Philips Lumea 9000 Series

Reviews For Philips Lumea 9000 Series

Reviews for Philips lumea 9000 Series: how to use? Is it safe? And who can use Philips Lumea? Find out now. 

Philips Lumea is the best IPL device for home use. The device is precise as tested and very easy to hold. It is suitable for light to dark skin tones. You can adjust the device according to your skin tone and hair type to get the most effective results. Philips Lumea works corded so you can use the device anywhere anytime. 

How Does Philips Lumea Work? 

The device uses intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is suitable for treating body and face hair. The treatment slows the hair growth cycle. You will find the hair growing slowing than before after each treatment until you reach permanent results. 

Reviews For Philips Lumea 9000 Series

reviews for philips lumea

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Easy to use 

The device is easy to hold and adjust. It comes with precise mode and fast mode so you can change the settings according to the area you are treating. It has a gun shape which makes it easy to hold. Thanks to the cordless feature, you can use the device on all body areas without the help of others. 

Long investment 

It comes with 450k flashes which can last for more than 15 years. 

Effort and Results 

The treatment will leave your skin smooth and shiny after finishing 4-5 treatments. You will need to do maintenance sessions after you finish the initial treatment when needed. 



Who Can Use Philips Lumea IPL Machine? 

The device is suitable for light to medium-dark skin colors. However, it is not suitable for brown and dark skin tones. 

Philips lumea is suitable for most hair colors from black to blonde hair. You shouldn’t use the device on orange, light blonde, and grey hairs as it won’t be effective. 

First Thoughts 

You will feel the luxury of the device from the first impression.  The box is compact and well designed to tell you everything about Philips lumea 9000 Series before actually opening it. The device prevents the hair growth cycle within time until you reach permanent results. Besides, you will find the skin tones and hair colors that can use Philips Lumea safely on the package. 

What I liked more about the packaging that it shows clear information about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and how does it work. Very impressive! 

The packaging is made of recyclable cardboard to protect the environment. The pink color is so stylish and will make you fall in love with your personal hair removal device. 

You will find the Philips Lumea device and the attachments cradled in a protective plastic cover. The device comes with 4 attachments, a storage pouch, a user manual, and a cloth for cleaning after each session. 

What’s in the box?

  • Philips Lumea IPL 
  • Body attachment (4.1 cm²)
  • Face attachment  (2 cm²)
  • Underarms attachment (3 cm²)
  • Bikini line attachment  (3 cm²)
  • User manual 
  • Storage pouch 
  • A cleaning cloth 
  • Battery 

Before using Philips Lumea 

Read the user manual before using Philips Lumea Prestige. You will find detailed information about the device and how to use it. Also, the diagrams show the skin tone and hair color charts to help you determine the right energy setting for you. You will also find instructions about how to do the skin test before starting your initial treatment sessions. 

The user guide contains a list of warnings about which skin types are not suitable for using Philips Lumea. Read the contraindication very carefully before using the device to ensure that it is suitable for you. 

You shouldn’t use the device if your skin is tanned if you are pregnant, diabetic, or have certain medical conditions. Here are some tips to help you use Philips Lumea device safely: 

  • Don’t expose yourself to direct sunbeams for at least 14 days before your laser session. 
  • Use a sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF if you have to expose to the sun before or during the treatment plan. 
  • Avoid the sun for at least 2 days before the treatment 
  • Don’t use tanning creams or gels at least 2 weeks before the treatment. 
  • Do the skin test on a small patch and wait for 24 hours before using the device for full body hair removal. 

How To Use Philips Lumea IPL Kit? 

You should do the following to get fast results: 

  1. Shave the area you are going to treat. (unless you are doing a maintenance session and the hair is very fine). 
  2. Plugin the device and switch it on. You will find the buttons flashing white and the device will start working. 
  3. Select the intensity level. The device has 5 energy levels. You can choose the level manually or using the Smart skin sensor which will help you determine the best energy level for each body area. 
  4. Put the device 90 degrees on the skin and press the flash button. 
  5. After each flash, move the device from one spot to another. Repeat the same steps and don’t miss any spots. Besides, you shouldn’t hit the same spot twice during the same treatment session. 

Ease Of Use 

The gun shape is so elegant. You will feel the quality of the device from the first touch. I feel relaxed holding the device and using it for full-body hair removal. The device has a secure grip on the handle where you put your finger and press the flash button. You can trigger the pulses using your index or your middle finger. 

The device comes with 4 different attachments for each body area. They have different shapes and sizes as they are designed for their uses. It is better to use each attachment for the area you see drawn on the attachment as each one has different angles. The cord is 2 meters long so it is up to you to use the device corded or cordless. The device has a 2-year warranty and the flashes are enough for more than 12 years according to the manufacturer. 

The device is bigger and heavier than other laser hair removal devices. The weight of Philips Lumea is 560g. Some people who tried the device found it a bit difficult to carry for a long time during the treatment session. For me, the weight of the device wasn’t annoying at all. I could rotate and use the device with both hands for full body hair removal in one session. The device is fast and the results are impressive. 

Most of the device weight comes from the rechargeable battery inside it. You can try older versions like Philips Lumea Advanced 1999 and 1997 if the weight of the device worries you. 

IPL Lamp Lifetime 

The Philips Lumea Prestige new edition has 450k flashes so the device won’t run out of flashes during the treatment sessions. According to the reviews for Philips Lumea, the flashes are enough for finishing the initial sessions and the maintenance sessions. For the maintenance sessions, you will use the device less often. You could share your device with one person if you want and the flashes will be enough for both of you. 

Curved Attachments 

The hair removal attachments are easy to use. You can change between them in no time. The glide mode and the curved shape of the attachments will help you get accurate treatment without missing a spot. Treating your legs will take around 7 minutes if you use the device corded and around 12 minutes if you use it on battery. You can finish full body hair removal in around 50-60 minutes. 

I used previous models that don’t have curved attachments and there is a big difference. They give closer contact on curve areas which makes the treatment session quicker. Philips Lumea Prestige comes with:

  • Body attachment which is a 4 cm2 curved–inwards treatment window – It works perfectly on the legs, the stomach, arms, and back. The curved head is easy to glide over the legs. While regular treatment window might be tricky to cover the whole area. 
  • Precision Flash Window – which is a medium-size 3 cm2 curved treatment window. The device comes with 2 precision heads for bikinis and underarms. The bikini head has a transparent filter to help you detect coarse hair. 
  • The face treatment window – it is a small 2 cm2 flat window. It has an extra red filter to provide you with all the protection you need to treat facial hair. It is suitable for treating the upper lip and tiny areas. 

Note: some of the customers who got Philips Lumea thought that the treatment heads are missing glass. However, there are 2 attachments that are designed without glass: 

  • The body attachment is not covered with glass.
  • The precision head has a clear glass filter covering the treatment window. 
  • The facial head is covered with a red glass filter.
  • The bikini line attachment is not coved with glass. 

Philips Lumea 9000 series

Check Price @ Amazon

Lumea Application 

Lumea App will be very helpful to you especially if you haven’t tried an IPL hair removal device at home before. It will help you schedule the treatment sessions and set alarms to remind you when would be your next session. After finishing the initial treatment sessions, the device will set the next laser sessions more separated. The maintenance session is done once every month or every 2 months when the hair appears again. 

What Is The Diffence Between Philips Lumea 9000  Series and Prestige? 

both devices are very similar. The main difference between them is the number of flashes and how long the device lasts. The new edition which is Lumea 9000 has 450k flashes while Philips Lumea Prestige has 250k flashes. they have the same number of heads and features. they will give you the same results. however the new edition more likely to stay working for longer years as it has more flashes. 

What Should You Expect From Philips Lumea? 

Laser hair removal at home demands commitment to have the best results. You might find the treatment session takes time during the initial program but it will be easier for you once you get used to it. According to the manufacturer, you should use the device once every 2 weeks for the first 4-5 sessions. The full-body treatment takes around 50-60 minutes. You need at least 3 hours to finish the initial treatment sessions. 

For the maintenance, you should top up once every 4-8 weeks. After that, you can use the device only when the hair grows back. We think Philips Lumea is one of the easiest IPL devices for home use. So when to expect results? 

  • It takes 1-2 weeks for the treated hair to shed off. However, you won’t get permanent results after only 2 weeks. The laser targets the hair in the resting phase. There are likely hairs that weren’t in this phase and they will grow back. We recommend shaving the area you are planning to treat before each laser session to get faster results. 
  • After finishing 1 month you will see visible results. The hair might grow less and finer than before. You shouldn’t miss your sessions and keep going. You won’t need to use razors after the first sessions as the hairs grow fewer and thinner within time. 
  • After 2 months your skin will be almost hair-free! Most customers found their skin shiner and smoother than ever after using Philips Lumea for 2 months. 

“After using Philips Lumea 9000 Series For 8 sessions, your skin will be almost hair-free for at least 6 months, that’s Impressive!” 

Negatives Of Philips Lumea 9000 Series

Reviews for Philips Lumea showed some cons we will discuss. The weight of the kit is 560g and most of the weight is from the rechargeable battery. However, using a device that works corded and cordless will save you a lot of time. You won’t need to charge the battery back to finish your session. 

The device is clinically proven but not FDA-cleared in the USA. however, the device passed the European safety and manufacturing standards. 

Customers’ reviews for Philips lumea showed that the device is working for them but it is pricey. The common price for Philips Lumea Prestige is around $500. It is a long-life investment and cheaper than doing laser hair removal at clinics. However, if Philips Lumea doesn’t suit your budget you can try economical hair removal devices such as Silk’n Infinity Device and Bosidin Hair Removal machine. They won’t give you the same results as Philips Lumea but they are quite good for the price. 


Is Philips Lumea Safe To Use Without Glasses? 

The device has 5 energy settings. The higher the energy level, the more intense is the treatment. We recommend using the highest energy level if you have fair skin. While people who have brown skin should use the lowest energy level. The device is safe to use without glasses. It is clinically proven safe for home use. Moreover, Philips Lumea 9000 Series passed the necessary European manufacturing and safety standards. The side effects are rare and usually disappear within 24 hours. The device has remarkable features for the safety of your skin and eyes. We recommend holding the device perpendicular to your skin at 90 degrees. The device only lights white when it is totally touching your skin. If the device is not placed properly on your skin, it will flash red from the behind. Also, the device is designed to protect your skin. It won’t burn your skin if it is not suitable for you. If you have too dark skin – that is not suitable for IPL treatment- the device will light red from the behind and the flash won’t be emitted. As the device has 5 energy levels, the company made sure that the sensor detects too the correct intensity level for your skin tone. You can let the device choose the right energy level 

How To Use The Skin Tone Sensor? 

  1. Press the sensor button and put the device 90 degrees on your skin. 
  2. You will see the buttons lighting up in sequence until it reach the maximum every level for the area you are pointing to. 
  3. Click the button to set the intensity level. 

A lot of women found the skin tone sensor really helpful. If you have skin tone varies, this feature will help you a lot. I also noticed that the device is very safe to use. When I tried to use the highest energy level on dark skin, it didn’t flash. You don’t need to worry about burning the skin during the treatment as the device won’t flash for darker skin tones. The skin tone sensor makes the treatment program more successful in my option. However, using it is not mandatory. You can set the energy level manually by using the up and down buttons. 

Can I Use Philips Lumea Cordless? 

Yes. The Philips Lumea 9000 Series Editions work corded and cordless. However, the old versions like Philips Lumea Advanced only work corded. I use my Lumea corded most of the time as the flash is emitted faster when the device is plugged in (the device emits a flash every two seconds). No need to recharge the device to full to continue your treatment session. You can use the device corded for most body areas and remove the cord to treat the areas you find hard to reach.  I find the cordless option is very good for treating small and precise areas. I would prefer treating large skin areas such as my back and legs using the device corded. 

What Does The Treatment Feel Like? 

The treatment is painless. I felt a stinge during the treatment of sensitive areas. However, the treatment is less painful than waxing and more painful than shaving. You might feel the warmth of the treatment window during the treatment which is very normal. I felt increased heat while using Philips Lumea for treating my bikini and underarms because the hair in these areas is thicker and denser. You can adjust the energy setting easily. If you feel that the hair is unbearable, we recommend switching to a lower energy level. 

You should shave the area before the treatment session to reduce the pain. Besides, you shouldn’t direct the treatment window towards open wounds, infections, frickles, and tattoos. 

The flashes emitted from the device are bright but safe on the skin and eyes. No need to wear protective goggles during the treatment session unless your eyes are too sensitive. We recommend using the device in a well-lit room to reduce eye irritation. You can try wearing sunglasses if you still feel uncomfortable during the session. 

Don’t mark off the areas you treated using pens or markers. The skin should be pure and free from any lotions, creams, and cosmetics. 

After the IPL treatment, your skin would feel warm and a bit red. This side effect is totally normal and usually disappears within 48 hours. Don’t expose the area treated to direct sun exposure during the treatment plan to minimize side effects. 


Philips Lumea 9000 Series is highly recommended. We think it is the best IPL device for home use. A lot of customers found Philips Lumea more useful than laser hair removal at clinics. I highly recommend this product. It is fast, easy to use, and suitable for full-body hair removal. If you want a device that can help you with removing facial and body hair forever, you should try this one. 

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the device: 



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