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Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 9-720 Review

Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 9 Review: Pros, Cons, How to use, and How many attachments included? Is it the best?

I have tried many hair removal options from shaving to laser hair removal. My hair is dark and my skin is faire that’s why I like to keep my skin hair-free. I found that epilation is the best way to remove my legs hair. Waxing is very painful for me. And laser hair removal is very expensive at clinics. I remember when I was younger and decided to try Braun Silk Epil 3 back then. It was amazing. And today, I’m reviewing my favorite Braun silk epil wet & dry: Braun Silk Epil 9. I loved it and I think you will love it too! So don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry Epilator 9-720

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I like using the Braun Silk Epil 9-720 wet & dry on the edge of my bathtub. I do most of my skincare routin in the bathroom. First, I take a shower before using the epilator to be as much as comfortable as I should be. Braun Silk Epil 9 works cordless. I charge it till full before using it in the bathroom to make sure that it won’t stop working in the middle of epilation.

So, to begin using it I choose the speed for the area I’m going to epilate. The high speed is for large skin areas while the gentler speed is for sensitive areas like the bikini line. I like to start the epilation with my legs because it is the least painful area for me. During using Braun silk epil wet & dry epilator, I feel a vibration sensation and a slight pain from the rotating head. I run the device over the area I’m epilating a few times until all the hairs are removed completely. After finishing the epilation, I apply moisturizer if my skin was dry. I have thick coarse hair on my legs. It takes me around 30-45 minutes to remove it. After each session, I clean the device of the hair in it. Silk Epil 9 comes with a small brush that you can use to remove the hairs. If you exfoliate regularly, you won’t suffer from ingrown hairs.

What Is The Best Thing About Braun Silk Epil 9 Wet & Dry Epilator?

I liked that I can use it wet and dry. While I love to use the epilator on dry skin to get long lasting smooth silky skin touch, I also like that I can use it on wet skin if my skin is very sensitive. Also, Braun Silk Epil wet & dry is a great investment. There is no hidden costs and the device doesn’t need replacement parts. It is much better than disposable razor and cheaper on the long run. If you shave regularly with razors, the cost has been adding, it is over $100 each year. If you are search for reliable and trusted brand Braun is the best when it comes to epilation.


How to deal with ingrown hairs?

Some people have tiny baby ingrown hairs on their legs. But when it comes to epilation, exfoliation is a must. You should exfoliate your skin before and after using an epilator to keep your skin smooth and soft. You can use either chemical or physical exfoliants on your legs. Besides, you should moisturize your skin after using Braun wet and dry epilator to avoid skin dryness.

What is the difference between Braun Silk Epil 7 and 9?

They are very similar. Comparing and testing Silk Epil 7 and 9 showed that they both have 40 tweezers working in the same efficacy. However, Silk Epil 9 has a 40% wider epilating head which help removing more hair more quickly. Both models can be used for wet and dry epilating and the devices are washable.

Is it better to epilate wet or dry?

Dry epilation is overall better than wet epilation. As wet dry might cause hair breakage. And when the hairs are loose, removing unwanted hair takes more time. Dry epilation results last for longer time which is amazing. However, using an epilator on dry skin is a bit more painful. If you have very sensitive skin, you should consider wet epilation or maybe you should try other hair removal options like laser hair removal if you can’t tolerate the pain. The skin is more relaxed and desensitised when it is wet. Overall, using an epilator on dry skin is the best way to get long lasting results.

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I recommend Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry for any person who want to invest in epilators. Personally, my favorite model is Silk Epil  Epilator 9-720. I have been using it for 2 years and I feel happy each after every epilation session. This product saves time and money.

I won’t  lie. Epilation is more painful than shaving but the results last for weeks. Sometimes I don’t need to epilate for more than a month when I use silk epil 9. And of course, it is less painful than waxing. Laser hair removal and IPL are great options too for permanent hair removal results. You can use a personal IPL device at home safely and effectively but you have to finish your laser sessions to get the desired results. Otherwise, the hairs will keep coming back.

I would like to hear more about your epilation and experience with Braun Silk Epil? Which one is your favorite model? And where do you like to epilate? Tell me in the comments below..

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