how long does hair have to be to epilate

How Long Does Hair Have to Be To Epilate

how long does hair have to be to epilate? And what is the best hair length to epilate? and what are the pros of using an epilator compared to other hair removal methods?

Getting your own epilator is a great investment. Many women consider having an epilator is a must. Even if you are not going to use it every week, and I think so. Epilator saves time and effort. When I epilate, I don’t need to worry about my legs and underarms for weeks. So, I love to epilate before going on vacation. The epilator is fast and easy to use. The hair grows finer and slower than when you use other hair removal methods. Redness and swelling are not common with epilation. Even if your skin is irritated, this side effect usually disappears within 1-2 days.

Epilation might cause ingrown hair, that’s why you should exfoliate before and after using an epilator.

How Long Does Hair Have to Be To Epilate

The hair should be 0.5-2 mm to epilate. Most women epilate every 2-3 weeks. When you epilate regularly, the hair will be finer and smoother compared to the results you get when you shave. The more you epilate, the better results you will get as you become familiar with how to use the epilator.

I guess you read my guide about epilator how to use for the first time if you are a newbie to epilators.

Can you epilate short hair? 

The answer to this question totally depends on your epilator. If you are using a good quality epilator such as Braun Silk Epil 9 and 7, you can use it to epilate tiny hairs down to 0.5 mm. However, old models can epilate hairs longer than 2 mm. Read the specifications of the model you use and make sure that it is suitable for epilating short hairs first. Otherwise, it might cause skin redness and swelling. Definitely, the epilator can pull hairs shorter than what waxing can remove. If you have a modern epilator you can use it for removing the hairs when they appear on the skin to keep your skin smooth and shiny.

Hair length for an epilator

The best hair length for epilating is ⅛ inch. If you shaved recently, you should wait until the hair is tall enough. On the other hand, if the hair is taller than 2 mm, you should trim it. Many epilators have a trimmer head that you can use to make the hair short enough to epilate. I don’t recommend using the epilator on too-long hair because it is painful and tedious.

Is Epilator Good For Legs?

Yes. It leaves your legs smooth and soft for weeks. But you have to exfoliate your legs weekly to prevent ingrown hairs. If you don’t exfoliate you might suffer from ingrown hairs and pumps after epilating. Believe it or not, epilators are not just for legs. Many women today use epilators for full body hair removal because it fits easily in a busy schedule. I think a combination of epilation and laser hair removal is the best way to keep your skin smooth and hairless.

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What Are The Pros Of the Epilator?

Long-lasting results

You will find your skin smooth and hairless for weeks. Say goodbye to daily shaving. You will be surprised by the amount of money you save when you stop buying shaving creams, gels, and replaceable razors.

No In-between days

If you used to shave or wax, you would notice that some hairs grow before others when you don’t remove all the hairs. With the epilator, you can use the right to see every hair strand. The epilator is better at grabbing really short hairs. It is much better than waxing. And as we mentioned, the best epilators can remove hairs with 0.5 mm short, which is amazing!

Less Painful Than Waxing

I know epilators are more painful than shaving but they are less painful than waxing. Even dry & wet epilators are very gentle on the skin. If your epilator has a massage head, it tricks the nervous system which epilating making the process less painful than ever. I can’t use my epilator without the massage roller because it hurts very awful. Many women use their epilators in a hot bath or shower. Warm water reduces the pain you feel during your session. The hairs are loosened when they are wet too. I don’t think it is the best way to epilate but it is a great way if you are a beginner.


Does Epilating hurt more on longer hair?

Yes. it does. Long hair is hard to trap in the epilator tweezers. It also takes a longer time to epilate the long hairs which makes it more painful and more time-consuming. You should make sure that the hair is no longer than 2 mm to make the epilator hurt less. Use the trimmer head to shorten the hair before using the epilator head if you have a 3-in-1 epilator.

Is Epilating bad for your face?

Of course not. Many women use their epilators on their faces safely and effectively. You can use your epilator on your face. But you should put in mind that it is more painful than epilating your legs and other body areas. It needs the practice to epilate your face and get smooth results. If you use your epilator correctly and hold your skin taut, you will get smooth and soft skin touch. I think it is hard to get the best facial results from the first time. Be realistic and use a razor or dermaplaning for the first time


I’m sure you know now how long does hair has to be to epilate. I think the epilator is a great device, and it worth every penny. If you are searching for a new epilator, I recommend reading the 10 best epilators on the market. It has many epilators from different brands and for many uses. If you are more interested in Braun models, I recommend reading Braun Silk Epil guides:

How long does your hair have to be to epilate? And when do you epilate the hair? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below..

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