MLAY M3 & T3 Reviews

MLAY M3 & T3 IPL Hair Removal Systems… Are They Worth It?

MLAY is a Chinese company that is not in hair removal field for too long. The company has only 6 years of experience and they have launched few devices, nearly with similar features and abilities. However, the devices are really good for a beginning.

In this review, we’ve choose 2 great IPL hair remover from MLAY line, they’re MLAY M3 and MLAY T3.

The 2 devices are very similar as the only difference between them is skin & hair types range. They give the same results after the same period with the same features and application time. Moreover, they have the same abilities and powers.

Let’s go deeper and have a better look at them…


MLAY M3 is a fast, safe, effective, and easy-to-use device. It’s a great invention in permanent hair removal. After 3 months of treatments, you will notice a permanent reduction of hair. Also, you can apply the treatments every 1 month or when needed. MLAY M3 uses safe yet effective Intense Pulsed Light Technology. IPL technology targets melanin in the hair follicle accurately  in order to disable hair regrowth. This device has a new high-tech design which allows users to attack any undesirable hair to achieve permanent hair removal. Because of all the above, it’s considered one of our favorite devices.

Approval & Guarantees

MLAY M3 is a compact design permanent hair removal device at comfort of your home or on the go. It’s recommended by doctors because it’s a very safe, reliable and FDA-cleared one. Moreover, it includes 2 years global warranty, life-long maintenance.

Also, you can test the product during a 60 day money-back guarantee period. If the product is working well, then congrats. If not, you can return the device and recover your money except shipping fees.

However, we didn’t find any approved certifications for this device for safety standards.


MLAY M3 is a great, effective device that does the job. The treatment window size of MLAY M3 IPL is 3.9 cm2. Moreover, the device delivers 300,000 flashes enough for up to 12 years of use.

For optimum results, use MLAY M3 once a week for the first 4 weeks (4 treatments). Then, use it once every 2 weeks for the next 14-18 weeks (7-9 treatments). Ultimately, use MLAY M3 once every month for the next 3 months or until desired results are noticed. This means around 18 treatments for the first year. Then you can use the device once a month or every 2 months depending on your hair regrowth. This means 6-12 treatments a year.

MLAY M3 IPL is supplied with an integrated UV filter and a skin tone & skin contact sensor. When the sensor touches your skin, it emits a green light for the skin safety.

MLAY M3 Treatment Window & Skin Tone Sensor
MLAY M3 Flash Button & Indicator Light

Moreover, it’s provided with indicator lights at the 2 upper sides of the head. It also has a flash button which you use for emitting pulses after the indicator lights flash green.

Replaceable Flash Head, LED Screen: The screen guides you through treatments by showing remaining pulses, energy level, temperature, and selected treatment (HR, SR, AC).

MLAY M3 LED Features

Suitable for face & full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, chest, back, bikini line and legs. Also, MLAY M3 is available for men & women use.

5 Energy Levels: MLAY M3 IPL hair removal system is a corded device. It has 5 light energy levels in order to give you safe and effective treatments. You can set the energy level according to the skin area and the hair density. Also, it delivers 3.5-5J/cm2 depending on which level you use.

Skin & Hair Types

MLAY M3 is suitable for strict types of hairs and skins. The suitable types of hairs are: brown, dark brown, and black. Whereas, golden blond, light blond, red, white or grey ones are inappropriate.

Moreover, the suitable types of skins are: white/very light blond, Ivory, beige, and light brown. Brown, dark brown, and brownish black skin tones aren’t suitable.

No Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Brownish Black Skin Tone
No Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Brownish Black Skin Tone... No Blond, Light Blond, Red, White/Grey Hair Colors.

MLAY M3 Pros

MLAY M3 Cons

MLAY M3 Price

You can find MLAY M3 on the official website for $250. Also, it costs on Amazon $199 on the date of publication, which means you save around $50. Always check for sales and promotions on the official website and on retail websites.

Customer Reviews

Our team of experts followed up customer reviews and noticed that they are very satisfied and pleased to use MLAY M3. With 4.4 star rating on Amazon, it’s one of the highest rated devices by customers.

If you check Amazon, you will find around 83% of 144 reviews giving the device 5 stars. However, many of these ratings are scam! They are not verified, not detailed, close to each other in the writing style, and they are published at the same or close times.

Anyway, this doesn’t deny the truth that MLAY M3 is a great device that is dedicated to its job.

Now, to negative comments. Nearly all (verified and checked) negative reviews are talking about inefficiency. However, the device did not promise amazing results!

They were honest when they said you will see results after 9 TREATMENTS. Moreover, they said you’re going to experience only 83-90% hair reduction after  this period. It’s not a short period and these are not greater results compared to other devices. Not to mention the price which is half – or even less than the half – of other renowned devices.

Our Rate

Regardless it’s slow, mild, and non-multifunctional, it’s effective and safe. Of course this will affect its rating, but you need to know that its whole given rating is based on its effectiveness, durability, and safety.

We decided to give MLAY M3 a 3.8 star rating. Why low? As mentioned in Cons section, there are many important factors that this device has neglected. One important is skin & hair types. Not to mention the slow results and wide window with no precision attachments. But, this doesn’t mean it’s not recommended. There are many better devices though, but not for the same price!

So, we think this is a good device that gives “Fair” results!

MLAY T3 IPL hair removal device


MLAY T3 is another good IPL hair remover just like M3. It uses the same technology, power, flashes, and features. However, it’s wider applicable on skin & hair types.

Approval & Guarantees

Like M3, MLAY T3 is a compact device designed for use at home. It’s recommended by doctors, FDA-cleared, and it has 2 years global warranty.

Moreover, you can test the product during a 180 day money-back guarantee period. If the device is not working, you can return it and recover your money except shipping fees.

We also didn’t find any approved certifications for this product to meet safety standards.


The same as MLAY M3, T3 is suitable for face & body, women & men. It has 3.9 cm2 window and 300,000 flashes enough for 12 years.

For optimum results, use T3 for the same period of MLAY M3.

MLAY T3 Treatment Window & Skin Tone Sensor

Moreover, there are integrated safety system, skin tone sensor, skin contact sensor, and UV filter.

It also has flash indicator flash lights and a flash button. You can use this button to emit pulses when the indicator lights flash green.

MLAY T3 Flash Button & Indicator Light
MLAY T3 LED Features

Also, the same LED display is available in this version. It shows remaining number of flashes, energy levels, temperature, and inserted treatment head (HR).

Skin & Hair Types

MLAY T3  is suitable for black, brown, light brown, and blond hair colors. It’s not suitable for light blond, red, white or grey ones.

Moreover, it’s suitable for white, Ivory, beige, light brown, and medium brown skin tones. It’s not suitable for dark-brown and brownish black skins.

No Dark Brown or Brownish Black Skin Tone... No Light Blond, Red, White/Grey Hair Colors
No Dark Brown or Brownish Black Skin Tone... No Light Blond, Red, White/Grey Hair Colors

MLAY T3 Pros

MLAY T3 Cons

MLAY T3 Price

The price of MLAY T3 on the official website for $225.93. Also, it costs on Amazon $199 on the date of publication, which means you save around $27. Make sure to check regularly for sales on the official and retailer websites.

Customer Reviews

Actually, this device is another copy of MLAY T3, it works on a wider range of skin and hair types though. Even customer reviews, they are very similar to the extent that we found no bad reviews but slow results.

It’s highly rated on Amazon with 4 star rating according to 43 customers, who 72% of them gave it a 5 star rating.

Our Rate

Slow, non-multifunctional, not powerful, and no attachments, MLAY T3 has a 3.9 star rating, only 0.1 higher than M3 because of applicable skin & hair types.


MLAY is not a renowned company and it has not been in hair removal field for too long. So, we expect more development and improvements in their devices very soon. Which counts for them is that they’ve released really good IPL devices for great prices with only 6 years of experience. This is why we are waiting a revolutionary IPL hair remover from them.

Anyway, MLAY M3 & T3 are not the recommended ones in this field. There are many other better, faster, safer, more powerful, more effective, and more durable devices on the market with close prices. You can check our SmoothSkin Muse IPL Hair Removal Device review. Also, check out Braun Silk-Expert 3 IPL for similar price.

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