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Fasbruy IPL Hair Removal Models [Ultimate Review]

How Does Fasbruy IPL work? Is it worth the money? Are the flashes enough for full body hair removal at home? And is it safe? Find out now. 

You don’t have to schedule laser hair removal sessions at clinics anymore. I know it is expensive and hard to keep on schedule. Most women who have laser treatment at clinics and Spa don’t have enough time to continue the treatment plan. You can still get your own IPL device for removing unwanted hair permanently and effectively. It is suitable for both men and women. You can use it for full body hair removal as it has 2 treatment modes designed for each body area.

How does Fasbruy IPL Work?

The device uses IPL technology. It emits a strong pulse of light targeting the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. The light stimulates the hair follicle to enter the dormant period. The hair follicle is heated and the skin is not affected by the light. You may feel mild heat and slight redness of your skin after the IPL session which is totally normal. Within time, the hair growth is reduced until you get permanent results.

Why you Trust Us

We spent more than 4 months doing our research for the best IPL devices. We reviewed 124 hair removal devices that use IPL technology for home use. Our comparison included the price, durability, and effectiveness of IPL devices available on the market. We think Fasbruy IPL is the best economic choice if you are searching for a device that does the job without paying a huge amount of money. If you want to get long-lasting results at a good price, this device is for you.

Fasbruy IPL hair removal Reviews 

fasbruy ipl hair removal

Our rate 4

User’s rating 4.2  


  • Permanent hair removal reduction 
  • 5 energy levels 
  • 2 modes 
  • 999,999 flashes 
  • Great economic device 
  • Has LCD Screen


  • Works corded only 
  • Poor packaging quality 

User’s Reviews

“Perfect solution for unwanted hairs,” Said Anuj 

This device is a great hair removal solution for women who want to get rid of unwanted hair. It is very easy to use. The instructions are straightforward to follow, and it comes with a user manual. She is impressed by her results as the hair grows slower than before. She recommends buying the product for removing unwanted hair permanently. 

“The results are very pleasing. Very cost-effective choice. I love Fasbruy IPL device for home use” Said Laura. 

She gave the device 5/5 stars as it is cheap and still effective. She doesn’t find it the best hair removal device but the price is low and the results are amazing. Laura used the device irregularly for 1 month. She noticed up to 50% hair reduction and some spots are hair-free. The results are promising and she will continue using the device for full body hair removal. 

“Excellent so far. I have been using it on armpits, bikini line, and face and noticed a difference after 6 sessions” Said Bith.

She used the device for 6 sessions and the hair doesn’t grow back for several days. Her hair is dark thick and grows back in a short time. When she shave, the hair appears again the next day. She used the device for treating the bikini line area. She can now enjoy smooth skin for a week without shaving. The results are impressive! 

“The treatment is pain-free!” Said Tiffany

She loved using the auto mode for treating her legs.  She was able to use the device for all body areas. It is a painless hair removal experience. It is very easy to adjust the power of light. She started using the device on the lowest energy setting for the first session then used a higher energy setting for the 2nd session. For the initial sessions, she has been using the device twice per week to get the best results. It is a great product and she would definitely recommend it. 

How To Use Fasbruy IPL Device? 

  1. Shave the area you are going to treat
  2. Plugin your device to start your laser hair removal session. Wear protective glasses. 
  3. Choose the energy level suitable for your hair color and skin tone. We suggest using the device on the lowest energy level for your first IPL session until you understand how to use the Fasbruy IPL device properly. 
  4. Put the device perpendicular to your surface of the skin.  Choose the flash mode you want to use.
  5. Press the flash button to start emitting light. Move the device from one area to another while pressing the flash button 
  6. Apply moisturizing cream or lotion after your session to cool down your skin. 

There are 2 modes for using Fasbruy hair removal device which are: 

The manual mode: this is the best mode for treating small body areas like your bikini line and underarms. 

The auto mode: this is the best mode for removing unwanted hair as quickly as possible. Use it for your back, legs, and other large areas.

How often should I use Fasbruy Device? 

  1. For the first four weeks: use the Fasbruy device 3 times every week. 
  2. During the 5th and 6th weeks of the treatment: use the device twice per week.
  3. For the 7th and 8th weeks of your treatment: you can use the device once per week 
  4. After that, you begin your maintenance sessions. You can use the device once every 2 weeks when the hair grows back.

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Video Reviews of Fasbruy IPL device 


Is Fasbruy IPL Hair Removal Device Painful?

IPL treatment is less painful than waxing and more painful than shaving. It is less painful than laser hair removal too. Besides personal use devices are easy to use and the energy level is less than professional ones as it is designed for personal use. You can use the FAsbruy IPL device safely and effectively at home without the help of others. It has 5 energy levels. We recommend starting your IPL sessions on the lowest energy level then switch to a higher energy level after that. Continue your treatment sessions with the highest energy level you can tolerate. 

Why you should patch test the device before using it? 

Testing your IPL device before your session is called a patch test or zap test. You can do it in a less conspicuous area.

Can males use the Fasbruy IPL device? 

Yes. It is suitable for both women and men 

Can I share my IPL device with others?

you shouldn’t share your personal IPL device with others.

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Fasbruy IPL device is a great economic choice for both women and men. Unlike other IPL and laser devices from the same price range, this device has 2 treatment modes: the manual and auto modes. You can use it for treating large and small areas. Fasbruy IPL hair removal device is high quality and effective but it needs patience to get results. The results are long-lasting. Although it is not the best IPL device on the market, it is the best option for this price range. If are looking for an economic choice device that still effective and not a scam, the Fasbruy IPL device is the best option for you. 





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