Smoothskin Pure IPL Device: Is It Worth It?

SmoothSkin pure IPL hair removal device is smart, powerful, and effective. How to use it? And how to get fast results at home? 

The Smoothskin Pure IPL device can emit 130 flashes within a minute. This means you can have full body IPL hair removal at home in a shorter time compared to other hair removal devices. With 3 operator modes, you will adjust the device settings for each area you want to treat. 

Why you should Trust Us 

There are over 1 million women who tried Smoothskin Pure IPL all over the world. It is clinically tested and FDA cleared. The manufacture tested the device and its safety through clinical trials and quality tests. We tested the device and found that it gives results but needs patience. You should do up to 12 hair removal sessions weekly to get smooth skin touch. 

How Does Smoothskin Pure IPL Work?

The device uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology. It is similar to laser hair removal as both remove hair using light energy. The light targets the melanin pigment in the hair deeply under the skin. The more you use the device, the slower the growth cycle will be. Using the device is very easy and safe. You should read the user manual first to give you a quick idea about how to use it and the precautions you should know before your session. 

Smoothskin Pure Review

smoothskin pure ipl


  • Safe to use at home
  • Gentle on the skin 
  • Unlimited flashes 
  • Fast IPL hair removal at home 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee 
  • Clinically-proven, CE certified 


  • You might cover the air vent by accident during the treatment 
  • Might cause skin redness 

User’s Review 

“Easy to use the device, and the results are amazing!” Said Anie 

She used the device weekly following the instructions. She noticed a huge difference in her hair growth rate. Her hair is dark black and her skin is white. After using the device for 6 sessions, she noticed that the hairs grow slower and finer than before. You should use protective goggles while using Smoothskin pure IPL as the light is strong. You won’t need to use the device weekly after a few months. She wanted to get a laser hair removal device for a long time and she is happy with getting a Smoothskin pure IPL device.  

“So far pleased with the results I got. The device is very easy to use at home” Kimo said. 

He has been using Smoothskin Pure IPL for a month. Treating the legs took around 10 minutes while arms took 5 minutes. She found the device well-built and made in a high-quality design. It is very easy to hold the device and use it for full body hair removal. The user manual helped her understand how to use the device. To use the device plug it in, you will find the blue LED light is turned on. If you put the treatment window 90 degrees on the skin the white light will appear which indicates that your IPL device is ready for use. She didn’t like that the device only works corded. Besides, the treatment plan is a bit long as you have to do at least 12 sessions and you can’t see it is effective to you or not before that. However, laser and IPL at clinics are the same. You won’t see immediate results so don’t give up. 

“Say goodbye to shaving,”  Ashish said. 

She got this device because she doesn’t want to use epilators anymore. Her first impression, the box is sturdy and stylish. She loved the device design. The device is easy to use and the user manual explains everything you need to know before trying laser hair removal at home. Plug the device and the LED light will appear blue. Continue moving the device from one spot to another while pressing the flash button. It took her around 10 minutes to do her legs. The device weight is light you can finish your full body IPL hair removal during one session. It works only corded but you can use your Smoothskin Pure device in almost any area.  She finished a month and she noticed minor improvements. The hairs grow slower than before regarding her legs and arms. She will continue using the device for half an hour each week till get permanent results. To sum up, the device is easy to use and the price is considered cheap compared to professional laser hair removal at clinics. 

“I loved the design of the device! Very easy to use” Annie Said.

 The device design is very elegant. It comes with everything you need like razors and protective glasses. The shape is nice and you can hold the device without taking breaks for the whole session. She gave the device 5 stars regarding the performance and ease of use. The treatment window is suitable for both large and small areas. It is a long-lasting device and the flashes are enough for the sessions you need to do your full body at home. The device doesn’t require much space so you can take it with you and do your session anywhere. You can see a real difference after finishing the initial sessions which are 6 sessions. Definitely would recommend this device. 

Video Reviews Of Smoothskin Pure IPL Hair Removal Device

How Do You Use Smoothskin Pure IPL Device?

  1. Shave before every treatment session (during the maintenance plan you may not need this step if there is no hair left). 
  2. Plugin the device. You will hear the fan sound and the skin sensor shines blue. 
  3. There are 3 modes you can choose from which are: the power mode, the speed mode, and the gentle mode. Select the mode suitable for you. The power mode is for all body areas while the gentle mode is more suitable for sensitive areas. You can use the gentle or if you have sensitive skin. However, the light will be less powerful. Select the speed mode for treating large skin areas. Most people like to use the power mode during maintenance sessions as it is faster 
  4. Press the Smoothskin Pure device onto the area you want to treat. Press the activation button to start using the device. 
  5. Press the flash button while moving the device steadily from one spot to another. Try not to avoid any spots to get maximum results. 
  6. Clean the device after finishing your treatment session. You can wipe it using a soft dry cloth. 


How Often Should I Use SmoothSkin Pure?

You should use SmoothSkin Pure IPL once weekly during the initial treatment plan. After that, you can use SmoothSkin Pure for maintenance once every month or every two months when the hairs grow back. 

Can I use my IPL device more than once a week? 

No. you should only use your Smoothskin pure IPL device once every week. If you use another version, you should read the user manual and check. You should continue using the device once every week until you notice that the hair stopped growing back. After that, you can use your Smoothskin Pure IPL device once every month or only when you need to apply maintenance. 

Can IPL make hair growth worse? 

Yes. it might happen but it is not frequent. It is more likely to happen if someone’s skin is not suitable for the device like having very dark skin and still using the device on the lowest energy level. Also, people who have hormonal imbalance problems much notice that their facial hair is increased with using IPL or laser. If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance problem, you should treat it first before using your IPL device. This side effect is very rare so don’t worry about it. However, if you noticed an increase in the hair growth rate or number after finishing the initial sessions, you should talk to your doctor about it to help you figure it out. 

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The Smoothskin pure IPL device is straightforward use and suitable for full body hair removal at home. The device is gentle on the skin and effective. We recommend getting this device if you are beginning to use IPL hair removal at home. The user manual is easy to follow, and you can return the device during the 90 days trial if it didn’t suit your skin tone and hair color. The device comes with unlimited flashes so you can use the device for full body. It also helps with removing ingrown hairs and dark shadows. 

Tell us in the comments below about your experience with IPL hair removal? Did you try Smoothskin pure IPL hair removal device? And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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