ISTON Laser Hair Removal Full Review Experts’ Take

When you are given a choice to say goodbye to a life of painful shaving experiences, many people will jump to that offer without thinking twice. Innovating hair removal techniques have been developed to address this type of challenge that many people experience daily.

Laser hair removal is a successfully tested idea gaining popularity in addressing people’s most painful hair removal ideas. If you are looking for a better device to get smoother and more beautiful skin, consider ISTON Laser Hair Removal. This article will address everything about this device that you can use at home without the help of a dermatologist to get permanent hair removal.

ISTON is one of the most sold at home laser hair removal devices on Amazon, and We in conduct wide detailed research for All Laser & IPL hair removal devices and ISTON ranked 8 out of 43 IPL & laser hair removal devices in the market.

It’s cheap and Amazon credible laser hair removal device, compared to nearly every other IPL device out there on the market.

Looking for answers? Troubleshooting consisting problems? Price? Detailed information on ISTON. We got you covered!

In this guide we shall provide you with every piece of information you need to decide if this IPL device is worth it.

What is ISTON Laser Hair Removal?

ISTON Laser Hair Removal is a device approved for home use whenever you want it to help you get permanent hair removal and give you smooth skin by breaking your body hair cycle at different parts that you desire using 999,999 flashes. Furthermore, it is the best appliance to use for complicated and more extensive body parts.

Features of ISTON IPL Hair Removal

(I)LCD Status Display

ISTON Laser Hair Removal is built with a large LCD that can enable the user to view all data at a glance. When using it, you can see the number of remaining flashes times to use.

(II) 5 Energy Levels

This facial hair removal tool has five different energy levels in its built system that can work best to handle various skin sensitivities.

(III)Two Flash Mode.

ISTON Laser Hair Removal has two flash modes to help satisfy users who want to remove hair on different body areas. The first mode is the manual one that you can mainly remove hair in small areas such as the armpit, lips, bikini line, fingers. On the other hand, the auto mode can remove hair in large areas like legs, back, arms, and stomach.

(IV) 999,999 Flashes for Lifetime Application

ISTON Laser Hair Removal contains 999,999 flashes that can last a user for lifetime use. You are advised to plug it in an outlet whenever you are using it. It does not require a battery, and therefore you will not have to purchase a cartridge to replace it.

(V)Temperature Protective System

When operating ISTON Laser Hair Removal and the operating temperature is higher than the protective temperature, the equipment will automatically stop running and send a flash.

(VI)The Compact

This home handheld tool for hair removal uses intense light technology that enables users to target hairs to remove at their roots safely and efficiently and help prevent regrowth.

ISTON Pros & Cons


(I)Fast and Effective

From various tests and studies contacted about ISTON Laser Hair Removal, 75% of hair grows slowly after using this tool and will reduce in 4 weeks when you start using this tool. Hair will become thin in 6 weeks after the first application. When you continue using it regularly correctly, it will help you prevent unwanted hair from appearing on your skin surface.

(II)Very Economical for Home Use

The technology that ISTON Laser Hair Removal has adopted is safe and comfortable for home use. The laser remover is safe and gentle for anyone to use without needing help. Additionally, it is so convenient and straightforward to use at home. You can save a lot on cost and time compared to going to a beauty salon to get hair removal.

(III)Permanent and Painless Hair Removal

The technology behind this device is high-tech, and the device will ensure that you can achieve permanent hair removal by breaking the cycle of any chance of hair regrowth to get that smooth skin you desire.

(IV)Non-battery Operated.

ISTON Laser Hair Removal can be recharge any time one uses it by plugging it into a socket. Therefore, you will not need batteries to power it.


(I)The level of heatwave this tool generates to remove hair can heat the skin

(II) ISTON Laser Hair Removal has 999,999 flashes which can be an irritating light beam

Course of Treatment and Effective Timeline of ISTON

To achieve that desired smooth skin look, use ISTON in the right frame during the entire course treatment duration.

Stage 1: At the start, use ISTON twice a week during the first and second week. During the third and fourth weeks, it would be best to use it once a week during that time.

Stage 2: You can start using ISTON once every two weeks from the fifth to eighth week.

Stage 3: this is the final stage of the device application. You are required to start to consolidate the device application once every one to three months onwards after the first eight weeks of use.

It will take time to start experiencing the effect of the laser treatment on your body hair roots.

How to Use ISTON IPL Hair Removal

(I)Before you start using ISTON , shave the entire area that you want to remove all the unwanted hair.

(II)Plug in your ISTON and press the power button for about 3 seconds, and then it will turn on.

(III)Once the devices is on, short press the power button and select the right intensity level to give a good result for your skin tone.

(IV)Place the flash window of the device vertically (90 degrees) and firmly on your skin area where you want to remove the unwanted hair. Then press the start button to flash.


From various prices review about ISTON Laser Hair Removal online, this gadget is available in pink white for a price range of $71.35-$79.95 for both men and women products.

For international customers, they will be responsible for the entire taxes and import duties applicable.

ISTON Laser hair removal

Our Rating of ISTON


Analysis of 782 user review

Saleh Hassouna


Good For Money










Amazon Rating


Number of Amazon Reviews


Amazon Category Rank 


Device’s Age  


Overall Score 

  1. Effectiveness : When compare to other devices in the full list of at home IPL hair removal it just got 62.5% for effectiveness to results.
  2. Variety : as this criteria measure ability of device to cover all body, ISTON has 1 attachment can be used for almost all body parts so ISTON got 57%
  3. Price : ISTON is not very pricey, then it received 100% .
  4. Popularity : Few people searching for the ISTON every month, so it got 33.3%
  5. Amazon Rating : ISTON has good amazon product rating, so it earned 84% .
  6. Number of Amazon Reviews : it has 740 ratings and 48 answered questions, so it got 53.3%
  7. Amazon Category Rank : ISTON ranked #19 on  Light Hair Removal Devices category on, So it got 50%
  8. Device’s Age : ISTON new released so it got 50% on this criteria .

ISTON Costumer Reviews

I surfed through hundreds of Costumer reviews on the ISTON, Good & bad alike, and here’s a good summary of the users’ experience with the newborn device.

Positive Review

Dennis from USA, bought the device on  March 27, 2021 for his wife, and provided his own review of the device:

“My wife got this but wanted me to be the guinea pig since she’s afraid. So I tried it on a patch of air on my arm. Then I read the instructions that said to shave and prep the skin prior to treatment. Oops. So be sure to read the instructions.

One other key thing I got from the instructions booklet is that your skin color matters!! They have different “gears” based on skin color, so choose the right one!

The light is extremely bright so wear your glasses and don’t do it around others. I don’t think the light is good for your eyes at all, so I angle it away so there’s not a direct line of sight. I could tell it went off by the ambient light in the surrounding.

The light warms my skin and I actually thought it felt kinda nice. There are multiple treatments. I use this on my inner forearm since there’s a single patch of air out of no where. Time for it to go!”

As we can see in Dennis review, ISTON do what should it do and it deserve to rank 8 in our full IPL & Laser hair removal.

Negative Review

Agirl from United States reviewed MiSMON on May 23, 2021 and she faced a certain issue with ISTON as follow

” After two months of owning and only two uses this device will not power on anymore. I tried different outlets in my home as well as trying to adjust the power adapter. It’s dead. After two uses I’m not noticing much a of a difference yet. Still seeing hair come back after it’s shaved for the use of this, not even coming back lighter. I tried emailing the company as my Amazon return window has closed. I’ll update my review if and when I hear back from them.”

This review showed an important issue to keep in mind when thinking of getting your ISTON and may make you go upper on our list with one of top 5 IPL devices.



Before using ISTON , ensure that you have read and understood all the dos and don’ts provided in the product manual specification to avoid experiencing a complication.

Choosing ISTON can be the best decision you can make if you want long lasting hair removal in your skin. This product has adopted a technology that will give you the desired results that you will get at a beauty salon that is time and money-saving. The portability and compact nature will ensure you use it for hair removal is easy and convenient. You can use it for up to 20 years to achieve permanent hair removal around your entire body parts.

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