flawless legs shaver

Does Flawless Legs Shaver Worth The money? 

Flawless legs shaver: pros, cons, how to use and why to buy? Read my honest full review of flawless shaver before you ever try it. 

Have you ever been in a situation that you are ready to go out and then realize that you haven’t shaved your legs? And you don’t have time to jump into the tub? Don’t worry. You can shave your legs in 2 minutes using the flawless legs shaver! It is perfect for tight schedules and people like me who don’t have time to shave daily using traditional hair removal methods. So, I’m testing and reviewing this amazing product. It lets you shave your legs without lotions, creams or water. It also works cordless. 

Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover

flawless legs shaver

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Are you looking for an instant and painless way to remove your legs hair? This device has 18k gold plated floating heads to remove unwanted hair. 

My first impression is that the product feels so good to hold. It fits on the palm of the hand very well. I loved the white and gold color of the device. Once you unpackage your device, it is recommended that you charge it to full. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge the battery. Once you charge it, you can use it freely without a cord for 50 minutes. 

What is included? 

  1. Flawless legs shaver
  2. A charger 
  3. Cleaning brush
  4. Pouch bag for travel 


How To Use The Flawless Legs Shaver?

  1. Remove the plastic cover that protects the device head 
  2. Make sure your skin is free from lotion or any cosmetic creams. Your skin should be pure and natural to avoid skin interactions. 
  3. After fully charging the device remove it from the cable and turn it on. 
  4. Put the head on the area you want to shave. Move the device in a circular motion.
  5. The four heads adjust according to the body surface easily so you can use the flawless legs shaver for removing hair off different body angles. You will find your skin smooth and hairless after using the device. 
  6. Apply moisturizing lotion after shaving to avoid skin dryness.  

To clean your flawless legs shaver, click on the pin in the head of the device. Use the small brush to clean the head and the body of the device. After cleaning the head from the inside, attach it again to the body. 

Flawless Legs Shaver Reviews 

“Great Product” Cait Said. 

His wife got this device for his legs. The feeling after removing hair with the Flawless legs shaver is like waxing and epilating. He used to let his hair grow in winter because he was too lazy to epilate. This product removes leg hair in less than 5 minutes..which makes it an amazing alternative. It makes your skin smooth and shiny without bumps which makes it better than all shavers. The device design is nice and compact. You can also detach the head to clean the device from inside using the cleaning brush. Flawless legs shaver is suitable for daily hair removal. Highly recommended. 

“Love everything about it” Jez Said. 

It is her favorite hair remover. The device is easy to use and painless. It leaves the legs smooth with no hairs or bumps. The session is really quick and you can glide the head over the ankles and curves to remove all unwanted hair. 

“The best shaver in the market” Beth Said. 

She was very skeptical but she tried it and the device worth the money. The results are amazing and yet the device is very quick. You can use this leg shaver for full legs hair removal and the stubble is a minimum compared to other trimmers. Make sure you charge your Flawless legs shaver every time before you use it. The device also removes hair around the ankle and knees. Very satisfied with the results.  

“I love this product” Diane Said.

It is the best shaver for legs and large areas! The device is very easy to hold and use. It is also quicker than other trimmers on the market. You can do your legs in less than 10 minutes. This device is great for people who shave their legs daily and want to keep their legs smooth and shiny. I have been using the Flawless legs shaver for more than 2 weeks and still haven’t had to charge it. I love everything about this product.  

Video Reviews Of Flawless Legs Shaver


Can You Use Flawless Legs On Your Armpits? 

Yes. the flawless legs shaver is a hypoallergenic device. It is suitable for a variety of skin tones and very gentle on the skin. The device works perfectly on the legs. You can use it for other body areas such as the bikini line, the armpits, and other areas you prefer to shave them. The LED light helps to remove the hair precisely and effectively. 

Does the Flawless legs shaver pull the hair out? 

No. it is not an epilator. Flawless legs shaver is a trimmer. It doesn’t pull the hairs from the roots. 

How long does the flawless legs head last? 

You will need to replace the head every 3-6 months. It is available online and the price is considered cheap compared to traditional trimmers and razors. 

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The Flawless legs shaver is a great device for shaving your legs in less than 5 minutes. It is painless and fast. And you won’t need to use shaving creams or lotions. All you have to do is turn on the device and start using it on your legs. Note that this device only shaves the hair and doesn’t remove the hairs from the roots. 

If you are searching for permanent hair removal methods that actually work, we recommend trying Philips Lumea 9000. It is an amazing long term investment for every woman who cares about her skin and wants to enjoy the smooth touch for a long time without shaving or epilating..

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Tell us in the comments below how do you find flawless legs shaver? And what is your favorite way to shave your legs? 

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