nono Hair Removal System Review

NoNo Hair Removal Unbiased Review 2021

Are you tired of unwanted hair on your body in 2021? Are you looking for an effective, yet safe, way to permanently get rid of that hair? If yes, you have likely searched for permanent hair removal technologies like lasers or IPL. For sure, you found many traditional unsatisfying methods for hair removal. You may also found modern methods for hair removal that claim to permanently remove unwanted hair from your body. Recently, there’s been a device that claims the same results with no pain or side effects, it’s nono hair removal.

However, what is the evidence for such claims? Of course the evidence is customer reviews!

We in conduct wide detailed research for All Laser & IPL hair removal devices and  NoNo ranked 27 out of 35 IPL & laser hair removal devices in the market.

In this article, we will review a device that claims effective, safe, and everlasting hair removal process. It’s no!no! Pro Hair Removal Device. What nono hair removal is, how it works, and claimed results, all these and more will be explained in detail in our detailed unbiased review.

no!no! Pro Hair Removal

nono Pro Hair Removal

In response to those who fear razor and lasers and they hate waxes (or sugaring), a device has been released promising to permanently remove hair without any razors or any kind of lights! Moreover, it’s effective, painless, safe, and fast – or it should be according to the manufacturer. It’s the no!no! Pro Hair Removal Device.

What Is nono Hair Removal?

nono hair removal is a simple radical machine that works using heat; it depends on a developed technology called Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology.

The manufacturer says this device works with a heated wire which smoothly glide over the skin causing the hair follicle to be damaged and the hair becomes crystallized (treated). After treating the hairs, you should use a buffer that comes with the device in order to remove treated hair or your skin will still be hairy and prickly.

nono Pro is a famous device that has been sold all over the world. But, does it deserve all this popularity, or it mainly gained this popularity because of a horrible truth?

For things to be clear, this article is dedicated to illustrate and explain everything about the nono hair removal.

nono Pro Package According To The Official Site

When you purchase nono hair removal system from the official website you will get a package includes:

  • no!no! Pro hair removal device
  • 1 narrow thermicon tip
  • 1 wide thermicon tip
  • Deluxe travel case
  • 1 large buffer
  • Cleaning brush
  • User manual
  • A Charger
  • Free SuperDose kite
  • 1 NEOVA Intensive Lip Repair
  • 1 NEOVA Copper Moisturize Mask

nono Hair Removal Components

no!no! Pro is a good-looking “cute” machine – according to some user reviews – that comes with a guide light, 3 treatment levels, 2 thermicon tips that contain thermodynamic wires, 2 tip socket posts,  and one buffer. They all work together to provide you with the permanent hair removal you need – I think!

1) A roller, and a guide light that alerts you when you’re using the nono device incorrectly.

2) Two tip socket posts and 2 thermicons, wide and narrow, each includes a thermodynamic wire that gets heated and damages the hair follicle and crystallizes the hair.

3) One buffer, used to buff crystallized (treated) hair because according to the official web site, “without the buffer, crystallized hair remains, which gives a prickly feeling”.

Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology

no!no! Pro is a modern well-designed hair removal device that uses pulsed thermicon technology. The new technology of no!no! is there for permanent, safe hair removal. The manufacturer assures that it includes applying pulses of heat to hair follicle, which leads to damaging and crystallizing the hair, and it prevents hair re-growth for a long period of time. In addition, NoNo Hair Removal does not use razor or any kinds of lights; no lasers and no IPL. It only uses the scientific principle of thermal transference.

In order to clarify more how pulsed thermicon works, you are going to find a detailed comparison between thermicon technology used in nono hair removal and laser hair removal.

nono’s Thermicon Technology VS. Laser Hair Removal

I’m going to display the most important differences between the nono hair removal thermicon technology and laser hair removal technology.

Points in favor of the patented thermicon technology

  • Skin and hair colors: Laser targets hair follicle and damages it without harming any surrounding tissue, so does pulsed thermicon used in nono Pro. The difference is that thermicon uses heat which is painless and effective against all hair colors and skin tones, unlike lasers which doesn’t work on tissues that don’t include pigments such as white and gray hairs, doesn’t treat red hairs, and doesn’t work on very dark skin tones.

Read Our Ultimate Guide For Laser Hair Removal & IPL

Points in favor of lasers

× Speed: Lasers are much faster than pulsed thermicon, they can remove hair from a single small area such as upper lip in only 1 minute. In contrast, thermicon using only heat requires gliding the nono Hair Removal Device on targeted area repeatedly for best results, which takes so much time. According to some users reviews, using NoNo Hair Removal Device took them about 25 minutes for shaving one leg, that’s far longer than shaving!

× Sessions required: Laser hair removal needs on average one session every 2 weeks for 6 to 8 weeks for permanent hair growth reduction rate. The results are great and guaranteed. Neverthheless, pulsed thermicon should be used, according to the manufacturer website, for 6 to 8 weeks as well, but twice a week!

× Safety: Thermicon technology of nono Hair Removal only uses heat, which is safe, effective, and it has no side effects on skin. Lasers also are safe and effective methods, they may have some surface side effects but they usually do not exceed 2 or 3 days.

× precision: Lasers are more precise than thermicon technology. They target the tissue, damage its hair follicle, and leave the surrounding skin tissues untouched. Then the process is repeated on all targeted areas. On the contrary, nono hair removal uses the glide of a heated wire on skin hair repeatedly in order to damage it. If you do not repeat the glide, the hair may still be undamaged! So, This is not a good thing at all.

× Approval: The developed Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology is NOT FDA-cleared. Despite being recommended by doctors, but the manufacturer should not claim any results without studies. On the opposite hand, Lasers are studied and verified by the FDA. So, they are totally safe and effective.

nono Hair Removal Price

After displaying the most important differences between NoNo Pro thermicon technology and Lasers, which appears to be in favor of lasers, now we are to mention the nono Hair Removal price.

First of all, there are 3 models of no!no! system. The nono Pro, the nono Ultra, and the nono Micro. Each has its price and specifications.

The no!no! Pro Hair Removal has two ways of payments. First, it costs $249.95 on the manufacturer’s website if paid in full. Second, It’s provided with a 30-day risk free trial, you will only pay $14.95. After 30 days, the full price will be divided on 3 monthly payments of $83.33.

nono Hair Removal price is £199.00 on Argos, it’s on Amazon for $239.99 and $245.97.

No!No! Ultra Hair Removal comes in price of $299.94 on the official website if paid in full. It also can be paid on three payments each of $99,98. You will find it for £159.00 on Argos instead of £219.00, and on Amazon for £189.00 instead of £219.00.

The same goes for the no!no! Micro Hair Removal. You can get it for $199.95 If paid in full, and it can be divided on three payments of $66.65. It’s found on Amazon for £159.00 for black and white, and the red one only costs £99.98. Finally, you will find NoNo Micro on argos for £99.99.

To make it easier, this table of prices will show you the 3 devices’ prices on the mentioned sites above:

nono Hair Removal PriceOn Official SiteOn AmazonOn Argos
no!no! Pro$249.95$239.99£199.00
no!no! Ultra$299.94£189.00£159.00
no!no! Micro$199.95£99.98£99.99

Prices shown are the lowest on the most popular sites…

Please note that prices always change, you may also find other prices, depending on the seller.

NONo Hair Removal

Saleh Hassouna

Overall Score


NoNo Laser Hair Removal is a scam! They do not give you the promised results, they are expensive, and they will only waste your time and money.


How To Use nono Hair Removal

The manufacturer site states that the nono Hair Removal Device is so easy to use, it only takes 6 steps for permanent hair removal. Here we go:

  • 1: Charge the device and uncover it.
  • 2: Choose suitable tip (depending on the area to be treated).
  • 3: Insert thermicon tip.
  • 4: Tern on and select desired treatment level.
  • 5: Glide smoothly across skin.
  • 6: Buff away crystallized (treated) hair.
(1) Uncover the device
(1) Uncover the device
(2) Choose suitable tip
(2) pick the suitable tip
(3) Insert tip
(3) Insert tip
(4) Turn on and choose level
(4) Turn on and choose level
(5) Glide on skin
(5) Glide on skin
(6) Buff crystallized hair
(6) Buff crystallized hair

So, those were six simple steps that make you “go weeks without shaving and get long lasting results” according to nono’s official site.

Alert !
The official site forgot to mention that you will have to glide the device repeatedly on targeted area or you will not get the satisfying permanent hair removal you always want.

Claimed VS. Real Results

OK, this is the most important part of our review. Is nono hair removal better than other devices that use lasers or IPL? Most important, is it the best choice for you? If not, what are other devices that prove to be better than NoNo? Each point is going to be discussed individually in detail. But first, I will show you the results that the manufacturer site announces VS. real results from user reviews:

Official Site’s Claimed Results

The official site states that no!no! is the only device that does not have any side effects in comparison with other permanent hair removal devices. They give results and some pros which are:

  • No side effects
  • No pain
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • No cuts
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation

Real Results From User Reviews

So, problems with nono hair removal are:

  • Too slow; it takes too much time to remove hair from a single area.
  • Leaves skin prickly and hairy if not buffed.
  • Inefficient; it needs repeated gliding in order to treat hair.
  • Stinky.
  • May lead to redness because of the heat.
  • Costly compared to the results.

“I have used it faithfully and followed the instructions for over a year… nothing… all that happens is your skin feels hot and irritated afterwards.. cant believe they area allowed to con people out of their money legally… does no one check scam artists anymore? What a waste of money.” – nono hair removal review on

FAQs About The nono Hair Removal System

People who always search for new innovative technologies to safely remove body hair may ask some questions like: Why to use nono hair removal instead of other devices? What makes it better than them? Why to choose Thermicon technology and not choose lasers or IPL? these are some important questions that should be answered.

1. Is nono Hair Removal Better Than Laser Hair Removal and IPL?

Permanent IPL & laser hair removal

The answer is a big fat NO! In fact, nono Hair Removal is a scam; On one side, nono Hair Removal Thermicon Technology is not approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The manufacturer has claimed that nono is painless, effective, and it gives permanent results, but it didn’t give sufficient evidence for these claims. According to FDA no product can claim such results without sufficient evidence.

On the opposite side, most IPL and laser hair removal devices are FDA approved and clinically tested. Moreover, they have enough evidence on their efficiency and safety.

So, I think we have just answered the question that occupies minds of many people, which leads us to the fact that no!no! is not a Yes!

2. Is nono Hair Removal The Best Choice That Satisfies Your Needs?

As we said before, nono is not FDA approved. So, the claimed results cannot be verified. Whatever, NoNo Hair Removal uses heat in order to crystallize (treat) hair after gliding repeatedly, then you use a buffer to remove that crystallized hair. If not, the crystallized hair will not be removed! While other laser and IPL devices need no more than one tap, and hair removal process is done!

Moreover, nono is not that cheap device that will compensate other light-based devices (look back at our no!no! prices list). It’s a little cheaper than laser and IPL devices, but it takes too much time and effort. In addition, it’s less effective and not FDA approved.

So, I think this is another answer with another NO for no!no! Pro!

3. What Are Other Devices That Prove to Be Better Than no!no! Pro Hair Removal?

This will take us to my review about laser hair removal, which includes laser hair removal process’ definition, pros, cons, types of skins, and best laser and IPL permanent hair removal devices.

Anyway, there are so many other devices that can serve you in a way better than no!no! Pro’s thermicon technology. For instance, there are Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 IPL Hair Removal, Braun Venus Silk-expert 5 (IPL), Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X, Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision, and many more.

In addition, The average cost of a laser or IPL permanent hair removal device is $350, which is not that expensive in comparison to no!no! Pro hair removal.

Each device works on particular skin tone and hair color. However, Most of them don’t work on white and grey hairs – hairs that don’t contain pigments.

If you’re still wondering whether it suits you or not, then, let’s move on to no!no! Pro most important YES’s and NO’s.

4. Does NoNo Permanently Remove Hair?

No, it slows the regrowth of hair and may give long last results if it regularly used.

5. Can NoNo Remove Pubic Hair?

Yes, Nono hair removal has wide and narrow tips for small areas

6. Does No No hair removal hurt?

No, its safe but a little stinky. You can use it easily and safely.

7. Can you use a no no on your face?

Yes, Nono Can be used on face

#1 Hair Removal Device

Nono Hair Removal Pros

To make it fair, I’m going to show you no!no! Pro Hair Removal most important pros:

  • Uses safe Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology
  • Used cordless
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Rechargeable, charge time: 12 hours
  • Free of chemicals
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Works on all skin tones
  • Doesn’t cause skin discoloration

Most of these pros are found in laser and IPL hair removal devices. So, it doesn’t look to be MUCH better at all!

Now, Let’s have a look at the NOs.

nono Hair Removal Cons

OK, I think you need to read these problems with nono hair removal carefully!

  • Costs too much compared to the results
  • Bad results; Hair can grow again after a short period of time
  • Leaves skin prickly and hairy if not buffed
  • So slow; Needs repeated gliding
  • Easy to use, not easier than other devices!
  • Not FDA-cleared (very important point)
  • A little stinky
  • Noisy
  • There are much better devices
  • May lead to redness or irritation if used for a long time on a single area

Alternative to nono Hair Removal

Feeling confused? To make this article more obvious, we made a comparison between no!no! Pro Hair Removal and two of the best IPL and laser devices “Tria Beauty Laser 4X” and “Philips Lumea BRI956/00 Prestige IPL”.


no!no! Pro Hair Removal

Tria Laser 4X

Lumea BRI956 IPL

Cost$249.95$449 ($382 after 15% off)£575 ($681.92)
SafetyOnly heat, safe but a little stinkyIncludes safety indicator that locks auto if skin tone is too darkIt doesn’t work until flash window makes contact with your skin
Warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty2-year warranty
Guarantee30 day money-back guarantee60 day money-back guarantee60 day money-back guarantee
UsageUsed CordlessCordlessCordless
Levels3 treatment levels5 treatment levels5 treatment levels
Suitable areasCan be used Everywhere except breasts and genitalsEverywhere except breasts, genitals and men’s faceEverywhere except breasts and genitals
Skin tonesWorks on all skin tonesDoesn’t treat very dark skinDoesn’t treat very dark skin
Hair colorsWorks on all hair colorsDoesn’t work on grey, white, blond, and redDoesn’t work on grey, light blond, and red
AttachmentsWide and narrow tipsSkin sensorSmartSkin sensor, 4 attachments for each area – body, face, bikini, and underarms
FDANot approvedApprovedApproved
Clinical testsNot testedTestedTested
Technology usedPulsed ThermiconDiode LaserIntense Pulsed Light
EfficiencyLeaves skin hairy and prickly unless used repeatedly then buff the treated hairPermanent hair removal from the first use on an areaPermanent hair removal from the first use on an area
SpeedSlow results (needs repeated gliding)Fast (only one push)Fast (only one push)
Sessions requiredMay take 6 to 8 weeks, twice a week6 to 8 weeks, once every 2 weeks6 to 8 weeks, once every 2 weeks

Additional Models Of nono Hair Removal System

There are 2 other models of nono hair removal system and they do not seem to be better than it at all! They have the same positives and negatives. Moreover, they are as effective as this one, yet slower and expensive.

nono Ultra Hair Removal

There are other No No products that should be briefly mentioned. One of them is the no!no! Ultra Hair Removal Device.

NoNo Ultra is another radiance device that also uses Patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology. The manufacturer also claims to be safe and painless, and it has dynamic speed control and beauty tips.

It has 3 treatment levels as well. Moreover, nono Ultra has beauty tips such as UltraClean and MicroMassage which are sold separately for $49.99 each.

It comes with the same components as no!no! Pro. It has a charger, a buffer, and two tips (narrow and wide).

In addition, you can use NoNo Ultra on all body areas except breasts and genitals. It has the same pros and cons of nono Pro. Moreover, it costs $299.94, higher than nono Pro!

However, FDA did not approve nono Ultra as well.

NoNo Micro Hair Removal

It’s a good small device that used on face, body, and upper lip. It can be used cordless and it’s rechargeable.

nono Micro comes with the same two narrow and wide tips. It’s suitable for all skin tones and hair colors. Moreover, it includes battery and tip indicator lights.

It’s smaller and slower than NoNo Ultra, and it’s mainly used to remove facial hair. However, the manufacturer claims the very same results, which includes that this machine is safe, painless, effective, easy to use, and fast.

It doesn’t have the three treatment levels neither the beauty tips. In addition, it’s not FDA-cleared.

no!no! Micro costs $199.95.

So, what is the difference between no!no! Pro, no!no! Ultra and no!no! Micro?

The NoNo Hair Removal Device uses up to 35% more energy than nono Ultra and nono Micro. It makes nono Pro capable of effectively treating coarse and thick hair more than other previous models. Beside, the nono Micro hair removal is only for small and sensitive areas specially the face.


OK, I think things are now clear. In my opinion, it’s better to pay $100-$200 more and get a safe, effective, fast, and FDA-cleared device that permanently reduces hair re-growth effortlessly. These devices last for no less than 12 years and the efficiency never diminishes.

The problem with nono hair removal products is that they’re scam! They do not give you the promised results, they are expensive, and they will only waste your time and money. Avoid all this, and only think of the trusted products, the products that are approved by FDA and strongly recommended by doctors and dermatologists.

The are many alternatives to nono hair removal. Such devices will not only be a good investment for your money, but they will also live long and give permanent hair reduction for more beauty and shine.

Finally you can visit our full list of all IPL & Laser hair removal to find which one is great for you.

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14 thoughts on “NoNo Hair Removal Unbiased Review 2021”

  1. The alternative products that are on the market do not treat blonde red or gray hair. The no-no can be used on all hair and skin types

  2. I LOVE THE NO NO!! IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES!!! It makes hair lighter and thinner over time, it really does work! I’ve tried about every hair removal product with no success….you have to keep using the no no and be patient…it does work!!!

  3. I have been using the NONO Pro on facial chin hair for 18 months.I bought this specifically because my hair is white,and I wasn’t aware of any other product that permanently removed white hair.
    Please don’t waste your money on this it is absolutely useless.It has made no difference to my facial hair whatsoever and I have been making around 8 passes with it on each area of my chin.I will continue to use it until the thermal tip runs out hoping for a miracle.

  4. This product doesn’t even deserve 1 star and neither does the company! The product simply does not work and does not work as advertised. Worse yet is this company Beauty and Health 4 Life, is horrible. Because the device turns on they will only offer me a refund of half of what I had paid. This company is shady and the no no is junk!

  5. If I could give it negative stars I would.
    The only people I could even imagine this possibly working for is someone with VERY FINE hair, but even having said that, I still doubt it would do anything.

    They honestly should be ashamed for charging nearly $300, for something that is basically useless.

  6. Product refused to hold a charge for more than 10-15mins at the lowest setting. I’m purchasing a Professional Galvanic Epilator (used by Salons and Pros world-wide) as the ultimate answer to permanent hair removal. I guess you get what you pay for.

  7. So your advice not to buy nono for hair removal, I saw some ads about new Philips IPL for hair removal. can you advice me about it?

    1. Philips Lumea Prestige is the highest rated IPL device on our top list of all ipl laser hair removal devices, so I definitely advice you go for it.
      but before that, please make sure you fully read about it.

  8. My wife nonoed my back now it’s three times as hairy and itches always. I’d like to choke the inventory and remind my wife that I didn’t want her to use it on me because it would make my back hairier. I was right and make her scratch my hairy back all the time for turning my back into a werewolf.

  9. I’m a muslim convert and use nono to keep my pubic region and under arms hair free. My Turkish wife has used it for years and is smooth and hair free.

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