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Epilator How to Use For The First Time 

Epilator how to use correctly, how to prepare your skin for an epilator, and tips for things to do after using an epilator if you are a newbie to epilators.

The epilator is really easy to use and it gives you results that last for longer lengths of time compared to shaving. Unlike shaving, epilation removes the hairs from the hair follicles under the skin, providing you weeks of smooth touch. Choosing the right epilator will help you get smooth silky skin for weeks. This guide is about how to use the epilator at home for beginners and experts too!

But first, you should know how does an epilator work?

The epilator has many rotating discs. The discs grip the hairs and remove the hair follicle from the roots under the skin. It works the same as waxing except epilating is less painful and easier to use. Most epilators today have at least 40 tweezers that grab the hairs of the skin. The wider the epilator head, the more area it covers. Epilation removes shorter hair than waxing. You don’t have to wait until the hair is long. The modern epilator can remove hairs as tiny as 0.5 mm. Many women who used epilators found a gradual hair reduction. Within time the hair is finer and fewer than before compared to shaving.

How To Use an Epilator? 

This guide will help you understand how to use the epilator while being comfortable at home:

Choose The Right Epilator

Make sure that your epilator is of good quality to get the results you deserve. Also, some epilators are for dry epilation only while others can be used wet & dry. It is totally up to you. Personally, I epilate only on dry skin, and for the areas, I can’t epilate I use other hair removal methods. I like Braun Silk Epil 9 because it has all the features I need to epilate. From exfoliators to trimmers and epilators. It is a great device to add to your skincare routine.

Epilate At Night

You should be comfortable during epilating. That’s why epilating at night is better and less painful. You should put enough time to epilate in your skincare routine. If you are a newbie to the epilator, it might take longer than you expect. Take it slowly to get the best results. Blocking enough time will help you epilate correctly without pain.

Prepare Your Skin First

Take a warm bath to relax and calm before using your device. Exfoliate using the exfoliator head, exfoliation cream, or scrub to prevent ingrown hairs. The Braun Silk Epil 9 has an exfoliating head. It gives you 4 times better results than using a skin scrub.

Start Using Your Epilator

Once your skin is dry and product-free, you are ready to use your device. Put the epilator at a 90-degree angle on the area you want to epilate. Turn on the device and move it slowly on the skin. Don’t press it too hard against the skin. Do it slowly and correctly. If you felt pain, you can take a rest and continue again after a small break. The first time you use an epilator is the worst because the hair is probably thick if you used to shave. Within time, your epilation session would be pain-free.

Hold the epilator steady. Don’t stress yourself and try to practice using your device. It takes around 15 seconds for epilating the ankle to knee. Don’t move the device too fast as might cause breaking of the hairs which will make the epilation harder. Run the device in the other direction of hair growth. For legs, run it upward against your skin. Do short strokes to get smooth skin touch. And if you are going to epilate underwater, you can add a little shower gel to make the epilator run smoother.

Moisturize Your Skin

After you finish your session, apply a soft moisturizer. Avoid sticky oils as they might cause a clog of the hair follicles. Many women suffer from skin redness after epilation. Don’t worry, as such side effects usually disappear within days. If you find your skin is still red for longer than 2 days, you should visit your doctor.

If you are more interested in Braun models, I recommend reading Braun Silk Epil guides:

Tips For Using An Epilator For The First Time 

I think I mentioned everything that would help you when it comes to using the epilator at home. But here are the top tips you should know:

  • Choose a wet & dry epilator – this way you have more flexibility for choosing the way you epilate unwanted hair. Wet epilation hurts less. Besides, cleaning the epilator with water is easier and faster.
  • The epilator must have a light lamp – the new models have a smart LED light. You can use it to epilate unwanted hair while seeing every hair strand. Without the light, it would be harder to remove hairs separately and you might hurt your skin.
  • Epilate warm – warm water opens up the pores and your skin is more relaxed. Also, your skin is less sensitive to pain while it is warm. You might need a longer time to remove wet hairs but it is less painful. I consider it a better way for beginners.
  • Know your cycle – it differs from one woman to another. Some people are more sensitive to pain during certain days of their periods. Most women feel pain during their menstrual bleeding days. So, try to figure out the days you are often less sensitive to pain and use your epilator during them.

You can also check my guide about how to make epilator less hurt. I’m sure you will find many secrets you don’t know about epilators.


You now know the ins and outs of epilator: how to use and how to prepare your skin before using your favorite epilator. There are many benefits of using an epilator. It doesn’t cause prickly stubble hair like shaving and it is not painful like waxing. You will enjoy smooth skin for weeks after spending 15-45 minutes epilating your skin.

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