How To Epilate The Right Way

How To Use An Epilator In 7 Steps | Your Ultimate Guide To Epilate

If you search the internet you’ll find so many steps to “epilate the right way”. While everybody you know will tell you epilators are simple and easy to use. So, what makes you read all those steps!

There’re just 3 things you need to put in mind:

First: You need to do some preparations before epilation.

Second: Follow our simplified steps to epilate.

Third: There are some after-care steps.

See, it’s as simple as you blink your eyes. It’s just the precautions.

That’s why we are making this detailed yet simple guide to use an epilator for you.

OK, this is important an you need it. In this phase you’re going to prepare your skin for epilation to be a lot more easier and comfortable.

Step1: Choose the right epilator

You need to put in mind some factors that determine which is the best suitable epilator.

I have 7 recommendations for you in our best epilators for 2018 article, but I’ll mention only 3 best of them:

These epilators are chosen based on many factors such as wet&dry use, face&body, cordless use, and suitable accessories for each body area and for other processes like shaving, exfoliating, and massaging.

Step2: Shave before epilation

Shave your skin before epilation 1-2 days. Epilators work best on shorter hairs. Moreover, epilating long hair causes more pain and may cause inefficiency of the epilator.

You need to shave each time you feel that you missed your epilation session and your hair grew longer than 5mm.

Remember that an epilator works better on hair 1.5mm-2.5mm long.

Step3: Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin before epilation makes you avoid the probability of having ingrown hair. You can either use an exfoliating scrub or rub using a dry towel. Or, you can use an epilator that comes with an exfoliating brush such as Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa.

Phase 2: How to epilate

After you’ve finished preparing your skin for epilation, now is the time to epilate. You have only 3 steps to efficiently epilate in less time and less pain.

Step1: Hold your skin taut

Hold your Skin taut

When epilating large areas such as legs and arms, try to stretch the skin. This will make the hair standing in a vertical position as possible as it can. This way, you will get the best angle to epilate as you need to follow step 2.

Setp2: Epilate at a 90-degree angle

epilate at 90 degree

Hold the epilator steady against your skin at a 90-dgree angel. Most epilators are made with fixed epilation head. They need to be put in a position that makes the tweezer blades vertical against the skin.

However, there are epilators with pivoting heads. They are more comfortable and easy to use. The pivoting head fits your body angels in order to give optimum results.

Step3: Gently glide against hair growth direction

against hair growth direction1

After you stretch your skin and place the epilator on the surface in a 90-degree position, now you epilate. Epilate in a direction against hair growth’s one. Meaning that if hair growth is downwards, you epilate upwards. Just like shaving. Don’t you ever shave? Yes, it’s that easy.

Step4: Epilate in a circle-shaped way

Remember, you do not press too hard onto the skin, just let it slip up and down, and in a circle-shaped way. They will let you catch all hairs with different hair growth directions. Anyway, this is easily explained by the image, isn’t it?

Phase3: After-care & Schedule

After you’ve learnt how to use an epilator, now you need to put yourself a schedule for epilation and care. Below are some tips to help you get the most of epilation, keep your epilator for longer period, and lower epilation pain and side effects.

Tip1: Epilate at late night

Either you epilate at late night or in the early morning. This will give your skin the chance to recover from any redness or irritation after epilation. This is a very important tip for you if you’re one who’s in love with dresses! If you’re a trousers lover, no, it’s also important to give your skin enough time to recover. It’s your skin, why wouldn’t you take care of it?

Tip2: Keep your epilator clean and dry

Whether you’re using a wet & dry epilator or a dry epilator, you need to make sure it’s dry after epilation. This is just for precaution. Anyway, also make sure you clean your epilator each time you finish epilation. For wet epilators, use water to clean it and remove hair from the tweezers. For dry ones, you can either use the cleaning brush which comes with the epilator such as with Philips Sat Prestige BRE648. Or, you can use a brush of your own stuff, but make sure it has large edges. Also, it’s preferred to cleanse the tweezers using alcohol.

Tip3: Preferably use a moisturizer

Either you buy one or you just can purchase an epilator with one such as Remington Smooth & Silky EP7030 with aloe vera cap. This will help your skin get rid of any irritation, redness, or swelling.

Tip4: Touch-ups when needed

Unlike waxing or permanent hair removal methods, epilation isn’t restricted to specific session times. You just epilate whenever you feel you need to. If you feel any hair being missed, or regrowing before others, just hold your epilator and do previous steps.

Those were the most important tips for epilation. Also, you can read our full guide to lower epilation pain with more tips and tricks.

Or, you can move up to the next level of epilation, IPL and laser epilation. IPL and laser hair removal have been known for their efficiency, safety, speed, and ease of use with a wide variety of devices. Moreover, they can give permanent results last up to 3 months after only 6-7 treatments.

Final words

We made you a 2-part guide for optimum epilation. This was our second part of our comprehensive guide. Epilation is not a hard process, but it just needs some learning before applying. With this guide, you will avoid most side effects and pain caused by epilators. If you have any comment or advice, you’re welcome to write to us.

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