Silk’n Infinity laser hair removal

Silk N Infinity Laser Hair Removal Unbiased Review

Silk N Infinity is one of laser hair removal which has been risen in popularity In recent years. There are several great devices available in dermatology clinics that eliminate body hair in a highly successful and satisfying manner after a few sessions.

The issue with visiting a clinic for hair removal is that it requires time to commit to it and stick to the dates of the visit. Not to mention that the cost is considerable, which not everyone can afford. Furthermore, for obvious reasons, some women feel humiliated by these visits and wish there was a more discreet option to permanently remove hair.

We in conduct wide detailed research for All Laser & IPL hair removal devices and  Silk N Infinity ranked 10 out of 35 IPL & laser hair removal devices in the market.

What is Silk N Infinity?

Infinity is the most recent advancement in Home Pulsed Light technology, employing galvanic energy to open your pores. This mild yet efficient treatment prevents the growth of unwanted hair without the stubble, ingrown hairs, or irritation associated with traditional hair removal home treatments.

The device’s quartz bulb allows it to reload faster than other technologies, allowing for more pulses in a shorter length of time for quick treatment that fits into your schedule.

How does Silk n Infinity function?

Both energies are emitted by the gadget at the same time, but each serves a distinct purpose. Galvanic energy opens your pores, allowing optical energy to readily enter the follicles.

The optical radiation is specifically absorbed in the hair shaft and eliminates hairs as quickly as feasible. Hair growth is decreased after each treatment. Because the skin pores are open following treatment, you can apply a body lotion to get flawless skin.

The end effect is velvety smooth skin with a bright radiance. The skin pores shut on their own.

Is Silk N Infinity safe to use for hair removal?

Yes, when it comes to Silk n, safety always comes first. The Infinity has undergone extensive testing to assure safe, long-term functioning.

The low energy utilized in Silk n hair removal equipment lowers the risk of injury or problems and adds to your overall safety. Long-term hair removal outcomes may be obtained with eHPL technology at a fraction of the energy level utilized in professional light-based hair removal equipment.

Silk N Infinity Features

Easy USE

The Silken laser’s operation is simple and quick. It does not create any discomfort. It is possible to improve certain stings as a consequence of the laser’s heat, which goes away fast without causing any effects if you utilize the higher levels.

Fast Results

Silken home laser equipment provides up to 90% hair removal results after the third or fourth session, and it vanishes entirely from the body in around 8 to 9 sessions.

Skin tone and hair color

All skin tones, especially the darkest, can benefit from this product. The procedure, however, works best on pale skin with dark hair.

Other features

  1. It has 5 levels of energy that you manage based on the region that you modify.
  2. The Silken hair removal device lens is 4 cm2, which is medium-size and appropriate because the lens smoothly reaches diverse regions of the body, from broad areas such as legs and belly to delicate areas such as bikini and face, and treats them properly.
  3. The new Silken laser is tiny and light, making it easy to transport.
  4. When compared to clinic appointments, the Silken laser devices is relatively affordable.
  5. Silken home laser gadget comes in a variety of types, each with a different number of flashes and sizes.

Pros & Cons of Silk N Infinity


  1. Compact, curvaceous, and of good quality.
  2. Quick and inexpensive.
  3. Clinical evidence shows that it is safe for ALL skin tones, even dark and black skin.
  4. Painless IPL sessions are possible with gentle IPL.
  5. Galvanic aids in the absorption of lotion by the skin!
  6. Level 1 intensity is appropriate for tanned skin.
  7. Hard zip-up storage case that is strong and durable.
  8. Silk’n US & Canada offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  1. The FDA has not approved it for use on people with dark skin.
  2. Upper lip flashing may be tricky.
  3. In the United Kingdom and Europe, there is no money-back guarantee.

Silk N Infinity Price

Let us now go on to one of the most contentious aspects of this device: In light of the high prices, women are looking for home laser devices that will remove hair and get the same result at lower prices. the pricing of the Silk’n Infinity is $339.

Silk n Infinity

Silk N Infinity Laser Hair Removal

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Overall Score


I highly recommended Silk N infinity, It has Effective Technology eHPL energy to assist long-term hair growth decrease, resulting in hair-free skin for life. . MOREOVER, Individualized Care, Five power settings allow you to personalize your treatment levels for maximum comfort.


Our Rating of Silk N Infinity









Amazon Rating


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Overall Score 


As Hair Removal Devices’ Experts, we have developed a 25points rating system, to categorize and rank the IPL & Laser Hair Removal devices.

 Silk N Infinity Laser ranked #10 on the list, and here’s the full score:

Effectiveness: provides up to 90% hair removal results after the third or fourth session, and it vanishes entirely from the body in around 8 to 9 sessions. that’s how it got the 75% in effectiveness.

In Variety as well, the Silk N Infinity earned 71.43%. It is designed for use on the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows.

The price of the  Silk N Infinity is nearly set at $339, which is cheap compared to other IPL devices but still cost-efficient enough to deserve 75% in that criteria.

While testing the Amazon Ratings, I discovered that the hundreds of consumers who evaluated the Silk N Infinity I gave it an average of 3.7 out of 5 stars, which is a 74% in Amazon Ratings according to our ranking.

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Customer Reviews

I did a thorough study of customer reviews of the IMENE Laser after a lengthy search on several websites, and the following is a compilation of the top and worst reviews:

Positive review

Ann said:” I’ve shaved my legs and underarms for several hours. If I added up all that time, it must have been months of racing the hairy clock. So, I was curious, if not dubious when I discovered Silk’n and their hair removal solutions. How could something that costs hundreds of dollars at a salon be available at home and truly work? But let me tell you, the Infinity has entered my life and I can immediately tell the change. I understand that it takes numerous treatments and hair development cycles to reach all of the follicles, however with just one application, I observed that the density of hair on my legs had decreased”.

Tina said:” It astounds me that I can get results from home, particularly on stay-at-home orders. The price is acceptable, and the product functions properly. It’s effective! After the fourth application, I began to see effects. I couldn’t be happier not to have to shave!”

Denise W said; “This device is simple to use, and I genuinely like sitting down to watch a show while working on my legs. There is no excruciating agony, and it is over in a flash. The backpack and accessories are a major benefit for being able to carry them with me on my travels. I’m already seeing results from the few treatments I’ve had. I strongly advise trying this instead of spending thousands of dollars on a treatment plan”.

Negative Review

“I looked forward to this, but the thick hairs I wanted to get rid of were lighter than my other facial hairs or were going gray. It didn’t work for those. I am a natural brunette, but not all hairs are the same. Your mileage may vary.”

“I have to say this was a letdown. I BOUGH IT a month ago and used it regularly and still don’t see anything different. it takes time but wasn’t planning on using it this often.”

It takes patience to see results. Directions say for the first 4 treatments to space them 2 weeks apart. (That’s 2 months total.) Then for treatments 5-7, these are spaced once every 4 weeks. (That’s 3 months total.) So overall treatment takes 5 months. — Then it’s recommended to touch up as needed after that.

That being stated, you should carefully read the directions before beginning. To achieve the greatest outcomes, you must be patient.

 FAQ Silk N Infinity

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Silk N Infinity Hair removal device provides Flashes indefinitely Irritation-free. it is painless and irritation-free means fewer trips to the salon. eHPL Galvanic Energy, Galvanic electricity stimulates the skin, causing it to renew and become smoother and supplier.

So I highly recommended Silk N infinity, It has Effective Technology eHPL energy to assist long-term hair growth decrease, resulting in hair-free skin for life. . MOREOVER, Individualized Care, Five power settings allow you to personalize your treatment levels for maximum comfort.

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