Iluminage Touch hair reduction systems overview

Iluminage Permanent Hair Removal With elōs Energy Overview

When you intend to buy a laser hair removal device for at-home permanent hair reduction, the device’s manufacturer usually recommends not to use it on dark skin tones such as dark brown skin. Moreover, most companies specialized in laser & IPL hair removal field forbid the use on red, light blond, white or gray hairs. So, if you’re one who has dark skin tone or a red hair, you keep wondering “how on earth would I remove body and facial hair once and for all?” OK, Iluminage Touch has answered your demand!

Responding to many women’s needs, Iluminage Beauty has developed 2 devices for safe, permanent hair removal at home.

Iluminage is a leading company in the field of health care, skin care, and at-home beauty solutions. It’s a part of pH Beauty group which also operates mē and Tria Beauty.

The renowned company launched 2 devices, Iluminage Touch & Iluminage Precise Touch, that use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy combined with Radio Frequency (RF) energy to treat hair. They prevent hair follicle from re-growing hair for a long period of time.

The waves of IPL energy heats up hair follicle, then the RF significantly heats up hair follicle further which disables it and prevent hair re-growth.

While IPL may harm dark skin tones and hair follicles that contain less melanin, RF does not harm tissues. So, the patented dual-wave technology is set to be effective and safe on your skin.

This technology is not found at any other hair removal device or tool. Moreover, it’s the first FDA-cleared device for at-home permanent hair removal for all skin tones and almost all hair colors.

Skin Tones & Hair Colors

Both Iluminage Touch and Iluminage Precise Touch work on all skin tones and a very wide range of hair colors.

However – on one side – red, blond, and dark blond hair colors should take more sessions to notice the results.

In addition, although there are no clinical tests say it can treat white or grey hair, but the manufacturer says it should work, they also need more treatment sessions.

On the other side, most hair removal systems neither recommended for treating red, blond, white or grey hair colors nor dark skin tones.

Iluminage Touch & Precise Touch skin and hair types

Iluminage Hair Reduction Systems

As I mentioned before, Iluminage only produced 2 devices for permanent hair removal; Iluminage Touch and Iluminage Precise Touch. They are two awesome devices with very spectacular features.

The devices work using elōs energy for effective, fast hair removal process. Moreover, they work on all skin tones and – as mentioned from the manufacturer and proven from tests – suitable for a wide range of hair colors.

You know what, let’s talk about them in detail.

(1) Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Removal System

Iluminage Touch
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Overall Rating

It’s a new beauty device produced by Iluminage Beauty brand which was founded in 2011. The Iluminage Touch from pH Beauty group is a magical permanent hair reduction device.


Iluminage Touch is a gift for those people who have darker skin tones and fair hair. Using elōs energy, it’s became the first and only FDA-cleared hair removal device proven to work on all skin tones and the widest range of hair colors.

The device gives 94% hair reduction after only 7 weeks. While 46% of total body and face hair removed after only 2 treatments.

It’s a lifelong product which emits 300,000 flashes. This equals 4-5 years of permanent hair reduction, which means you do not need replacement cartridges. However, the lifetime depends on your personal use. Anyway, this is a really great investment for money.

Iluminage Touch has only 3 energy levels, low, medium, and high. Not a wide range of selections, but they are enough for effective and convenient treatments.

energy level and elos energy buttons

The energy button is not on the applicator itself, it can be found on the control panel on the cradle carrying the word "elōs".

You will also find the power button, the elōs cartridge indicator button, and the accessory activation button.

The elōs cartridge indicator shows you if it's full or empty, and the accessory activation button is set according to hair density in targeted area.

Iluminage Touch hair removal applicator does not feature cordless use, you can use it only corded.

As the device treats all skin tones, it doesn't need to have a skin tone sensor. However, it has a cooling fan in order to cool waves coming out of the device for more comfort.

For more surety, Iluminage Touch has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you did not get the results you wish, you simply return the device and take back your money.

The manufacturer also gives 2 year global warranty against manufacturing defects.


You can buy replacement cartridges for additional money. There is the quartz replacement cartridge for £89.95 only, the epilator cartridge and the shaver cartridge each for about £50.

Iluminage Touch quartz attachment

Quartz attachment

Iluminage Touch epilator attachment

Epilator attachment

Iluminage Touch shaving attachment

Shaving attachment

Hair & Skin Types

Iluminage Touch is a super device uses technologies improved by dermatologists and clinically tested and proven. This great device can treat all skin tones from light blond to even brownish black. Although darker skins may need more treatments and attentions, but results will be noticed because of its developed treatment technology.

Skin tones suitable for treatment using Iluminage Touch

Moreover, It’s also suitable for all hair colors including red, light blond, white or grey. However, hair with red and light blond colors needs more treatment sessions. Moreover, the manufacturer said that there is no tests prove that elōs energy can treat white or grey hair, but it should work after several treatments.

Hair colors suitable for treatment using Iluminage Touch

Time To Treat Each Area

Iluminage Touch can treat all body areas including face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line. It’s a very fast, yet effective, hair removal device. It only takes 2 minutes to treat facial hair, 2 minutes for underarms, 4-8 minutes for legs, 6-12 minutes for arms, and 4-8 minutes for bikini line. That means a full body treatment in approximately 18-32 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that you need to move over the treatment area more than one time; which will make the treatment time much longer.

Time Between Sessions

We recommend using Iluminage Touch once a week. To get optimum results, you need to use it for 7 treatments. However, results should be noticed after 2-3 sessions.

There are some areas that need more than one session per week, such as under cheeks and upper lip. These areas may need 2 treatments weekly.

Remember, you use the energy level that makes you feel no pain or poke.

How To Use

Iluminage Touch can be used either by gliding or by stamping. The slowly glide motion is used for large areas such as legs and hands, while stamping is for small and sensitive areas such as face, bikini, and underarms.

There are few detailed simple steps to be followed.

How It Works

What's In The Box

Some retailers may include goggles, but they are not good, you may consider using sunglasses instead.

Customer Reviews

The reviews on this particular product are mostly positive. Of course there are many negative comments, but the positive ones are more helpfull!

"Works AMAZING!!! I had to use it continually for longer than 7 weeks but man are the results awesome! The hair is CONSIDERABLY less noticeable, it's still there but so much more thinner and I can go days without shaving where before I had to literally shave every single day."

Most people who used Iluminage Touch are satisfied with the results. However, some of them may still have thinner hair. This is common is hair removal using lasers and IPL.

Anyway, next is a review of an unsatisfied customer:

"I did a lot of research before deciding this was the best on the market. I used this on my legs once a week for 7 weeks and still had hair growing after that. So I did an eighth treatment and I feel completely hopeless. It's only thinned maybe 25% when I expected 75-100%. It takes me about 3 hours to do my whole body and it's exhausting."

Negative reviews are all about being slow in showing good results. However, customers who give negative ratings and reviews does not mention for how long they’ve used the device and what type of hair or skin they have. So, the problem is a bit mysterious!

However, the average customer rating on Amazon and CURRENTBOY is not that bad.

Average Customer Rate



To be Honest, Iluminage Touch is an amazing device that delivers “close” results to what the manufacturer promises by. However, it’s not best of the best. Anyway, positives are great and unique, but negatives should not be neglected!


All these features are represented in the amazing UK Iluminage Touch for only £375 as a recommended retail price. However,, you’ll always find sales on the official manufacturer site on this device. Also retailers put it on offer that you may find it for £300.

NOTE: The USA and Canadian models come in 120,000 flashes for only $565. Moreover, they may last 2-3 years. The same goes for retailers price as you may find it for $290.

(2) Iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Removal System

Iluminage Precise Touch Hair Removal System
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Overall Rating

The Iluminage Precise Touch is another amazing production of pH group’s Iluminage Beauty. It also uses the same super elōs energy for removing body and facial hair.


FDA clearance

Iluminage Precise Touch hair reduction system has specifications and features very similar those of Iluminage Touch.

Precise Touch is FDA- cleared and clinically tested on all skin tones and hair colors.

Using the safe, yet effective, elōs energy, Iluminage Precise Touch is an invention to treat all skin and hair types.

The device promises the very same results in comparable time. It gives up to 94% hair reduction after only 7 treatments divided on 6 weeks. It also gives up to 46% hair reduction after 2-3 treatments.

It’s a small device that treats large and hard-to-reach areas such as legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and face. However, it’s especially made for small and sensitive areas.

Iluminage Precise gives 300,000 flashes, just like Iluminage Touch. But, it can live up to 10 years of proper use on small areas. It also has 3 energy levels, you can choose from low, medium, or high.

Precise Touch energy levels & button

This device has no cradle, but it has a control panel on the bottom side of it. You will find a power supply port, 2 buttons, and 3 indicator light stars.

The energy level button carrying elōs word adjusts energy level. The energy button next to elōs button turns the device on and off.

No skin sensor as it treats all skin and hair types as well. Moreover, it can be used only corded.

The manufacturer provides the device with 60-day money-back guarantee and 2 year global warranty against manufacturing defects. That gives it more credibility and trust.

Skin & Hair Types

Iluminage Precise Touch is clinically proven to treat all skin tones and hair colors. It works even on dark brown and brownish black skin tones. But it will need a few more treatments.

Skin tones suitable for treatment using Iluminage Touch

In addition, Iluminage Precise TOUCH is suitable for all hair colors including red, light blond, white or grey. However, hair with red and light blond colors needs more treatment sessions. Although there is no clinical tests prove that elōs energy works on grey hair, but the manufacturer says that: It should take more treatments for the results to be noticed.

Hair colors suitable for treatment using Iluminage Touch

Time To Treat Each Area

As I mentioned before, Iluminage Precise works effectively on small areas. So, it’s more effective on face, underarms, and bikini line.

A pair of underarms may consume an average of 3 min and face may take 2 min, while legs may take 20-30 min.

Most customers wrote great reviews when they used Iluminage Precise on small areas such as face. However, customers who used it on large areas complained of poor bulb efficiency and slow results.

Time Between Sessions

For smooth, bright, and hair-free skin I recommend using Iluminage Precise Touch once a week for 7 treatments. For face, use Precise Touch 2-3 times a week.

However, results may take longer than 7 treatments to show up. You may need to use it for additional 4-6 treatments if you’re blond or red-hair. Moreover, depilating for fair hair may make results take longer to be noticed.

Ease Of Use

Iluminage Precise TOUCH is a compact, small device made especially for smaller areas. However, it can be used on larger areas, but this will be harder and more time consuming. It’s better to be used on small areas only. Anyway, here are some easy steps to be followed for optimum use:

How It Works

What's In The Box

When you purchase Iluminage Precise Touch from Currentboy you will get:

Some retailers may include goggles, but they are not good, you may consider using sunglasses instead.

Customer Reviews

This particular product does not get a big acceptance from everyone. BUT, this is only because people who buy it think it will work on all body and give fast results.

The device is made especially for small areas and more especially for fair hair. Although the manufacturer says that it will take a long time to see the results on red, blond, white or grey hair, people are not pleased!

"The first area I did was my face, especially the upper lip and chin. It is a SLOW process. I was ready to give up after a month when I didn't see any big difference. I have mostly white/grey hair so laser wasn't an option for me. So I kept going. Then I started noticing a difference. I still have some hair on my upper lip but it's much less and I never get the coarse black hair anymore. My chin is even better. No more coarse black or white hair and very little hair left at all. It does seem to get rid of the dark hair first. I had about 50% dark hair under my arms and I see much less of it."

The problem is all about fair hair. Next is a complaint from slow results and low efficiency:

"I purchased this product on 5/18/16. I have used it for 5 weeks and have not noticed a difference in hair growth, I will stick with it, but am disappointed in the lack of results so far."

The same problem: Slow! But, do you know who is the reason behind those negative reviews? It’s the manufacturer! People needed to understand that this device needs more time to show results before they buy it.

Average Customer Rate




You can find the UK Iluminage Precise Touch system on the official website for £240 (RRP). Check official website regularly to see discounts on the product.

You will also find discounts on retailers’ websites up to %30. Make sure to check CURRENTBOY and Amazon for more info.

Note: The US and Canadian models cost $305. But, it’s the same 300,000 flashes and more than 10 years of proper use on small areas. Moreover, you’ll find sales on this product up to %33.

Tips & Precautions

There are some guidelines that you need to follow when using laser or IPL devices, and Iluminage’s are not exceptions:

  • Our team of experts recommend avoiding sunlight for 2 weeks before the treatment in order to let your skin calm and be free of sunburns.
  • Also avoid the sunlight for 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid tanning for at least 48 hours before and 48 hours after the treatment. Tanning darkens the skin.
  • Use sunblock of 50 SPF or cover the treated area before going under the sun.
  • Always use lower setting when you begin treating.
  • Read user manual and always follow the instructions.
  • Consult your doctor if you suffer any side effect.
  • Iluminage devices are not tested on pregnant or breast-feeding women. Do NOT use any light-based hair removal technology in these cases!
  • NOT for use around the eyes or for treating eyebrows.
  • NOT suitable for use on ears, nipples, or genitals.
  • DO NOT apply on man’s face, jaw, or neck.
  • DO NOT use on tattoos or make-up. This might result in burns or skin discoloration.
  • NOT recommended for anyone under 18.
  • NOT suitable for people who suffered – or still have – one or more of the following diseases:
  1. Skin disease such as active skin cancer
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Light-induced seizures
  4. Chronic migraines
  5. Vascular disorder
  6. Sensitivity to light
  7. Burns, eczema, infections, inflammation of hair follicles, herpes simplex, abrasions, open lacerations, haematoma, lesions or wounds in the targeted area.
  8. Diabetes, erythematodes, lupus porphyria or congestive heart disease.

Light-based hair removal technologies are very dangerous if used improperly. You have to follow the instructions and our precautions.

The Iluminage Beauty website does not mention many of those precautions. But, HAIR REMOVAL DEVICES got your back!

Last Words

People need to understand that This is a device tailored for people with fair hair and dark skin. They cannot use any IPL or laser hair removal device because of fear of being harmed. So, this was a response to their suffering.

Iluminage Presice Touch is slow and not that efficient, but you need it. It will take a long period to see results, but it will finally work and give you the desired results.

Anyway, Iluminage Touch is a great device with great features and affordable price.

But, if you do not have blond, red, white/grey hair, then do not purchase it. There are better devices on the market suitable for your skin and hair more than this one!

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