Philips lumea advanced vs prestige

Philips Lumea Advanced vs Lumea Prestige Comparison

Philips Lumea advanced Vs Prestige: which one is better? Which one is more effective? And which one should I choose? Both Lumea Advanced and Lumea Prestige are effective in removing unwanted hair and achieving long-lasting results.

That’s why many women don’t know how to choose between them. The main difference between the version is the price. Besides, for which areas you are going to use the device.

Philips Lumea Advanced Vs Prestige 

Philips Lumea Prestige 

It is the best luxurious hair removal series for home use. The quality of the devices is very high. There are many versions on the market that include Lumea BRI956, BRI954, and BRI953. The main difference among them is the number of heads. Lumea Prestige is easy to hold and suitable for doing full-body IPL hair removal at home.

Philips Lumea Prestige’s latest model is BRI956. It has 4 heads for treating the face, body, underarms, and bikini line. Suitable for treating light to medium-dark skin colors (Fitzpatrick skin tone I to V). The device is not suitable for darker skin (type VI). The device is suitable for treating black to medium blonde hair color. However, it is not suitable for treating orange, grey, and yellow blond hair colors.


Philips Lumea Advanced 

Philips Lumea Advanced models are a mid-range choice for treating light skin to medium skin. It is not suitable for treating brown and dark skin. They include SC1999 and SC1997 models. Lumea Advanced works corded. The device is easy to hold and light in weight. You can use Lumea Advanced for treating light to medium skin colors (Fitzpatrick skin type I to IV). Lumea Advanced is not suitable for you if you have brown or dark skin. (types V & VI). The device is effective in black to dark blonde hair colors.

You shouldn’t use it if the hair is grey, orange, or yellow blonde as it won’t show results. here is a full comparsion of Philips Lumea Advanced Vs Prestige to help you choose the best product for your skin tone and hair color:

Philips Lumea Prestige

Philips Lumea Advanced

The Device Models: BRI956, BRI959, BRI954, and BRI953 Models: SC1997, SC1999, BRI923, BRI922 and BRI921
Our Rate 4.9 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Best For Treating face, body, underarms, and bikini line Treating small areas such as face and bikini line. It also works for large areas but the IPL device is a bit slow.
Skin tone sensor The device has advanced skin tone sensor that detect the best energy level for your skin tone. The device won’t flash if the energy level is high for your skin tone Lumea advanced has a skin tone sensor that prevents flashes if the energy is high for your skin tone. It doesn’t flashlight if the treatment window is not fully intact with your skin. However, this device can’t detect the best energy level for your skin tone. You have to choose the energy manually.
Skin tones & hair colors Effective on light to dark skin tones (I to V). Suitable for treating brown blonde to dark hair colors Effective on light to medium brown skin tones (I to IV). Suitable for treating brown blonde to dark hair colors.
Ease of use Very easy to use & fast treatmebt. The gun-shape design is easy to hold and the device works corded and cordless. High quality gun-shaped device. The device is easy to use for small areas. However, the speed is not the best for treating large skin areas such as the legs and back.
Expected results Up to 90% hair reduction after finishing 4-5 sessions. You should use the device once every 2 weeks during the inital treatment. After that, you will only need to use the device once every month or every 2 months. Up to 85% hair reduction after finishing 4-5 sessions. The device comes with 2 metre cord and it works corded. Use the device once every 2 weeks during the itital treatment. Continue using the device for maintance once every month or 2 months according to the results you get.
Nu of flashes 250,000 flashes. The flashes are enough for +15 years according to the manufacturer 250,000 flashes. The flashes are enough for +15 years according to thhe manufacturer.
Intensity levels 5 intensity levels 5 intensity levels
The power used Works corded and cordless Only works corded

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Philips Lumea Prestige bri959 vs bri956: Which Is Better?

There is no difference between Philips Lumea Prestige BRI959 and BRI956. BRI959 is pink & white while BRI956 is gold & white. However, they have the same number of flashes, the same heads, and they work corded and cordless. The brand named them like that to differ between the countries as each one was created in a different country. Besides, they have the same price on the market.

What Is The Difference Between Philips lumea prestige bri953 and bri954?

Both BRI953 and BRI954 come with 3 attachments (body head, face head, and sensitive areas head). They have the same features. Besides, They both have 250k flashes and work corded and cordless. Overall, You can use any model of them to get the same results so no worries if you are thinking about getting one of them.

Which One To Choose: Prestige Or Advanced? 

To sum up, Philips Lumea Prestige is the best choice for you if you are looking for a device that works corded and cordless and gives you an accurate hair removal session. The heads are curved to fit each body area precisely. Here is a quick summary of the product features:  Philips Lumea Prestige BRI953

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  • Fast full body hair removal
  • 250,000 flashes
  • Works corded and cordless
  • Intuitive gun-shaped design
  • Curved heads
  • Suitable for fair to medium brown skin tones


  • The device is a bit heavy
  • Not FDA-cleared

Philips Lumea Advanced is lightweight and great for treating small body areas such as the face, the bikini line, and underarms. A quick summary about Lumea Advanced:  Philips Lumea Advanced SC1999

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  • 250,000 flashes
  • Suitable for treating small areas
  • Gun Shape design
  • Works corded
  • Effective in treating fair to light brown colors
  • Great economic choice


  • Slow for treating large skin areas
  • Doesn’t work corded
  • Doesn’t detect the skin tone automatically like the new version
  • The device is not FDA cleared

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