how to make an epilator hurt less

How To Make an Epilator Hurt Less?

Tips to help you master how to make an epilator hurt less. With good planning, you can remove unwanted hair and get long lasting results.

All hair removal methods that give you long-lasting results are a bit painful. That’s why they remove the hair from the roots under the skin. But the results are worth it as you won’t need to think about that hair every day as you do with shaving. No need to mention that shaving causes pump and skin irritation. While waxing may be painful, using an epilator will give you the same results with less suffering. And waxing is not for everybody. I have sensitive skin. Waxing causes skin redness and swelling to me that’s why I prefer to epilate.

How To Make an Epilator Hurt Less

Shower Before Epilating

It is important to make sure that your skin is product-free. I recommend taking a shower before epilation as it makes epilation easier and less painful. It will help you remove any cosmetic products from your skin. Pure skin is easier to epilate. You will find the process more comfortable this way.

Exfoliate Before and After Epilation

Exfoliating your skin helps you remove the dead cells and make the hairs looser. It also reduces ingrown hairs. If your device has an exfoliator attachment, you can use it to remove the dead cells. If you have a loofah, a body scrub, or an exfoliator cream, would be helpful too.

You should exfoliate your skin after epilation to prevent ingrown hairs. However, you should wait at least 2 days after using your epilator to avoid skin irritation.

Shaving Can Reduce Pain

If you don’t have an exfoliator, you can shave 2-3 days before using your epilator to make epilation hurt less. While shaving, the skin is exfoliated as the blade removes the dead cells. I don’t recommend this way because shaving might cause pump and skin redness. Some people use wax to remove the dead cells.

Get a Wet & Dry Epilator

You can use a wet & dry epilator in the shower. Using the epilator underwater makes it hurt less. Your skin will be so soft when it is wet and the hairs will be easier to remove. However, wet epilation less efficient than a dry epilator. You will have to pass the device many times to remove the hair completely. Besides, the session of the epilator will be longer. I would recommend using the dry epilating for the areas you can tolerate pain on and the wet epilating for the sensitive area you want to epilate. Of course, you can practice dry epilating until you get used to the pain and find the best technique to make the epilator less hurtful.

Hold The Skin Taut

Make sure that you hold the skin taut to reduce the pain during epilation. This way you are protecting your skin from accidental pinches. Epilating is effective in removing hairs when the skin is tight because the hairs are easier to trap. You should hold the skin taut for sagy areas such as the underarms, the upper things, and the bikini area.

Epilate After Your Period

One of the ways to make an epilator hurt less is avoiding epilation during or just before the period. Your skin is very sensitive as the hormones are double working during your menstrual bleeding. That’s why I recommend epilating 3-4 days after your period. You can track your sensitivity to pain during the month to know the best time to epilate unwanted hair. It differs from one woman to another.

Distract Yourself

I find it easier to remove the hairs using my epilator while watching my favorite TV series. You can epilate the hairs while doing another activity to distract yourself and make the epilator less hurt. Think about listening to your favourite singer, watching a TV show, or even talking to your best friend while using the epilator. Your brain will focus less on the epilation itself.

Use The Lower Speed Setting

Most epilators on the market have a 2-speed setting. I recommend that you stick with the high-speed setting. However, you can use the lower speed setting for sensitive areas and the areas you find hard to epilate. It is less painful for grasping few hairs. When you get used to your device, consider switching to the high-speed setting. The higher speed is better and less painful on large areas as you grab many hairs together. You don’t have to start with epilating sensitive areas if you are a newbie to epilators. Use your device on large areas such as the lower legs and arms then switch to more sensitive areas such as the ankles and knees after 15-30 minutes.

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Hold the Epilator at a 90-degree angle

Told the device perpendicular to your skin reduces the sensitivity of your skin. Move the device slowly to 90-degree on your skin. Consider making small strokes for areas with thick hairs to minimize the pain sensation. For most body areas, you will have to move the device multiple times on the same spot to get smooth results. Take a break during your epilation session if you need to but don’t give up. If you are new to the epilator, don’t expect the same results from the first session but keep going. You will notice that you are getting better every time you use this wonderful device.


I hope you now understand how to make an epilator less painful. You don’t have to use a numbing cream or gel to reduce the pain. There are many other ways to get used to your epilator. And honestly, you don’t have to use it for all body areas if you have sensitive skin. Try other hair removal methods for the public area if you find it very painful to epilate until you get used to your device.

The more you use the epilator, the less painful it would become. Don’t forget to clean the skin before and after epilation and to use antiseptic lotion to keep your skin hygiene.

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