Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost in US, CA, UK, AU, IRL

No doubt that laser hair removal has been very popular and overspread nowadays. This is reasonable, when you get the chance to get rid of all – and I mean ALL – body hair for more than 3-6 months, then it’s worth it. But, does laser hair removal cost like shavers or waxes?!

This article is dedicated for this reason. Our team of experts from different spots inquired about laser hair removal costs at different areas of the world. Moreover, we have assigned exploring this niche to our research experts.

So, what you’re going to read in this article is the synopsis of intense research and investigations to conclude laser hair removal costs from all over the world.

First, we’ll talk more about why to choose laser hair removal and whether it’s safe or not. After that, we’re going to show laser hair removal prices from different areas such as US, UK, CA, AU, and IRL. Then we’re discussing these prices and whether they’re worth it or not. Ultimately, you’re going to know what alternative at-home hair removers you can depend on and why we choose those ones.

Let’s get started!

What Is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a “permanent” hair reduction method. Actually, permanent here does not stand for the real meaning of “forever”, it means long-term hair reduction up to 6 months though. In some cases, according to some customers who were included in our investigation, the results lasted for around 8 months!

However, you need 4-12 laser sessions in order to reach these results. Each session is $10-$900 or £30-£700 depending on your region and which area you’re targeting. Of course all of these factors are illustrated in this article.

Back to our talk, laser hair removal is totally safe – as long as you follow the instructions and precautions

There are many types of lasers used in hair removal, all of them are safe, fast, effective, and efficient, but the most used one is Long Nd:YAG. Also, Diode Laser Technology is common as it’s used in at-home laser hair removal devices.

Lasers can be widely modified to suit your skin tone whether it’s white or brownish black one. It also can treat nearly all hair colors except red ones. You need to know that we are excluding at-home laser hair removal devices from the previous talk.

Not to mention the precision which makes lasers the most precise technology to treat each individual hair from the follicle.

We’ve dedicated an individual article includes all about laser hair removal.

Where to Find Laser Clinics in US, CA, UK, AU, & EU…

Clinical laser hair removal cost

Laser Hair Removal Cost in US & Canada

As mentioned before, you may need thousands of dollars to have permanent hair reduction for your full body. However, there are many clinics where you can find discounts for 2nd and following sessions. Anyway, have a look at the list below:

AreaSingle Session2 Sessions5 Sessions10 Sessions (EST.)
Full face (ears, chin, cheeks, sideburns, jawline, center brow)$150-$350$300-$700Approx $1440$2000-$2400
Neck (front & back)$70-$200$140-$400$284-$800$600-$1400
Back & shoulders$372-$385$740-$770Ap. $1488Ap. $2500
Full arms$200-$265$400-$530$800-$1100$1500-$2000
Arms & hands$342-380$684-$760Ap. $1368Ap. $2500
Full legs$263-$500$326-$1000$700-$1300$1200-$2500
Stomach$120-$160$240-$320Ap. $500$800-$1000
Bikini$99-$150$198-$300Ap. $500$800-$1000

These prices are based on the highest and lowest treatment session costs in many famous clinics in US. Some laser hair removal and plastic surgery clinics did not give us any information about their prices until we reserve an appointment. However, we could reach 3 ones who provided us with precise costs, such as Alite Laser, Face and Body Spa, and City Laser Clinic.

Although we couldn’t reach any entire body laser hair removal cost from any source, we’ve got those prices for 5 sessions, and we could conclude the price for a full body laser hair removal.

As you can see at the list, you need a fortune to get permanent hair reduction with laser… Of course the last prices shown for 10 sessions are estimated, the precise costs won’t be much different though.

Now, to laser hair removal costs in AU.

Laser Hair Removal Cost in AU

Australia is one of the countries that have got leading laser hair removal clinics with relatively less prices than other European countries.

Some were very open to give us useful information. So, we could reach sources and get precise values for single, 2, 3, 6, and even 8 treatment sessions.

Let’s have a look:

AreaSingle Session2 Sessions3 Sessions6 Sessions8 Sessions10 Sessions (Est.)
Full face (ears, chin, cheeks, sideburns, jawline, center brow)$59-$120$112-$200$168-$330$270-$600$272-$720$300-$830
Neck (front & back)$49-$100$100-$200$150-$228$240-$360$368$400-$450
Back & shoulders$205-$298$346$519-$645$828-$1260$832$1000-$1400
Full arms$110-$165$210-$270$297-$315$504-$792$504-$900$550-$1000
Arms & hands$140-$183$280-$350$381-$450$750-$900$900-$1200$1100-$1500
Full legs$199-$300$390-$600$580-$700$960-$1230$1100-$1600$1500-$2000

As you see, laser hair removal cost in AU is less than US. But they’re still high though, and you still need a fortune to get permanent hair removal for full body.

Laser Hair Removal Cost in UK

UK is the most one where we could reach many sources to get laser hair removal cost from 6 clinics. It has lower costs than previous countries. Moreover, we could reach precise costs for full body treatment packages which we could not find at other clinics in other countries.

So, they was a bit helpful and informative and it took us no much time to collect these information.

Have a look…..

AreaSingle Session6 Sessions8 Sessions10 Sessions (Est.)
Full face (ears, chin, cheeks, sideburns, jawline, center brow)£195-£270£780-£1055£984£1250
Neck (front & back)£50-£180£220-£300£280£320-£500
Back & shoulders£220-£330£1040-£1056£1304-£1496£1400-£1800
Full arms£110-£200£520-£640£800£900-£1000
Arms & hands£150-£265£720-£860£1080£1150
Full legs£249-£270£1020-£1200£1280-£1496£1400-£1650
Full Body & Face (Women)£735-£1800 £4408 
Full Body (Men)£486-£1999£2040£2560 

When you look at the prices of full body treatment packages for 8 sessions, you should realize how expensive this is. OK, this will make you go 6 months of hair free skin – after your approximately 3-month treatment period, but there are other ways to get very similar results for much lower cost!

Of course you see big gap between price range of each area and each treatment regimen, this is because not all clinics work with the same device or for the same prices. This is a mark of our efforts to collect these prices from varies places!

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Ireland

This was the hardest one to get information from about laser hair removal cost. However, those where the most common prices we could reach up till now. Any clinic will cost similar prices or a little bit less or more, but the difference is not that big though.

Here’s laser hair removal prices our team of experts could collect from Ireland:

AreaSingle Session6 Sessions
Full face (ears, chin, cheeks, sideburns, jawline, center brow)€100€500
Neck (front & back)€60€330
Back & shoulders€140€800
Full arms€65€360
Full legs€140€594-€750

Due to lake of information and reservation to give out any, we cannot estimate a 10-session laser hair removal cost in Ireland. However, we can say that Ireland has the lowest laser hair removal prices till now.

When a 6-treatment full leg laser hair removal cost around €700 only, then a 10-treatment regimen will not be more than €1200. This is considered relatively cheap compared to previous countries.

Alternatives to Clinical Laser Hair Removal

As you can see, this is confusing. Will you pay thousands of dollars and euros to get laser hair removal with up to 6 months of hair free skin? Or you pay hundreds to get semi permanent hair removal with epilators or waxes? I have a dual answer… Pay 200$-500$ and get permanent hair removal!

Of course you’ve heard  about at-home laser hair removal and IPL, this is our discussion now. Why would you pay dozens of hundreds of dollars for hair removal while you can only pay 200$-500$ and get permanent hair removal?

There have been so many devices clinically tested and FDA-approved for safe yet effective at home hair removal. One of them is our top-rated Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956. The device is safe, effective, efficient, fast to apply, and fast to show results at comfort of your home. Also, it has integrated safety with 6 features:

  • Safety system
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Skin contact sensor
  • SmartSkin sensor
  • UV filter
  • 5 Energy levels
Philips Lumea IPL BRI956

So, no worries about unwanted or harmful flashes. Laser hair removal has become totally safe with this amazing device.

Also, there are devices for lighter hair colors and darker skin tones such as Iluminage Touch. With a combination of IPL and Radio Frequency (RF), Iluminage Touch uses a technology called elōs Energy. This combination makes it easier to target hair follicle without harming the surrounding dark skin tissue.

Iluminage Touch


Why would you pay dozens of hundreds of dollars for hair removal while you can only pay $200-$500 and get permanent hair removal?

The main reason why these devices became widely spread is the high, very high, cost of laser hair removal. When you buy a device for around $500 such as Philips Lumea Prestige, it will last with you for more than 15 years of use! I mean this is a REALLY great investment for your money!

Of course, we did not forget our turn in illustrating all you need to know about each IPL & laser hair removal device. So, we made you a full guide for each one. You can visit our home page and search for any of the devices you have ever heard about. If you do not know where to begin… Just click HERE.


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