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Electrolysis Hair Removal … The Ultimate Guide

Women are always suffering from bearing house duties and keeping in a good shape for their husbands or boyfriends in general, and from hair removal in particular, and traditional hair removal methods are not working anymore! So, it’s a gift from god those modern methods such as electrolysis hair removal or light-based ones.

However, people always wonder what on earth women suffer from, I tell you what: Just back home from an exhausting work day, surprised by a sudden night out with your boyfriend, or married and have to bear all household duties and be in shape for the night with your husband? man, women are humans!

That’s why science develops, that’s why there have been new technologies launched especially and only for women such as electrolysis.

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal

Far before IPL and laser hair removal, traditional methods were the common ones for your skin freshness and parcel of your beauty. However, they never made women comfortable or gave them the results they wish claiming that beauty deserves exerting much efforts. Nevertheless, electrolysis can save much of your effort. It also can give you really great results that last up to 4-8 weeks!

Electrolysis hair removal helps your skin to be finer and more refreshed. In comparison with other hair removal methods such as laser and IPL, electrolysis can give relatively guaranteed results. Furthermore, it is approved by FDA, promising to be used safely and securely either at home or at the electrologist’s.

How It Works

It is simple, to get permanent results, multiple sessions (up to 35) are needed. There are three types of electrolysis: galvanic (used in most home electrolysis devices), thermolysis, and blend.

During the electrolysis hair removal session, an electric current is used through a very fine electrode (shaped as a fine needle) or a metal probe. The probe penetrates the hair follicle destroying it and the hair-producing papilla.

Since excess hairs do not grow at the same time, you might see during the session some short hairs that cannot be removed. This means that you will need multiple sessions to get all excess hair treated.

Suitable Skin Types

Electrologists say that when your skin type is not compatible with laser or IPL hair removal (like it really cannot be!), electrolysis will be your best choice. It deals directly with the hair follicle whatever your skin tone is. It passes a swift burst of electrical current into the root of the hair using a very fine needle-shaped electrode. This in turn causes decomposition of such follicles, which makes hair regrowth very hard.

One of the most wonderful advantages of electrolysis hair removal is that it can be applied to all the parts of your body, from facial and sensitive areas to large ones. Moreover, electrolysis is more precise than IPL as the former is targeted and can treat individual hair, just like lasers.

Is Electrolysis Hair Removal Good for Me

Experts and practitioners assure that the two world hair removal methods, electrolysis and lasers, can give permanent outcomes. Yet, some experts on the other hand see that lasers are not as safe as electrolysis hair removal. They state that the only method that can give everlasting hair removal safely is electrolysis.

However, this is the talk heard by electrologists, you will hear a totally different one form laser experts! Let’s be fair and hear from unbiased hair removal experts such as hair-removal-devices’ team.

Theoretically, the 2 methods are safe, fast, and give permanent results. However, practically, one is safer, better, less harmful, and less painful than the other. This one is absolutely laser hair removal! People fear lasers though, and electrolysis gives similar results with little higher risks. Which is why electrolysis hair removal gained its popularity.

Conditions & Special Cases

Skin Color

IPL hair removal best devices

Electrolysis hair removal is suitable for all skin tones and hair colors. Yet, there is an advantage of laser and IPL regarding this issue. Lasers and IPL are more effective on specific types of skins (white to med-brown) than others (dark-brown and brownish black), also on hair (coarse, dark hair) than other (fine, light one). So, they are more effective in treating excess hairs in such cases than electrolysis hair removal.

Eye Brows

Eyebrows electrolysis hair removal

This is a very sensitive area that needs greater attention! It is said that electrolysis is recommended when treating eyebrows. It can shape the eyebrow and eliminate excess hair in this very limited area. Actually, the latest laser can do the same, though the oldest versions were not recommended to be applied to it.

Tattoos on the treated area

Tattoos electrolysis hair removal

This is the only case in which electrolysis is strongly recommended. If you have a tattoo on the area to be treated, then lasers and IPL are not your best option. This is because the dark areas of the tattoo could absorb the heated light, causing skin damage or burns. Hence, they are not competitive.

Inside and Outside Ears

Ears electrolysis hair removal

It is well established that electrolysis is the best method for removing excess hair inside and outside ears, which is not right! The electrologist takes the responsibility for removing those few excess hairs, and a magnifying mirror is to be used. Such few hairs are not so easy to be removed, but lasers are giving you greater results and they will be much safer than electrolysis. However, if you’re (still) afraid of lasers, sugaring this area is recommended.

Hair on a Mole

Hair in a mole electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis has been proven to be better than both lasers and IPL concerning removing hairs on a mole. It is a well established fact! Other less effective alternatives are shaving, trimming, tweezing, and waxing which do not give the same permanent results.

In such a case, a dermatologist checks out the mole before deciding on the treatment session. Lasers and IPL treatments are not recommended with hairs growing on a mole since the mole has a dark pigment. Treating such pigment will cause dangerous burns.

Advantages of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis has the following advantages:

  • Permanent results: It is FDA-approved for permanent hair removal from the root of the hair.
  • No skin type limit: It can treat any skin tone and hair type
  • Fast recovery: In case of redness, the skin takes a few minutes to get relieved
  • No use of chemicals: Electrolysis does not require using any kind of chemicals on the skin

Disadvantages of Electrolysis Hair Removal

All hair removal methods have both advantages and disadvantages. Electrolysis is one of these methods that have a lot of drawbacks.

  • It takes multiple, long sessions that laser and IPL devices do not require at all.
  • It causes more pain and discomfort.
  • To get permanent results, coarse hair that grow in bikini area can take more treatment sessions.
  • It may cause undesired side effects, such as scarring and reddening.

Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis VS Laser Hair Removal ...

Actually, there are a lot of differences between electrolysis and laser hair removal that will make you think a hundred times before deciding on the most suitable method for you. The following table summarizes these differences.

Lasers Electrolysis
How they work
  • Lasers deliver mild radiation to the hair follicles
  • A probe is inserted into the hair follicle, emitting an electric current to get through it
  • Safely and easily used at home
  • Also can be used at home but way harder and slower
  • Much aftercare is necessary. An ice pack should be used to relieve discomfort
  • less aftercare is necessary
  • You might not need more than 8 treatments as lasers can treat a large area much faster
  • You will need multiple treatments because electrolysis deals with individual follicles very slowly
  • Nearly all laser devices use complete safety systems including at least: 1 or 2 skin tone sensors, a skin contact sensor, and a UV filter
  • Although electricity generated is not harmful, it’s still more dangerous though
  • You can get a full body treatment within 1 hour
  • Multiple sessions are needed for a full body treatment
  • $$$$/$$$$$
  • Cost depends on area size and number of treatments
  • $$$$$/$$$$$$
  • Cost depends on treatment session length
Home Devices
  • $$/$$$$
  • Cost between $200 and $750
  • $/$$$$$
  • Cost between $30 and $1000

Electrolysis or Laser

  • Electrolysis is a slower method of hair removal. On the contrary, lasers are faster and more versatile.
  • Lasers take less treatment sessions as they can treat a larger area on the body in less time.
  • Lasers can be used very easily at home, which means you don’t need help from others.
  • Unlike Electrolysis, lasers do not require you to use a magnifying mirror for small, hard-to-reach areas.

As you see, laser hair removal is way better than electrolysis hair removal. It’s faster, safer, cheaper, and more effective. Also, side effects are less and last for 2 days at most.

Electrolysis Cost

Electrolysis Cost

Electrolysis hair removal is not insurance covered. Yet, it is less expensive than laser or IPL hair removal for a single session, but more expensive in total!

For instance, electrolysis cost for a 30-minute treatment session is around $45. Such a session is applied just to a small area of the body.

Yet, lasers can cost less because they do not require as multiple sessions as electrolysis does.

3 Best Home Electrolysis Hair Removal

Just like all other hair removal methods, electrolysis has home devices as well, it has 2 types of devices. But, they work in a different way, much harder one! Furthermore, none of them are FDA-approved.

Also, with the great possibility that the needle is not inserted properly, low voltage with low effectiveness, or uncertain direct appliance to the hair follicle, there is higher possibility that hair you treat (or think you treat) is going to grow back again.

Anyway, let’s first see 3 best electrolysis hair removal at home.


Clean N Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

The Deluxe Electrolysis kit by Clean N Easy is on top of our chart for easy, cheap electrolysis hair removal at home. It’s really fit with a simple white design and cheap price. Also, it’s mainly designed for unwanted visible hair on small areas such as eyebrows. Of course it’s suitable for all body areas, but most suitable for precise ones as it’s really small and slow!

The needle is really slim in order to easily reach the hair follicle. Moreover, the device provides intensity customization with a control dial.

It’s great for starters to practice before using professional electrolysis hair removal at home machines. However, if you know electrolysis better, then this device is not the best you can use.


  • Uses galvanic electrolysis
  • Slim tip designed to break through the skin without harming it
  • Portable and compact design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Has a 9-volt battery
  • Really cost effective $
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Painful and not so effective
  • Not the best choice for users but beginners

Check Price on Amazon

Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System

Verseo ePen Electrolysis Hair Removal

This electrolysis pen is designed for ergonomic use with no needle. It’s really easy to use and painless using galvanic clips with aloe vera gel. Also, it comes with 1 year money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the product, just return it and take back your money. If you’re happy with it, congratulations, you’ve got a new everlasting electrolysis hair removal machine. Moreover, it’s really affordable and cost effective. However, low effectiveness and slow results suit its price!


  • It’s needle-free
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Comes with conductive pads for large areas
  • Comes with 2 conductive gel jars
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Low cost $
  • Includes a storage pouch
  • 1 year guarantee


  • Not so effective
  • Long treatment times

Check Price on Amazon

Aavexx 400 Home Electrolysis Machine

Aavexx 400 Home Electrolysis Machine

Aavexx 400 electrolysis machine is an amazing option for home and professional salon use. It’s can be customized to suit different parts of the body, and it’s also powerful and everlasting.

Like the Verseo ePen, Aavexx 400 is needle-free. It comes with 4 clips that can be placed on targeted area and used simultaneously. Moreover, it has a foot padel, spare galvanic clips, conductive aloe vera gel, etc.

Furthermore, it has a 1 year money-back guarantee in order to let you try it out and see the results. If you see no results, you can simply return the device and take back your money.


  • Uses galvanic electrolysis
  • It’s needle-free
  • Customizable and programmable
  • Electrical output range: 300K to 22,000K µV
  • 120-volt USA plug


  • A little expensive!
  • Some reported that it’s painful


You see, nearly all people who use electrolysis report mild pain. Moreover, it’s high risk and serious side effects if used improperly. So, you can just invest your money in a more effective yet less risky hair removal technology such as IPL hair removal!

Below is a device proved that it’s worth it. It’s our top rated IPL hair removal device and the most effective yet safe one. Let’s have a look on its features and abilities…

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 IPL Hair Removal

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

For now, we can say that Lumea Prestige BRI956 is the best light-based hair remover on the market today. With a combination of effectiveness, safety, speed, and durability, it’s undisputed!

No matter what we say about other products and how amazing and effective they are, Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is out of scope.

Our top-rated one works on the widest range of skin tones: White/very white blond, ivory, beige, brown, and dark brown ones. So, it nearly works on all skin tones but brownish black ones.

Moreover, as with all IPL hair removal devices, it’s suitable for blond, brown, dark brown, and black hair colors. It’s not suitable for light blond, red, white or grey ones.

No Brownish Black Skin Tone


  • FDA-cleared & doctor-recommended
  • Suitable for face & full body treatments
  • 250,000 flashes enough for more than 15 years of use
  • Very fast results up to 92% after only 4 sessions
  • The most effective hair remover on the market with up to 6 months of long lasting results
  • 4 precise attachments tailored to acclimate to each body area’s curve
  • Can be used corded & cordless
  • Gliding mode for treating large areas such as legs and arms
  • Effective on the widest range of skin tones
  • Safe and fast in application and in showing results
  • Skin tone sensor detects whether your skin tone is suitable or not
  • Integrated safety system prevents unintentional flashing
  • 5 adjustable energy levels
  • SmartSkin sensor automatically adjusts energy level depending on your skin tone
  • Skin contact sensor
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Very informative website with detailed description and illustration
  • Professionally trained customer support team
  • 2 years global warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The best investment for your money


The device has no negatives, we actually love this product so much! However, the only problem people may consider is that it’s not working on light blond, red, white or grey hair colors.


You can get the best Lumea IPL hair removal system with all these amazing features for only £399.00 on the official website after discount. Also you can find it on Amazon UK for around £394.55 and on Amazon US for $654.99 After discount. Make sure to check regularly for discounts and sales on the retailer and official websites.


So, I think all is clear now, isn’t it? When you get the chance to do only one month treatments (3 at 2-week intervals) and get up to 92% hair reduction, you cannot refuse this offer! Why would you go for an electrolysis hair removal device that needs more than 8-10 sessions with pain and high risks while you can get better results more safely in only one month?

What I say? I strongly recommend the IPL laser hair removal device Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956. You may think it’s expensive, but when you look at its abilities and durability, this is a great investment for your money. Or, read our Ultimate Guide for Laser Hair Removal Devices to help you take your decision…

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