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Epilady Epilaser Hair Removal By Epilady

The removal of body hair has always been painful and boring for women. Add that hair density is often increased for reasons, genetic and hormonal reasons . So, women need long psychological & physical preparations before starting hair removal sessions. But, with the rapid improvement of laser hair removal, hair removal devices have become more effective and faster. Also, the cost of obtaining such devices became cheaper. Our laser hair removal device this time is effective, painless, safe at home, but the problem is its price. It’s the Epilady Epilaser hair removal device.

The Epilady Epilaser is a very safe and effective hair removal device. Moreover, it is easy to use and gives you irreproachable results. It’s the latest issuance by Epilady company, Epilaser uses Gentle Laser Touch (GLT) technology.


Epilaser is FDA-Cleared. Meaning that it’s approved for safe personal use at the comfort of your home.

Epilser Screen

The most important feature which lead us to write about this device is its ability to let you see each individual hair while being treated.

Thanks to the built-in magnifying camera, you can connect Epilaser to the attached screen which displays the whole process. Subsequently, it gives you an accurate observation to every step of the process. It's really an amazing feature!

epilaser window

However, Epilady Epilaser is corded, it has a narrow 2cm2-sized treatment window. In contrast to other large-windowed devices, this is somehow beneficial as it's suitable to let you see individual hairs.

So, this explains why it's only made for small and sensitive areas such as face, underarms, and bikini like.

The manufacturer did not mention anything about a schedule for use. However, they only mentioned that you can use it once every 3 days on the same area. You also need to use it for no less than 4 treatments to begin to notice any results. While you will reach optimum results within 3 months!

Once every 3 days for 90 days = around 30 treatments!!!

Anyway, exposure time is too short to cause any damage to skin cells as the beam passes through. So, Epilaser gives the efficiency of electrolysis with less pain. But, it uses a precise wavelength of 808nm to provide more precise, targeted treatment. That means it’s not suitable for specific colors and tones. However, it guarantees more safety on the skin.

Epilady Epilaser has a base signal light that turns into red or orange during connecting to the personal viewing screen. Also, it turns into green when it’s ready to use.

Moreover, the power button light shines when Epilaser is in the correct position for use.

Skin & Hair Types

Epilady Epilaser suitable hair colors

Epilady Epilaser works best on darker hair colors such as medium blond, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black hairs. It's not suitable for light hair colors such as light blond, white or grey, and it doesn't work on red hair.

Epilady Epilaser suitable skin tones

Moreover, it works on white, ivory, beige, and light brown skin tones. It's not suitable for use on medium brown, dark brown, and brownish black skin tones.

Epilady Epilaser Components

Epilaser has two basic components, they are the screen and the applicator.

  • A screen: Consists of power button, power adapter and a stand.
  • Applicator: It consists of treatment window, laser button, indicator light, safety key, and safety cap
  • It also comes with a charger cable

Safety & precautions

Although the manufacturer did not provide enough precise information, but they provided some safety tips. It’s better than nothing anyway.

  • Do not focus the device on your eyes.
  • It shouldn’t be used on the following areas of the face: nostrils, eyebrows, forehead, eyelids, ears, and temples.
  • It’s not preferable used for dark-skinned
  • It should not be used for pregnant
  • Don’t use the Epilaser for any purpose except hair removal
  • Keep the device, cable(s), screen, and the power adapter dry
  • Don’t use a power adaptor with a damaged cord
  • Always keep the cord away from heated surfaces
  • Don’t try to repair Epilaser if it appears to be damaged
Lumea Prestige BRI956
5 energy levels, UV filter, SmartSkin sensor, skin contact sensor... It's Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

How to use Epilady Epilaser

It’s is a very simple hair removal device. It’s particularly developed for facial hair use. Moreover, Epilady Epilaser has a microscopic camera that allows you to see every follicle during treatment.

  1. Open up the stand and place the screen on it with the power button on the top
  2. Connect Epilaser to the screen
  3. Remove Clear Cap from Epilaser
  4. Turn on Screen.
  5. Turn on Epilaser
  6. Press the treatment window fully yet gently against your skin on the area you want to treat
  7. Press the power button briefly when you see the hair root is in the middle of the square on the screen

You can also connect the Epilady Epilaser to your home computer screen with the USB that comes along with it.

You will find a flash disk with Epilaser computer version that can be installed to the computer.

Where to/not to use Epilaser?

You can use Epilady Epilaser on female Face (cheeks and below), underarms, and bikini line.

Do not use the device on eyes/eyebrows/eyelashes, ears, nipples, genitals or anus.

Epilady Epilaser Pros

Epilady Epilaser Cons

Customer reviews

Those are some comments directly from Epilady Epilaser manufacturer website, we don’t remove from or add on any of them. However, we are not sure about their validity and are they real or not.

Alma, 25, Afula "I must confess that I was skeptical at first. Me and lasers? And on my own? I was shocked at how simple it is and how quickly the hair vanished! Thank you, Epilaser, for the invention that changed my life!"
Osnat, 37, Beit Dagan "Nothing embarrassed me more than several facial hairs that always grew in the same place. I tried everything – waxing, plucking, electrolysis. But nothing worked. The hairs kept growing in the same place. Since discovering Epilaser, I'm a new person. I have nothing to be ashamed of!"

Our Rating

This device is great for small and sensitive areas, but it’s not trustable. I don’t get it, why wouldn’t a company like the Renowned Epilady market for its product. laser hair removal is a vast field full of GIANTS, for instance, Philips Lumea Prestige and Braun Silk-Expert series.

Moreover, it doesn’t include a comprehensive safety system like in other devices. Not UV filter no energy settings no attachments!

Not to mention the lack of information and support. Beside, how long exactly should it take to give optimum results and say it gave me permanent hair reduction? And for how long will the results last?

Tens of questions are asked and no information is provided.

So, we couldn’t give this product more than 2.5 star rating. Well-deserved!

2.5 stars rating

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