Electrolysis at home Vs IPL Which is better?

Electrolysis at home vs IPL: which one is better? Are they safe? And how to get fast permanent results? Find out now. 

Unwanted hair is a very annoying problem to many of us. We want to have silky smooth skin touch that lasts forever. Shaving and epilating don’t solve this problem. Waxing, bleaching, and creams are just quick fixes and they don’t solve the problem. So which method should you use for permanent hair removal at home: electrolysis or laser hair removal? 

Both electrolysis and IPL hair removal work on the hair follicle. They inhibit the growth cycle and stop the hair from regrowing back in the future. You can use any of them to reach your goal. The methods are not similar but they are both effective in removing unwanted hair. 

At-home Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal is a modern technology that showed up in the 1990s. It works by targeting the hair follicles and heating them up to destroy unwanted hair. 

At-home laser hair removal can be done using a personal device without the need to visit a doctor. Most personal devices use IPL and not laser to remove unwanted hair but the process is still called laser hair removal. As the device is intended for personal use, it is less intense than laser used at clinics. IPL at home has fewer side effects compared to the laser used at the spa.

Electrolysis at Home

Electrolysis technology is not a new thing. It was discovered hundred years ago. What’s more amazing is that it was mentioned in medical literature in 1875. A doctor named Charles Michael used galvanic electrolysis technology to target the eyelash hair and remove it. 

The electrolysis method involves inserting a thin needle in the hair shaft and send a wave of electricity into the hair follicle. The hair follicle will be destroyed. Electrolysis is a bit complicated method and the needle must be inserted precisely in the hairs one at a time. That’s why it is not very common to use electrolysis at home. You will find a few at-home electrolysis devices. They are not very successful as the treatment is hard to do by yourself. 

Do Home Electrolysis devices work? 

Yes. electrolysis at home is effective. However, it is more painful than laser hair removal and more complicated. There are a lot of things you have to do to set the device. Besides, the results need more sessions to get the same results compared to IPL hair removal. 

Clean N Easy Deluxe Electrolysis


This device is very simple and easy to use. It has a small size which makes it suitable for traveling too. The device uses galvanic electrolysis to remove unwanted hair. It is perfect for people who are looking for a proficient probe. The device uses a stylet tip and not a needle to remove the hairs. It is safer than other electrolysis devices. From my point of view, I think the needle is better as it is more effective. However, if you didn’t try electrolysis before this device would be a great option.

Easy To Use 

Clean N Easy Deluxe Electrolysis hair removal device is simple and you can manage to use it from the first try. It has many options you can manage from the intensity and settings. The session is almost pain-free as you might feel a little tinge from time to time. People who tried it described it as a sharp tingling feeling. You will get to use the device over time. 


This device works corded. It has 9-V Battery power. You might need to charge the device more than once if you are going to operate the device for a long time. 


  • Compact and portable 
  • Easy to hold 
  • Economic choice 


  • The needle is blunt 

Electrolysis at-home Hair Removal 

The Pros of Electrolysis At Home

Electrolysis technology is very precise and you can use it to remove any unwanted hair forever. While laser hair removal devices can’t remove fine hair. Some IPL devices are not designed to remove some hairs. The electrolysis method doesn’t involve using light energy. This makes electrolysis safe to use on the area around the eye, unlike laser hair removal. 

The main advantage of electrolysis is that it has fewer restrictions. You can use it for treating almost all body areas. You can also use it for removing hair on tiny areas such as the nose, ear, and fingers. IPL devices can’t treat tiny areas as they need a flat surface where the treatment window is 90 degrees on it. Electrolysis feels like zapping electricity. It is a bit painful but you can use numbing creams to make the treatment session less irritating. 

The Cons of electrolysis at home

The main disadvantage of this method is that: it is time-consuming. You have to target the hair one by one. This method removes unwanted hair permanently and it is FDA approved but you have so much work to do in every electrolysis hair removal session. IPL hair removal session is much easier and faster. Overall, you can get better results using the IPL device in a shorter period of time. 

Electrolysis doesn’t give you permanent results from the first session. You have to finish multiple sessions in order to reach your goals. Most women need 14-30 sessions to get permanent results. The treatment sessions are very expensive. Electrolysis is a bit painful as you feel each hair removed with electricity. This method has a few side effects. It might cause skin redness, inflammation, or ingrown hair. It also might cause a rare side effect which is scaring.  

IPL Hair Removal At home 

IPL devices are very trendy today. They are millions of women around the world who use personal IPL hair removal devices. You can get rid of unwanted hair at home with complete privacy. 

The Pros of IPL At Home

The price of IPL devices is cheap compared to professional IPL at clinics and electrolysis technology. Single IPL session is more affordable than 5 electrolysis sessions. Besides, some IPL devices for home use have more than 250,000 flashes which are enough for full body hair removal. It is a long-time investment. Overall, you will need fewer laser sessions to finish the initial program compared to the other method. 

You can use the glide mode for treating large areas which saves a lot of time. 

IPL devices might cause skin redness. It is a minor side effect and doesn’t last for more than 24 hours. 

The cons of IPL At Home

IPL hair removal is generally safe. Using a personal IPL hair removal at home is safer than at clinics as the device uses lower energy. You shouldn’t use the device very close to your eye as it might cause irritation. 

Laser hair removal devices are not suitable for treating uneven areas. They might emit more energy than recommended. That’s why you should never use your IPL device on tattoos, freckles, and hyperpigmentation spots.  

You should get a device that is suitable for different body areas. Some IPL devices have a small treatment window which makes them not practical for full body hair removal. Devices with small windows are suitable for treating small body areas such as bikini, armpit, and face. 

At-home IPL Hair Removal Using Philips Lumea 

reviews for philips lumea


Philips Lumea 9000 series is the most modern device for home use. It is faster and more efficient than previous Philips Lumea versions. Besides, you can use Philips Lumea App to track your progress. The device has curved attachments to perfectly fit every curve of your body area. 


  • 450k flashes 
  • Suitable for both women and men 
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after only 3 sessions 
  • SenselQ technology 


  • A bit heavy 

User Reviews 

“The best thing I have ever tried” Said Mona. 

Before using Philips Lumea, she had to shave unwanted hair daily. It was so annoying as she had to shave unwanted hair every day. She decided to get her own IPL device it uses it at home with complete privacy. After using Philips Lumea 9000 series for 2 years, her skin is shiny and hairless. She only needs to do a maintenance session every 6 months now. The only disadvantage about the device is that you can’t mark the areas you treated. You might hit the same area twice. She totally recommends getting this product. 

“Great Technology,” Said Samira. 

Getting permanent results is easy but needs patience. You should do your IPL sessions regularly to achieve the best results. She has very thick black hair and her skin is fair which makes her the best candidate for IPL hair removal. It slows down the hair growth cycle until you reach permanent results. She recommends using this device for full-body hair removal. 

“I have been using Philips Lumea for a year! The results are impressive” Said Reka. 

She notices visible results after finishing 3 sessions. She was very motivated to finish her treatment program. As she couldn’t go to salons right now, she continued the treatment at home using Philips Lumea. The results are very similar to laser technology used in the spa! All you need to do is setting the time of your IPL sessions. Stick to your schedule and never miss your session no matter what. It is also cheaper than professional laser hair removal. To sum up, the results are amazing and the customer service is impressive. She didn’t find any cons while using Philips Lumea. 

“Very Practical Device! It is suitable for full body hair removal” Said Zeina. 

She was very skeptical about using the IPL device for home use but it really has paid off! She wanted to try laser hair removal because traditional hair removal methods don’t remove unwanted hair forever. She is very glad that she chose the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 series. The results were impressive as she noticed up to 90% hair reduction after only 4 sessions. All you need to do is to be patient and make sure that you finish your treatment session as planned. Philips Lumea changed my life. Now I don’t need to shave anymore. It takes time to get permanent results but it is totally worth it. 


Electrolysis might cause permanent skin damage whether you do it at home or it is performed by a professional technician. We don’t recommend using electrolysis at home. If you would prefer electrolysis to IPL hair removal, you should get electrolysis treatment by a professional who is experienced enough to do the procedure. You can achieve great results using IPL or electrolysis. 

Both methods are effective in removing unwanted hair. If you want to remove the hairs near your eyes such as eyebrows then electrolysis is the best option for you. 

If you want to have full body hair removal, IPL and laser hair removal devices are great for that. We recommend trying the Philips Lumea 9000 Series which works great on a variety of skin tones. It will help you achieve long-lasting results in a short time. 

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