can you epilate public hair

Can You Epilate Pubic Hair ? How So? 

Can you epilate your public hair and stop shaving down there at all? How to epilate the public area? Is it safe? Is Brazilian a good option?

We all care about our public area and keeping it hygienic. Many girls asked me to make a detailed guide about using the epilator on the bikini area. You are not the only woman scared of trying epilation on public hair. The bikini area is more sensitive than other body areas. Yet you can use the epilator on this area and get long-lasting smooth skin results. Let’s talk more about it in this article..

Can You Epilate Public Hair?

Although epilating public hair is more painful than epilating other body areas, it is still safe and effective. You can epilate your public hair but you might need to trim the hairs to be shorter than 2 mm before using the epilator on it to minimize the pain. So, I will show you how to epilate your public hair properly.

How To Epilate Your Public Hair

Clean & Dry The Bikini Area

Make sure that your public area is clean and free of any products or medication before using your epilator. This step is very important to maintain good hygiene. After cleaning my skin, I dry it to get ready to use the trimmer.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate The Public Area

If your epilator has an exfoliator head, attach it and use it to exfoliate the bikini area. If you don’t have it, you can exfoliate your skin using an exfoliating brush or a scrubbing cream. This step is important to prevent ingrown hairs and to make the hairs soften before using the epilator.

Trim The long hairs

If you found the hairs are longer than 2 mm, you should trim the hairs first to make the epilation faster. Trimming helps the tweezers not to get entangled with long hairs. Also, long hairs might be more painful. So, you should trim the hairs using a hair trimmer if you want to reduce the pain you feel during the epilation session.

Now, start using your epilator on the public area

The previous steps are essential to make sure that your skin is clean and dry. You should exfoliate to open up the pores and make the hairs looser. Put the device on 90 degrees angle on your skin and start epilating.

I prefer using the high speed with short strokes technique. With practice, you will epilate your bikini area quicker. Run the epilator against the direction of the hair growth to get the best results. Be patient. It takes time if you epilating your public area for the first time. Use the low speed if necessary to make the device more gentle on the skin. I find the slow speed better for removing separate hair strands left on the skin after using the higher speed. The skin on the public area is really sensitive and soft and there is a risk of bleeding. It is totally normal especially if you are trying epilation for the first time and didn’t try waxing before. To minimize skin irritation, you should pull the skin taut as much as you can with your other hand during the epilation session.

Apply a lotion to calm your skin

You can apply a lotion to reduce the sting feeling after using an epilator on your public hair. It is totally normal to feel warmth and stinginess after using an epilator down there. You should avoid using other hair removal methods for at least 2 days to avoid skin injury. I recommend using a lotion that contains aloe vera gel to reduce skin irritation. If you are interested in reading more about Braun epilators, I recommend you read my full guides. I’m sure you will find them helpful:

Can You Epilate Public Hair Brazilian?

Yes. you can remove all the hairs down there using an epilator. It only took me 15 minutes to completely epilate my public hair. It is so easy when you get used to the sensation of an epilator. Personally, I like to use the high speed for the Brazilian hair removal and use the lower speed for removing the hairs left after the first strokes. Read also: Can You Epilate Your Vag ? How To Do That Safely? 

Are You New To Using An Epilator On Public Hair?

Here are some tips to help you learn epilating your public area safely and effectively:

  •  It is painful. That’s why you might need more than 2 hours to finish epilating your public area. The important thing is that you shouldn’t give up. Take as many rests as you want but don’t quit the idea of epilating your bikini area.
  • After epilating your public area, you should avoid tans and sunbathes for at least 2 days. The heat might heat the pores and cause skin redness, severe rash, and other harmful side effects.
  • Avoid any chemical products or perfumes for at least 48 hours as it might cause a skin rash.
  • Wash your public area properly. You should care about your public area hygiene and make it a part of your routine to avoid bacterial and viral infections. You should also wash it properly after sexual activities as epilation might increase the risk of infection if you don’t care about your personal hygiene. Read Also: How To Make an Epilator Hurt Less?

Why Women Use An Epilaton On The Public Area?

  • The results last for a long time
  • The smooth skin is lovely (and your husband will love it too!)
  • It is less irritating to the skin compared to shaving. As shaving might cause bump and skin irritation.
  • Doesn’t make the sweat build upon the public area.
  • Epilator is a long-term investment. It is a durable device with no replacement cost.

If you are more interested in Braun models, I recommend reading Braun Silk Epil guides:


Now you know the answer to your question: can you epilate public hair? And I hope you understand everything about using the epilator in the public area. The more you use the epilator, the finer the hairs will be. Besides, you will get used to the sensation of epilation.

If you are interested in reading more about the 10 best epilators I recommend you read my full review here.



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