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Philips Lumea Prestige Review [Before & After]

Philips Lumea Before And After Results: is it effective? How to care about your skin before and after your IPL session? Find out now.

Laser hair removal is very trendy now. Traditional hair removal methods are not suitable for the fast life we live. That’s why laser and IPL are the most common methods for hair removal today. Having your own device will help you finishing your IPL session on time as the device will be with you at home and during your travel time. You can do your IPL treatment anywhere anytime. We choose Philips Lumea Prestige as it is the top-selling device for hair removal at home. We will provide you with tips to help you do IPL treatment safely in addition to reviews of real customers who tried Philips Lumea Prestige.

Philips Lumea Prestige Reviews

“It works .. BRI956 give fast results” Said Diana. 

We asked her about her Philips Lumea before and after results. She used the device for 4 months. She had thick dark hair before trying Philips Lumea Prestige. The device doesn’t give immediate results after the first session. She used the device once every 2 weeks according to the user guide. After using the device for 4 months, the hairs are no longer grow as fast as before. The hair is finer and fewer in number. She is very happy with the results she achieved. She recommends buying Philips Lumea Prestige as it is considered a long-time investment.

“The Device works but don’t expect miracles,” Said Mastoure. 

She tried a cheap IPL device before and didn’t work for her. That’s why she decided to get Philips Limea Prestige. She had hairy olive skin and her skin looked a bit brown. Before using the IPL device, she used to remove unwanted hair using wax which was painful. IPL session is almost painless. After using the device for 6 sessions, some areas of her body are hair-free. The treatment requires patience as you won’t get visible results from the first few sessions. Also, the results vary from one area to another. You might feel the device works better on some areas while it needs more sessions for others. It is okay, hopefully, you will get hair-free skin after finishing your IPL sessions. What she liked most about Lumea Prestige is that the device has auto-selection of setting for skin tone. You will find in the user manual charts that show the best energy level for each skin tone. You should check the right energy level for each body part according to the color of the hair and skin.

“Great Value For Money,” Said Yome. 

She bought this device because she wanted to enjoy smooth touch on the bikini area. She is very impressed with the results. Yome used Philips Lumea Prestige for  3 months every two weeks. She is almost hair-free now! There is a great difference before and after using Philips Lumea. Highly recommended!

Before Using Philips Lumea Device

Make sure you read the user manual carefully before using Philips Lumea for the first session. If you didn’t try Philips Lumea before, you should do a skin test first. Use the device in a small area and wait 24 hours before doing your IPL session. If there is no skin reaction, you can start using Lumea safely at home.

How Long Does The Treatment Take? 

I tested Philps Lumea Prestige myself to know exactly how long does the treatment takes for each area. These numbers are for the first session. You can use the device faster when you get used to it:

  • Underarms – 1 minute
  • Bikini line – 7 minutes (more or less according to the area you are treating)
  • Legs – 30 minutes
  • Arms – 15 minutes

You can use the device faster for large skin areas using the glide mode. Hold the Lumea device and move it from one spot to another while pressing the flash button without removing your index away from it. The device will continue flashing while moving. Lumea emits flash every 1.5-2 seconds which is pretty fast.

Does Philips Lumea Really Work? 

Yes, it does. However, you should stick to your treatment plan to notice visible results. The results vary depending on the thickness of hair, the hair color, and your skin color. The best candidate for IPL hair removal are people who have dark hair and fair skin. If you have darker hair, you will need more sessions. Most people notice up to 90% hair reduction after finishing the initial sessions. For me, the device worked. I noticed fast results on legs and bikini lines. I had thick hair on my armpit and it took more sessions.

Is IPL Safe? 

Before I use Philips Lumea I was concerned about the safety of using IPL technology. That’s why I made enough research about IPL treatment and devices for home use. And yes, IPL devices for home use are generally considered as safe. Even the side effects of IPL treatment are very rare and usually dispear within 24 hours after the treatment. Lumea was developed with dermatologyists and the company made researches for more than 14 years before puting the device into the market. All Lumea devices meet the EU safety regulations regarding IPL devices for home use. Overall, Philips Brand is very wellknowned for its high quality devices and millions of users around the world. You should also read the user manual before using your Lumea version to make sure you are using it correctly.


Philips Lumea Before and after results are impressive! The device is very easy to use and it comes with 250,000 flashes which are enough for full body hair removal. We recommend trying Philips Lumea Prestige because the device comes with all the luxurious features you need. The device is small, easy to hold, and has many positive reviews on the internet. That’s a device we can trust.

Have your tried Lumea devices before? Tell us in the comments below about your Philips Lumea before and after experience.

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