Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser Hair Removal For Men | Is It Worth It?

We’ve always heard that laser hair removal is limited to women, why on earth would it be? It’s just because not most men do laser treatments, not because it’s limited to women! However, recently, most men tend to use laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair permanently at particular areas e.g. abdomen. So, if you’re a bodybuilder, swimmer, or one who wants to brag of his body, you definitely wish a hair-free one. Then, you need laser hair removal for men to get up to 6 months of silky-smooth skin!

Not only women who have the right to get a silky skin, but also men have that right. Laser hair removal is also appealing for men who are uncomfortable with their excess hair. In order to help you get more info about laser hair removal for men, we made this little article…

What Is Laser Hair Removal? How It Works?

Laser hair removal is a process where a specific beam of light bypasses the epidermis and reach the hair follicle. Then, the hair follicle and shaft turn it into heat which, in turn, damages them and the hair producing papilla. However, the surrounding skin tissue is kept untouched while all this process happens. When hair-producing papilla and follicle have been damaged, the hair becomes weaker and limp and then it falls. Moreover, when it grow back, it grows finer, thinner, and weaker. Nearly all men remove stomach and chest hair by laser for this reason.

This isn’t it, you should also know that you can get your desired laser hair removal for men either clinical or at-home. Now, after many clinical tests, there’re devices that have been FDA-approved for at-home use by men e.g. Tria Laser 4X.

How Can Laser Hair Removal for Men Help

Especially for men, excessive hair can cause itching and irritation. That’s because they usually use razors to remove it which, in turn, make it grow back thicker and coarser. But, when you remove it by laser, it makes the re-growing hair thinner and finer, and it can grossly help with annoying itching.

Laser hair removal for men is also less painful than waxing. If you are a man who used to remove unwanted hair by waxing, surely you understand the suffer. So, laser hair removal is your new solution to remove the excessive hair effortlessly and painlessly.

Also, you can get permanent hair reduction 70-92% for 3-6 months at chest, stomach, back, and legs! Believe me, it’s worth it!

Laser hair removal feels like a rubber band lightly snapping your skin. However, it is not painful, you also have an option to use a numbing cream.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal For Men... No Razor Anymore

So, after you read how laser hair removal can help you, let’s have a look on its benefits and cons…


  1. Excessive body hair: Laser hair removal is great for men who feel uncomfortable with excessive hair on back, chest, stomach or other areas. Also, it makes you feel more confident and smooth!
  2. Hygiene: Having lots of hair does not mean that you are less hygienic. However, it helps reducing any itching possible insomnia caused by excessive hair.
  3. No more ingrown hair, welcome easy face grooming: Nearly all men prefer having less hair to do shaving easily especially if they get ingrown hair on their neck. So, their best solution is laser hair removal to get effective results.

Is It painful?

As I told you, laser hair removal is much less painful than waxing, however most people feel like a rubber band snap against their skin. Also it depends on your pain tolerance, but you can use numbing creams in order not to feel any pain.

  • Face: Thickness of the skin of facial areas varies. So, laser feels different on each part of the face. The thinnest area is the upper lip, so this particular area feel more tingling sensation.
  • Underarms: Laser hair removal works very well in this area, it’s the most sensitive area of the body though. But, it’s still better, less painful than waxing.
  • Back: If you have less hair in this area the process of hair removal by laser will be painless. But having more hair will make you will feel more tingling sensation.
  • Stomach: Stomach laser hair removal is actually pretty effective for men as they hope a hair-free beach body. As you know, skin is thicker in this area, so it will be more painful than other areas. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it’s a little uncomfortable. However, you can use a numbing cream and everything will go great.
  • Arms: This area is just like facial ones but with a little higher pain tolerance.
  • Legs: It’s the most pain-free area of all body areas. However, it sometimes becomes uncomfortable on the lower legs, especially on the shin and ankles.

As you see, you may only feel a tingling sensation during treatments on any area of the body. However, it’s only during the treatment, this means you feel nothing after the treatment is over.

How to Prepare for First Laser Hair Removal

  1. Shaving: You need to shave the area to be treated. This way, laser will be able to reach the hair follicle easier and it will be more effective.
  2. Stay out of the sun: You should stay out of the sun for 2-3 days after the treatment and 2 weeks before. Laser hair removal is less effective on dark, tanned skin.
  3. Cleanse: Cleaning the skin before each treatment is a must. Any powder, creams, or dust corn on the body makes laser less effective.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal for Men: Tria 4X

Tria Beauty 4X Laser

Clinical laser hair removal is very expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it needs commitment and dedicated time. So, most men, and even women, need a faster, cheaper solution, with no reservation. That’s why at-home laser devices gained their popularity.

Let me say that the best at-home laser device is Tria Laser 4X which uses safe yet effective Diode-Laser technology. It’s safe, fast, and suitable for men and women. However, it’s not suitable for dark skin.


  • FDA-cleared
  • Clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists
  • Gives high hair reduction rate, up to 70% within 2 sessions only
  • The most effective, powerful light-based hair removal on the market with 20J/cm2 power
  • Affordable price compared to other devices with similar abilities
  • Works on all body and facial areas
  • Safety guaranteed with the skin tone sensor
  • Automatically turns off if not in use for 3 minutes
  • LED display
  • Really simple and easy to use
  • Effortlessly effective
  • Highly rated on retailer websites and loved by customers
  • No cartridge replacement, no hidden costs
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • One year limited warranty


  • No wider attachments for large areas, it’s not a problem though as all laser devices has a narrow window suits their narrow laser beam
  • There are faster devices on the market, but not more powerful or more effective
  • Medium battery life, only 30 minutes


So, now you see how important laser hair removal for men is. No worries, it’s safe, fast, effective, painless, but really expensive! In case you decide to use at-home laser devices, then you choose the cost effective choice. However, Tria Laser 4X is not the suitable one for dark skin, that’s why I’m going to recommend Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 IPL!

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

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