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Philips Lumea For Bikini Hair Removal

Can I use Philips Lumea on Bikini and public hair? Is it safe? Is Lumea effective for sensitive areas? tips for before & aftercare plans and more!

Having hair on the lower part is embarrassing to a lot of women especially in summer. Removing bikini hair is also a part of personal care. Philips Lumea is the best IPL device for treating bikini lines as it has a special attachment for each body area including the bikini. Traditional hair removal methods are time-consuming and painful as the bikini area is very sensitive. 

What Are Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal? 

Both Brazilian and bikini laser hair removal target the hair growing in the pubic region. They are very similar: 

  • Bikini Hair Removal – you target the hair on the sides of the public area (sometimes the treatment includes the top area too)
  • Brazilian Hair Removal – you remove all the hair in the public area using a laser. 

Usually, bikini hair removal can be done using IPL or laser treatment. You can do it at home or at the clinic. While Brazilian hair removal is only done in the clinic as it must be done under doctor supervision to avoid skin irritation and skin inflammation problems. Both methods will help you reach long-lasting results. 

Philips Lumea BRI953/00

philips lumea bikini

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Philips lumea new BRI953/00 prestige IPL hair removal device is suitable for removing the body, face, and bikini hair. The device comes with 3 attachments: 

  • Philips Lumea Bikini Attachment:

The head is curved as it is designed for the bikini line. It has a transparent filter as the hair in this area is thicker than other body parts. Philips Lumea Prestige and Advanced models come with bikini attachments designed for this area. 

  • Lumea Facial Attachment:

This head has an additional integrated red glass to provide extra protection during facial hair removal. 

  • Lumea Body Attachment:

It is suitable for treating all body areas. This attachment works best on large areas such as the legs and the arms. 

Does Philips Lumea Hurt On Bikini Area? 

Using Philips Lumea device on the bikini line is almost pain-free. Most people who tried IPL felt minor discomfort during the session. It is often described as the feeling of a rubber band snapping against your skin. In general, IPL devices for home use lower energy than professional IPL, that’s why the treatment is not painful and it will give your similar effects after more sessions. 

Do I Have To Shave Before Using Philips Lumea? 

Yes. you should shave the area you are going to treat. Shave during the same day or 24 hours before your laser session to get the best results. If you don’t shave the hair will be burnt during the session and cause a bad smell. 

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Needed For Public Hair?

The laser targets the melanin inside the hair follicles during the resting phase. That’s why you need more than one session to get long-lasting results. Overall, you need 5-6 laser hair removal sessions on the bikini area to notice visible results. 

Tips For Bikini IPL Hair Removal 

You should care about your bikini hygiene after the treatment. Don’t wear tiny clothes to avoid skin irritation. People who don’t care about the bikini area after the treatment might suffer from side effects such as swelling and blistering. 

  • Avoid direct sun exposure on the treated area. Don’t use artificial or natural tans. 
  • Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, and steam on your bikini area for at least 2 days after the treatment. 
  • You shouldn’t do any activity that causes sweat for 1 day. 
  • If you noticed any side effects that last for more than 2 days after your IPL treatment, consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

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Can IPL Laser Be Used for Public Area? 

You can use IPL devices on the mons pubis and the bikini area safely. However, you shouldn’t use it near the anus, inguinal and testicular parts as these parts of the body are very sensitive. Besides, the skin in the inner parts is dark which is not suitable for IPL hair removal. 

Can You Use At Home Laser Hair Removal On Public Hair? 

Yes. many IPL and laser devices are suitable for removing public hair at home. Read the user manual of your device carefully before starting your treatment. Some devices are not safe for public areas. In general, all Philips Lumea devices are safe and effective on the bikini line hair. 

What To Expect After BIkini laser Hair Removal? 

Everyone’s body response to the treatment is different. Many people who try bikini laser hair removal using Lumea felt no pain. Some people noticed minor side effects such as skin redness but these side effects usually subside within the same day. It is okay if you noticed that your skin swells or red after the IPL or laser session. You can apply cooling lotion to relieve your skin. 

Noone gets immediate results from the first session. Be realistic about your expectations. IPL hair removal results on the bikini take weeks. As we said you need at least 5-6 sessions to see hair loss on the bottom area. 

Think you are ready to try Philips Lumea for the bikini? Here is a quick guide to help you get started: 

  • Make a skin test first if you have not tried Philips Lumea before. 
  • Read the user manual and use Philips Lumea App to find everything you want to know before your session. The App will help you track your IPL sessions too. 
  • Make an aftercare plan for your bikini area to minimize IPL side effects and to maximize your results. 

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