tria Laser 4X and Tria Laser Precision.

Tria hair removal devices help you get permanent hair removal through laser treatments easily at home. So, It’s an easy, safe device loved by women!

Being a lady requires you to have a stunning daily view, and this will never happen if you have that hair on your skin! That’s why Tria laser Beauty provided you with those masterpieces.

Tria Diode Laser Technology

Tria laser has launched two amazing devices to treat body hair using diode laser technology. The laser targets the melanin – the color pigment – in hair follicle and damages it, then disables its ability to regrow hair after the treatment session.

After 8 treatments – once every 2 weeks, the laser permanently prevents hair follicle from regrowing hair.

Skin Tones & Hair Colors

Tria laser Beauty products work on the same skin tones. They can treat skin tones from white to medium brown, but they cannot treat dark brown, and brownish black ones.

Skin tones that can be treated
Skin tones that can be treated
Not recommended for use on
Not recommended skin tones

They also treat hair colors from light brown to black, while they don’t work on red, light blond, white or grey hair colors.

Hair colors that can be treated
Hair colors that can be treated
Not recommended hair colors

Tria Hair Removal Products

Although this company has only produced 2 devices, they are very effective and dynamic. Moreover, you can get the permanent results you want after only 6-8 sessions. If you didn’t notice any results after 2 months, the company will give back your money with the 60 day money-back guarantee.

Now, after talking about the company and its products, let’s go further and have a deeper look at each device.

(1) Tria hair removal laser 4X

Tria Beauty 4X Laser

Tria laser 4X is an amazing hair removal device that uses laser in order to prevent hair re-growth. The laser used in Tria 4X targets the melanin in hair follicle and disables its ability to regrow hair.

It’s the best selling device of Tria Beauty. It’s proven to be effective, fast, and safe on your skin. The device has a FDA clearance and CE certification to meet safety standards of EU. So, it’s safe for at-home hair removal.


Tria laser 4X is a powerful, yet safe, hair removal device that delivers 3 times more energy for eliminating hair than other devices.

It’s clinically proven to permanently treat hair after only 8 treatment sessions. All you need to do is to determine your skin tone, adjust the energy level, and press Tria hair removal 4X on the targeted area until you hear 2 beeps for optimum treatment.

Tria hair removal 4X works on skin tones from white to medium brown, and hair colors from light brown to black. They neither treat dark brown and brownish black skins, nor red, blond, white or grey hairs.

You have to use the device once every 2 weeks for 16 weeks for optimum results. The results should be noticed after 2-4 treatments. If you didn’t experience any noticeable results within 4 treatments, you can ask for your money.

The manufacturer provides the product with a 60-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty.

In addition, the interactive LED display shows many important features while guide you through treatments:

The 30-minute battery life of Tria hair removal 4X allows you to cover multiple areas of your body and face in a single treatment. It may be less than some particular devices, but it doesn’t mean it’s a really serious problem.

Tria 4X Pros

Tria 4X Cons

How To Use Tria 4X

Tria laser 4X is very easy to use, there are only 6 simple steps to be followed and I’m explaining them below easily and detailed:

First: Fully charge Tria hair removal 4X then unplug it

Second: Shave and cleanse targeted areas before treating

Step 3: Click power button

Third: Press the power button to turn the device on, you will find a lock on the LED display

Forth: Hold the skin sensor – the red light on the bottom of the device – against the targeted area. The device will give beeps and the lock will vanish if your skin tone is suitable

Fifth: Choose from 5 energy levels, start with low then go up to a higher setting

Sixth: Press the device against targeted area and wait until you hear 2 beeps. Then move on the the next spot.

* Repeat previous steps once every two weeks for 12-16 weeks (6-8 treatments).

Tria 4X Customer Reviews

Although there are some negative comments about Tria laser 4X, there are much more positive reviews that are happy with this great product. Of course negative comments are more beneficial as you may find something matters which you needed to know. However, this doesn’t reduce the product value or reputation at all! Here are some of user reviews on Amazon:

"It does work, but be patient." 5 star rating
Amazon customer
"Worth every dollar." 5 star rating
Amazon customer
"A life changer!!!" 5 star rating
Amazon customer
"So happy I bought this." 5 star rating
Amazon customer
"Pro quality with REAL results." 4 star rating
Amazon customer
"Do not go near your tattoos." 3 star rating
Amazon customer
"Did not decrease amount of hair." 2 star rating
Amazon customer
"It hurts, I couldn't take the zap." 1 star rating
Amazon customer

How Tria 4X Works

(2) Tria Precision Hair Removal Laser

Tria Beauty Precision Laser

It’s a new petite-sized version of Tria 4X. Tria Precision uses the same Diode Laser Technology of Tria 4X which is also preferred by dermatologists. It’s suitable for at-home safe, effective permanent hair removal.

Tria laser Precision is designed especially for small, hard-to-reach, and sensitive areas. So, it’s smaller, slender, and lighter than Tria 4X. Moreover, you can take it in your bag any way you go whenever you need it. It’s a device that is loved by women, and It’s recommended by dermatologists.


Just like 4X, Tria laser Precision is FDA-cleared and it has a CE certification to meat EU safety standards.

In addition, the device is clinically proven to permanently reduce hair safely. It also has delivers 3 times more energy for hair elimination.

It has 3 energy levels and a skin tone sensor for more safety. There is a ventilation in the back of the device right under the top-tip in order to keep the laser cool during treatment.

Just like 4X, Tria Precision also works on skin tones from light blond to medium brown, and it treats hair colors from light brown to black.

For optimum results, the device should be used 6 times once every 2 weeks for 3 months. However, it should give noticeable results after 2-4 treatments.

With the world-wide 60 day money-back guarantee, you can use the device without fears.

Tria laser Precision has a battery life of 15 minutes. So, it’s ideal for quick treatments on small areas. It also has indicator lights; the lights refer to treatment level and battery life.

You can turn on and off and set energy level using the power button under the light indicator.

The device also has a skin tone sensor in its tip. You put the tip on the targeted area gently until you hear a series of beeps then the light indicator will be set to low level if it’s your first use or to the last used treatment level.

If you did not hear a sound coming out of the device, then the skin sensor did not recognize your skin type. Try to repeat the process in order to make sure that the device is suitable for your skin type or not.

Tria Precision Pros

Tria Precision Cons

How To Use Tria Precision

It’s a small device with a very simple way to use. The steps below shows how to use it: (Steps is needed to be followed in detail)

First: Fully charge Tria Precision then unplug it – it will not work while plugged in.

Second: Shave and cleanse targeted area before treating

Third: Press the power button to turn the device on, the top and bottom lights will be green, which means the device is now locked

Forth: Point the skin sensor against the targeted area gently. It's in the device tip. If it's suitable, the device will give a series of beeps and treatment level will be set to the lowest if it's your first use. If the green top and bottom lights did not change and you didn't hear a series of beeps, then Tria Precision is not suitable for your skin.

Fifth: Choose from 3 energy levels, start with low then go up to a higher setting

Sixth: Stamp the device on targeted area, such as upper lip, then wait until you hear the beep. If you hear a buzz, this means you did not wait enough for the device to work.

* Repeat previous steps once every two weeks for 12-16 weeks (6-8 treatments), then repeat the entire process when needed.

Tria Precision Customer Reviews

There are so many positive reviews about this product which makes it one of the top laser hair removal devices. Negative comments are not that important, all what people focus on is the power settings.

To be fair, I’m going to show you the two types of reviews:

"Love it! Got me money's worth. Same results as professional treatment!" 5 Star rating
Amazon Customer
"Work just as expected; I love it!" 5 star rating
Amazon Customer
"works if you can live with the pain and do treatments regularly." 5 star rating
Amazon Customer
"Works for hair & skin types as described" 5 star rating
Amazon Customer
"it's not like your salon laser but it works for tiny black hairs. tried on larger hair - no workie" 4 star rating
Amazon Customer

Now, here are some negative comments on the product:

"Low setting is a breeze, highest isn't horrible. I've been using for 3 weeks and see a bit of a reduction I think." 3 star rating
Amazon Customer
"(about 15% hair reduction in 2 months), but this is the second laser I've bought from them and both stopped working within 60 days. The laser is too expensive to not last at least six months. I could have had better results with a professional." 2 star rating
Amazon Customer
"Product does not work. When I called to return it Tria WILL NOT honor its 90 day money back gurantee. They will not put you thorugh to a supervisor on the phone and they tell you that someone will call you back in 24 hours." 1 star rating
Amazon Customer

Note that all comments and reviews are from Amazon with no edit. Moreover, I did not write my own comment yet!

How It Works

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X & Precision Side Effects

All laser devices have almost the same side effects. But, when talking about Tria Beauty Laser Hair Removal, there’re no serious ones to be mentioned. However, all side effects disappear after 24-48 hours if the device is used properly.  Side effects may include one or more of the below mentioned:

Tria Beauty FAQs

Is Tria suitable for men?

No, Tria hair removal laser devices are not suitable for men because of the density of their hair.

Can I use Tria 4X on small, sensitive areas?

Yes, it’s suitable for use on legs, bikini line, face, and underarms.

Why doesn’t Tria devices work on darker skin tones?

Darker skin tones absorb more laser light because of the high concentration of melanin. This may cause damage to skin tissues and lead to serious complications.

Why can’t I wax before laser hair removal sessions?

Because waxing removes hair from the follicle, and Tria Hair Removal Laser devices work on hairs that are in the follicle under the skin.

Why Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is not suitable for large areas such as lower legs or arms?

Tria Precision’s battery life is only 15 minutes. So, it’s not a good solution for treating legs or arms. One session of Tria Precision can treat underarms, bikini line, or upper lip.

*** If you have any questions or wonders, please leave a comment at the bottom of the review and I’ll do my best to help you!

Tips & Precautions

Of course there are many tips and precautions to speak about; even best devices have problems and negatives that should be taken into consideration.

  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows
  • Skins that have or had any skin diseases
  • Tattoos
  • Make-up
  • Black spots
  • Large freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Moles
  • Sunburns
  • Tanned skin

Our Rating

No doubt that Tria Beauty is a leading company in health care and hair removal fields. All products are top rated and amazing. Moreover, they give you a money back guarantee and one year warranty.

However, any product should have a lacuna, and the problem of Tria Hair Removal Laser devices is the short battery life – and pain during treatments according to some reviews which we are not actually sure if they are right or not.

So, all I can say that there actually are faster devices on the market today, but not cheaper and NOT MORE EFFECTIVE.

To be honest, Tria 4X & Tria Precision are the most effective laser hair removal products on the market today. Anyway, price has never been a problem. You may pay 100-150 more dollars and get a device that stays with you 15-20 years with effective continues use.

That’s why I give Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and Precision 4.7 out of 5 stars . Meaning that they are two of our top-rated devices, only 0.2 less than our #1 permanent hair remover!

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