MiSMON Laser Hair Removal Review

When it comes to body hair shaving, many people do not fancy the idea of shaving, waxing, or tweezing every time. As a result, you can look for other permanent (long lasting) solutions to avoid this tiring exercise. Laser hair removal can be the long-lasting solution that will give you the answer you want; though it may not be entirely permanent (long lasting) , it will save you shaving for a while.

Picking a laser hair removal is complicated and needs some advice from an expert or research to get the best device that will not lead to discoloration or body burns. From the thousands of reviews rated high, it would be best to go for MiSMON laser hair removal that you can use at home with some ease without necessarily having to call for a dermatologist and pay for their services.

MiSMON is one of the most sold at home laser hair removal devices on Amazon, We in Hair-Removal-Devices.com conduct wide detailed research for All Laser & IPL hair removal devices and MiSMON ranked 9 out of 43 IPL & laser hair removal devices in the market.

It’s cheap and Amazon credible laser hair removal device, compared to nearly every other IPL device out there on the market.

Looking for answers? Troubleshooting consisting problems? Price? Detailed information on MiSMON. We got you covered!

In this guide we shall provide you with every piece of information you need to decide if this IPL device is worth it.

What is MiSMON IPL Hair Removal?

MiSMON laser hair removal has been certified safe worldwide to hair removal like a pro. Does this device have premium features and a more fantastic build quality that can last longer?

Both males and females can use this product to remove unwanted hair in their body parts whenever and wherever they feel like.

MiSMON Laser Hair Removal Features

(I)IPL Technology

MiSMON laser operates on an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) phenomenon to remove all the unwanted hair that a person wants to get rid of on their body. When you place it at a given body part that you want to remove hair, it will exert a high voltage of light and remove all the hair. Further, it will slow down the growth of hair in that particular area.

(II)Dual Lamp Cartridges

This device comes with two cartridges, that is SR HEAD and HR HEAD.HR HEAD cartridge role is for removal of hair permanently (long lasting) in both men and women. On the other hand, you can apply SR HEAD on rough skin areas with wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and patches.

(III)Lamp Life

The lamp life of MiSMON is 300,000 flashlights which, when a person uses alone without sharing, can last for up to 5 years.

(IV)Removes Hair Permanently

Using this device in the right time frame can eliminate hair growth challenges in numerous areas such as leg parts, underarm, chin, back, arms, butt, forehead, bikini line parts, and more. Avoid using it around the lips and head area.

MiSMON FDA Cleared

How often to use MiSMON Laser Hair Removal

The right frame to use this device has the following stages:

Stage 1: Initially, you need to use this device once a week for three consecutive weeks. This means that during stage 1, you will only use it three times. Once you have passed through this stage, you will notice a substantial hair loss in your body part where you applied it.

Stage 2: This stage can last up to twelve weeks, and you need to do the treatment after every two weeks during this stage. This means you will use it six times. When you are through with the 12 weeks application, your skin will start appearing smoother.

Stage 3: in this final stage, you are only required to use this device once every two months. Most residual hair that was on the part where this device was used will be all gone.

MiSMON Pros & Cons


(I)Safe Approval

MiSMON hair removal has been given the highest approval rate globally for safe use at home by American Health Patron Saint for medical beauty equipment. The device is built with an automatic skin sensor that will give you gentle, painless, and permanent (long lasting) hair removal services.

(II)Clinically tested and approved

The device has been tested and declared fit. It only takes you 3 to 4 months of use to start seeing the precise results of hair reduction. Most users can get a 94% permanent (long lasting) hair loss success rate after using it for 7 to 9 treatments. The higher the energy application, the better result it will produce.

(III)Best Sale Service

By buying this product, one can get a one-year warranty. You also have three months return policy from the manufacturer.

(IV)Wide Range Application

You can use MiSMON of several body parts such as legs, arms, chin, butt, bikini, forehead, back, and underarms.

(V)Skin Displays

MiSMON laser hair removal has LCD screen displays to count the number of flashes appearing when in use.


(I)Not advisable to use on the lips area.

(II)This device is suitable for people with dark hair and those with olive skin tones.

How to Prepare For MiSMON Laser Hair Removal Use

If you are interested in using MisMON laser to remove hair in your body parts, you need to prepare adequately to smoothly the treatment and recovery process. Here are things to perform before you use this tool at home.

(I) Read the Product Manual Instruction Carefully

Before applying the steps of the product to remove hair in your body, ensure that you have read and understood the manufacture’s guidelines and instructions attached to the product. Proper following of education will be instrumental to getting smooth skin and avoiding any incidents.

(II)Avoid Direct Sun

When you expose yourself to the sun heatwave, you will likely experience pigment challenges when using this product. If you have a tan, please, it would help if you wait until they have faded out to start the hair removal procedure.

(III)Stop Plucking and Waxing

Usually, when using a MiSMON laser, hair removal will target the root hair of the applied places. Therefore, it would help avoid waxing or plucking those areas to be treated for six weeks before product use. Instead, you can shave that area, and it will not affect the hair root.

(IV)Shave the area to be treated

Shaving is recommended by experts 48 hours before you undergo the treatment.it will reduce the chances of your skin or body art getting a burn

(V)Check your Prescription

Before you start a laser hair removal procedure, ensure that you check your medications; some of them may compromise your procedure by increasing skin sensitivity, leading to burns or blisters development during treatment. If you are on medication, kindly ask for advice before you start the treatment.

MiSMON Price

You can order any color of your choice for MiSMON laser hair removal at different retailers for a price range of $189, excluding shipping costs for the region you are coming from.

Our Ratings of MiSMON


Analysis of 687 user review

Saleh Hassouna

Review Summary

Good for money










Amazon Rating


Number of Amazon Reviews


Amazon Category Rank


Device’s Age


Overall Score 

  1. Effectiveness : When compare to other devices in the full list of at home IPL hair removal it just got 58% for effectiveness to results.
  2. Variety : as this criteria measure ability of device to cover all body, MiSMON has 2 attachments can be used for almost all body parts so MiSMON got 78%
  3. Price : MiSMON is not very pricey, then it received 62% .
  4. Popularity : Some people searching for the MiSMON every month, so it got 66.7%
  5. Amazon Rating : MiSMON has good amazon product rating, so it earned 82% .
  6. Number of Amazon Reviews : it has 538 ratings and 181 answered questions, so it got 50%
  7. Amazon Category Rank : MiSMON ranked #19 on  Light Hair Removal Devices category on Amazon.com, So it got 50%
  8. Device’s Age : MiSMON was released on 2017 so it got 100% on this criteria .

MiSMON Costumer Reviews

I surfed through hundreds of Costumer reviews on the MiSMON, Good & bad alike, and here’s a good summary of the users’ experience with the newborn device.

Positive Review

Lily from USA, bought the device on  May 23, 2019, and provided her own review of the device: “These weren’t pimples on my face, these were mostly ingrown hairs lol. I have PCOS so I grow A LOT of excess facial hair. It’s super thick and black. I didn’t think this product was going to work, but I am so pleasantly surprised!! I haven’t even been using it for a full month but I’m already seeing results! Just this week I’ve noticed the hairs fall out when I touch them with tweezers or when I wash my face. I’m soooo happy! My skin has honestly never looked better..”

As we can see in Lily review, MiSMON do what should it do and it reserved to ranked 9 one our full IPL & Laser hair removal.

Negative Review

Jennifer g from United States reviewed MiSMON on March 29, 2021 and she faced a certain issue with flashes as follow

” Worked fine up until tonight was in the middle of using it when magically it went from 280000 zaps left to Zero. Wasted money. Super upset
End of April 2021: there is no warranty system. They want me to update my review to a good review before handling my issue and also stated they want to refund me through PayPal. None of this is acceptable. All I wanted was a new machine since it went from 280000 to zero!! That is a system malfunction on their end and they are unwilling to help me unless I change my review first… which I’m not doing so now I’m updating this to call them out how they truly have no warranty on this product and that they are just worried about a good review not about their customers being happy.

This review show an important issue to keep in mind when thinking of getting your MiSMON and may make you go upper on our list with one of top 5 IPL devices.



Supposing you are looking for a hair laser removing device that is simple, inexpensive, and will guarantee you effective results. It would be best to purchase MiSMON laser hair removal. You will not regret this device as it will give you quality services for that stubborn hair that irritates you with continuous quick growth, and you will not have to break the bank to achieve that perfectly smooth skin you desire.

Before buying the MiSMON device, ensure that you know your hair color and skin tone. MiSMON works best for people with dark hair or olive skin tone.

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