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Panasonic Laser Hair Removal Review Experts Analysis

Panasonic laser hair removal has dominated the hair removal market for a long time. To be honest, it is the greatest IPL Technology device thus far. Regardless of what we say about other products and how great and powerful they are, Panasonic laser hair removal is out of reach.

In this article, we will look at Panasonic laser hair removal. We’ll show you its costs, advantages, disadvantages, features, user reviews, and our top-rated option.

We in conduct wide detailed research for All Laser & IPL hair removal devices and  Panasonic laser ranked 21 out of 35 IPL & laser hair removal devices in the market.

We can guarantee that you will no longer need to look for at-home IPL devices after reading our comprehensive guide. Let us now get into the specifics of it.

What is Panasonic Laser Hair Removal?

The Panasonic ES-WH90 employs Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to delay and decrease hair growth on the body and face. It is suitable for use on light to dark skin tones and dark hair at home. With continued use, your hair will ultimately cease growing, and regular maintenance treatments will maintain your skin’s velvety smooth. As a result, it ranks twenty-first on our Supreme List of all laser hair removal devices.

The new Facial Attachment prevents hair on your face from growing in a safe manner. The attachment also eliminates a buildup of dead skin cells, which can roughen and dull your facial skin. IPL therapy accelerates the shedding of dead skin cells, leaving your skin brighter and smoother. For optimum results, treat your face with IPL once every three days for two months.

The ergonomic shape and lightweight 346 g body make it simple to treat difficult-to-reach regions like the underarms and bikini. The product is most effective on the following hair colors: black, dark brown, brown, and dark blonde. The entire procedure takes around 10 minutes.

Panasonic Laser Hair Removal Features


The build quality is superb. It has a sturdy, premium feels about it, with no creaks or cracks. The charging cable is of good quality and fits snugly in the device’s base.

You also get a lot of flashes. Panasonic explains that by utilizing lower intensities, you may obtain more. You get approximately 100,000 flashes if you utilize the maximum setting of 5.

That is sufficient for a huge total body area of 540,000 cm2, which is equivalent to 135 full-body treatments during 10 years of monthly treatments. That is far more than you will require.


It is cordless, so there are no tangles and you can use it anywhere. It takes 3 hours to charge for the first time. Each full charge yields 600 flashes. This is sufficient for the face and tiny regions, but not usually for both complete legs.

After each usage, charge it so it’s ready to go the following time. Also, keep an eye on the battery. Remember to charge it regularly, even if it is not in use (at least every 2 or 3 months), since this will extend the battery’s life.

The curved, somewhat heavy wand-like form fits nicely in your palm, providing a soft but solid grip. In addition, the tilted head allows you a clear view of the flash-end when looking in the mirror. A higher lip surrounds the tapering flash windows as well. You can see where you’re putting it – it’s ideal for your top lip.


There are two basic control buttons on the handle, right below the natural grip. One to turn it on and the other to adjust the intensity. There are five intensity levels to select from, with the lowest setting being suitable for darker complexion tones.

To advance through the stages, press the select button. You achieve faster results by utilizing the maximum intensity setting that is safe for your skin tone.

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Pros and Cons of Panasonic ES-WH90 Laser Hair Removal


  1. Affordable
  2. Cordless operation and a high-quality, sturdy construction.
  3. The shape is ideal for usage on the face.
  4. A well-designed face adapter is ideal for difficult upper lip positions.
  5. It also functions as a glow-enhancing facial beautification device.
  6. Clinically validated and CE-certified.


  1. There is no skin tone sensor.
  2. The battery and flash rate are incompatible with leg or whole-body sessions.
  3. There is no money-back guarantee.
  4. In the United States, the product has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Panasonic Laser Hair Removal Price

Let us now go on to one of the most contentious aspects of this device. For a quarter of the price of other devices, you’ll get the very same IPL technology, just short of $100, The Panasonic Laser Hair Removal will cost you. The price for Panasonic laser hair removal is less than £200-260 (~$270-320).

Panasonic Laser Hair Removal

Panasonic Laser Hair Removal

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Overall Score


Panasonic Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic device that provides excellent outcomes and increased satisfaction.


Our Rating of Panasonic Laser Hair Removal









Amazon Rating


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Amazon Category Rank 


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Overall Score 


As Hair Removal Devices’ Experts, we have developed a 25 points rating system, to categorize and rank the IPL & Laser Hair Removal devices.

Panasonic Laser ranked 21#on the list, and here’s the full score:

As this chart shows, The Panasonic never fails to amaze us with how effective and highly regarded it can be. It was ranked 21st overall with a score of 56.00%
The Panasonic delivers rapid and effective effects, reducing hair growth by up to 90% in as little as5- 6 weeks, which is how it earned the 66.67% efficacy rating.
It received an 85.71% rating in Variety, due to providing 2 amazing attachments capable of covering every angle of your body& face.
The Panasonic pricing is approximately set at (~$270-320), which is low in comparison to other IPL devices but still low enough to get 50% in that criterion.

While testing the Amazon Ratings, I discovered that the hundreds of consumers who evaluated the Panasonic gave it an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is a 70% in Amazon Ratings according to our ranking.

Panasonic Laser Hair Removal Customer Reviews

After a long search about Panasonic Hair Removal, I analyzed many customer reviews on different websites. So, I can summarize these positive & negative reviews about Panasonic Laser Hair Removal here:

Positive Review

Vina Tasor from the UK bought the device on 16th May l 2021, and provided her own review of the Panasonic device: 

“First off it is easy to use and it’s nice that it’s so light and small. It does come with a manual that is more like a small book but actually, it’s really easy to get everything up and running. You can choose the intensity level which is good – I found the max level was unnecessary and chose the second stage.”

She had no aftereffects of any sort, no burning or mild whitening of the skin. No itching, and so on. Nothing seemed out of place. Others have mentioned a small tingling sensation after using it, but luckily, she did not experience this.

She continued, “Results-wise, after a few weeks, it definitely looks better where I’ve been using it. Though I think it’ll take longer before permanent results set in.”

She confirmed that her experience was worth the effort: “After using the program every 3 days I have definitely seen a difference and the marks are not as obvious, so although the hair removal is not fab it’s been worth it to help my facial scarring!”

Negative Review

Katie from the UK bought the device on 3rd March and provided her own review of the Panasonic device:

“For me, it wasn’t effective. There was a huge bright light, but it didn’t actually remove any hair (despite my skin is pale and the hair dark). I followed the instructions carefully and found that really, it’s an expensive waste of time. Because it takes many weeks to build up to the full light level by the time you work out the product doesn’t work it’s too late for a refund! “

She explained;” It takes a long time, so it does work but you have to be patient and read all the instructions, etc. I decided to stick to shaving as I like fast results!”

That being stated, The results and the sensations may vary from individual to individual and depending on the area of ​​the body treated. 

FAQ Panasonic LASER Hair Removal


Panasonic laser hair removal is a body and facial hair removal with 2 attachments (body & face). I highly recommended it for Glowing and refined facial skin enhancement. it is quick, easy, and comfortable to Use (5.4cm2 Wide Flash Window / 600 flashes per full charge).

It is also cost-effective because it is a long-term treatment. The price for Panasonic laser hair removal is less than £200-260 (~$270-320). You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars throughout your life since there will be no need for monthly waxes or razor blade replacements.Panasonic laser hair removal is Body and Facial Hair Removal, with 2 attachments (body & face), Glowing and refined facial skin enhancement, Quick, Easy, and Comfortable to Use.

For the time being, you will put your faith in the Panasonic brand while our test continues. It’s an appealing addition because it’s still a great option for facial hair removal.

Finally you can visit our full list of all IPL & Laser hair removal to find which one is great for you.

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