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Does Bosidin Hair Removal Work?

What are Bosidin OTP models? Is the device effective? How often should you use it? And who can’t use OTP machines for home use? 

If you are tired of unwanted hair and want to get silky smooth skin like Hollywood artists, an OTP device for home use is all that you need. The OTP technology combines the benefits of IPL and Laser in the same device. Personal hair removal devices are not cheap but they are cheaper than doing laser hair treatment at clinics. We will discuss the best Bosidin devices on the market and how to use them. 

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Why you should Buy BoSidin IPL

This product is very trendy now. That’s why we decided to make a research about it. The brand is one of the top-selling cosmetics brands now. The device comes with 2 years warranty. Besides, it has a 180-day money-back guarantee. You can try the device and return it if it doesn’t suit your skin tone and hair color. The customer support is very reliable and the service is great.  It is very trusted and safe to use at home. The instructions are very easy to follow. If you are looking for a luxurious device that you can use at home with complete privacy, you found it. The technology used is FDA cleared and the brand tested the device before releasing it on the market so no worries. 

How Does Bosidin Hair Removal Work? 

Bosidin Device uses OPT technology to get rid of unwanted hair. It targets the hair during the active phase and prevents it from growing back. The hairs in the inactive phase are not affected. That’s why you don’t reach permanent results from the first use. You need to use Bosidin Device once every week for the first 8 weeks. After the initial treatment, you can use the device less often. It is also important to shave before your IPL sessions to get faster results. The device is clinically proven to remove up to 96% of unwanted hair after you finish 3-4 sessions at home according to the manufacture. You have to do your sessions as scheduled in the user manual to notice results. 

Bosidin Hair Removal Versions 

BoSidin Laser Permanent Hair Removal 

BoSidin Hair Removal  

User’s rate 4.4

Our rate 4.4


  • 500,000 flashes 
  • 6 treatment modes for all body areas 
  • 180-degree rotatable head 
  • Up to 90% hair reduction 
  • 5 energy settings 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Has a dynamic cooling system 
  • 180 days money-back guarantee 


  • Only works corded 

User’s Reviews 

“It works! after only 1 month I noticed a real difference!” Branwyn Said. 

 She used the device for about a month. After only 2 sessions at home, she noticed visible results. She has fair skin and dark hair color. The hair grows thinners and lighter than before. You should use the device once every month during the initial sessions. Don’t expect to get clear spots after the first session. The device is very easy to use and comes with everything you need to start the treatment at once. It’s worth the money and she would recommend buying it. 

“Better than expected” Diem Said. 

She used to do laser hair removal at clinics but recently she doesn’t have enough time to go to clinics. So she gave BoSidin hair removal a try. The design is elegant and very easy to hold. The LCD screen tells you everything you should know during the sessions. You can activate the cooling mode if you found the device is hot. She has dry and sensitive skin. The skin rejuvenation mode makes the face shiny and delightful. Besides, backheads on nodes are smaller than before. She would continue the treatment plan and see how it goes. 

“I love this device! Now I can finish my IPL treatment at home with complete privacy“ Amara Said.

She got the device as a Christmas gift and she was so happy with it. Doing IPL hair removal at home saves time and effort. The prices at clinics are high. She had another hair removal device from another brand but wasn’t so good. This BoSidin device is really effective. The user manual is easy to follow and the rotatable head is easy to adjust. She didn’t use the device for enough time but the results are visible, very similar to professional hair removal results. Besides, the device has different energy settings to change. Most of the time, she uses the auto mode because she doesn’t like pressing the button to produce light. To sum up, if you want a device that makes your skin silky smooth, this device is for you. 

“Great investment!”  Ulysses Said. 

She loved the device from the first time she tried it. Her skin is smoother after using the device for only a month. People around her noticed that too. She liked using the highest energy setting during the sessions. For her, it is the best at-home OTP device she has tried. Highly recommended. 

Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device, Painless Epilation for Women & Men – Body and Face

BoSidin Hair Removal

User’s rate 4.2

Our rate 4.3 


  • 500,000 flashes 
  • Up to 96% hair reduction 
  • 5 energy settings 
  • Rotatable head 
  • 180 days money-back guarantee 
  • Suitable for both men and women 


  • Only works corded 

User’s Reviews 

“Amazing device! The results are impressive so far”  Bree Said.

She used the device for 6 sessions and she is impressed by what she achieved. At first, she was not so sure but now she is! Bosidin OTP device is beyond amazing. The new white version is much better than other hair removal devices regarding the following: 

  1. The treatment session duration: she can finish full body IPL hair removal at home in less than an hour. The device emits light every 1-2 seconds. Besides the treatment window is big enough for treating large skin areas such as legs and back. 
  2. User Interface: the device has LCD Screen which makes the treatment easier. You don’t have to press a button to emit light. It is all automatic. You can adjust the treatment mode and the energy setting easily using the touch screen. 
  3. Easy to use: BoSidin OTP device is well designed. You can hold the device and treat any area you want without the help of others. The user manual is detailed that’s why you should read it before your first treatment session at home. You will fall in love with the design and shape of this device forsure. 

She found the device amazing and the cooling system helps to use the device for a long time. The treatment session is almost pain-free. 

“Effective, easy to use the device“ Elysia Said

She used the device for 4 sessions and she started to notice visible results from the 3rd one. Her skin is pale and her hair is brown. For the first session, she used level 1 then increased the energy setting consistently. The user manual is very useful , and the head is easy to adjust to cover the skin with pulses without missing spots. Also, the cooling system is useful. She noticed up to 70% hair reduction for the thighs. While her lower legs are about 40% hair reduction. She is confident that she will get great results after finishing the treatment plan. Besides, the maintenance sessions are important to have long-lasting results. 

“The Bosidin OTP device is really effective if you use it right”  Elizabella  Said. 

She bought the device for treating underarms and bikini lines mainly because these areas bothered her the most. After 6 IPL hair removal sessions, her bikini line hairs grow slower than before. Her underarms are up to 70% hair reduction too. Besides, she can see visible clear patches and she doesn’t need to shave unwanted hair daily like before. She is encouraged to use the device for 1 month more. 

You should use the Bosidin hair removal machine once every week for the first eight sessions. You must shave and clean the area you are going to treat, then dry well before using the device. Use the machine on the highest energy level you can bear without skin redness. Doing a patch test on the lowest energy level is important to avoid getting hurt. 

“Love it! Great cost-effective product “ Auberon Said.

She spent a lot of money having waxing hair removal at clinics. In fact, the money spent is over the price of Bosidin machine. She has dark hair and olive skin tone. When she tried professional laser hair removal she got burned. Professional laser treatment wasn’t suitable for her skin tone and it was expensive. This device worked for her safely and effectively! The treatment is not painful at all and it doesn’t cause skin dryness. Besides, the device comes with razors and glasses so you can start your treatment when the device arrives. She is very excited to finish her treatment plan to see further results. 

BoSidin Ice Cooling Care IPL Hair Remover for Women & Men 

BoSidin Hair Removal

User’s rate 4.2 

Our rate 4.3 


  • 180 days money-back guarantee 
  • 350k flashes 
  • 5 energy settings 
  • Suitable for women and men 


  • Only works corded 
  • Not suitable for dark and brown skin 

User’s Reviews 

“Great device at good price “ Said Isis. 

She got this device because she is bored with shaving daily. This device has a lot of possessive reviews and the price is budget friendly. She had professional laser hair removal at clinics but she couldn’t continue the treatment as the prices are very high. Now, with having her own IPL device, she can continue the treatment at home. For her, she needed 12 minutes to treat her legs.

“The device is really effective and powerful!”  Said Oriana. 

She tried professional laser hair removal at spa for small body areas before getting this product. While Bosidin IPL is not the same powerful as the professional laser machine, it does the job! The device works very well. She noticed visible clear patches after finishing 5 sessions at home. You should shave the area you are going to treat prior to your treatment sessions to make sure that the light reaches the hair follicle. You should aslo wear the protective goggles during the treatment to protect your eyes. The device is very easy to use but you must be patient and never give up until you reach the results you want. 

Video Reviews Of Bosidin Models 

How Do You Use Bosidin Hair Removal

Using Bosidin hair removal versions is the same. Here are the main steps you should follow to use your device properly:

  • Shave before using the device

Remove all the hair above the skin by shaving. Don’t epilating or wax directly before the session as it is critical to keep the hair at an appropriate length so the light can target the melanin in the hair follicle below the skin. If the hair is not shaved, it might cause higher heat intensity causing skin burns and wasting the light. We recommend shaving only between and before the IPL session. The device produces light throughout the thermal relaxation period. So it is very important to make the follicle absorb most of the heat energy. The shaving should be before your IPL session by a day or at least 30 minutes if you forgot to shave. 

  • Determine the treatment mode

Plugin the device as it works corded. Turn it on to see the six treatment modes on the LCD screen. The device has 5 modes for all body areas which are: legs, face, underarms, bikini line, and arms. Besides, it has 6th mode which is SR (skin rejuvenation mode) which is for removing wrinkles, fine lines and making your skin smoother. 

Basically, the first 5 modes are for IPL hair removal and the 6th one is for skincare which you won’t find in other hair removal machines. Choose the mode for the area you are going to treat by pressing it on the LCD screen. 

  • Do Patch Test Before The First Session 

It is very important to test the device before starting to use it regularly. Set the device on the lowest energy setting. Use the Bosidin on a spot of your skin. Wait for 24 hours, if you found no change then you can use the device safely. 

  • Choose the Treatment setting 

Bosidin Hair removal device has 6 laser degrees from the lowest to the highest energy level. The higher the energy is, the more concentrated is the beam. If you are going to use the device for the first time, you should start with the lowest energy level. After that, you can switch to a higher energy level you can tolerate. If you can use the highest energy level then it is better as you will see faster results. Most people like to activate the DCD setting (dynamic cooling device). Press the snowflake button to activate it. It cools down the BoSidin kit during the treatment so you can use the device for a longer time without excess heat.  

  • Start using the device 

Put the treatment window on the area you are treating with the device 90 degrees on the skin surface. Move the device from one spot to the nearby one. The device will emit the light automatically. No need to press the flash button to activate the light. The light is produced every 1-2 seconds so make sure you move the device after each pulse to avoid hitting the same spot twice during the same session. 

Don’t forget to read the instructions carefully before using your Bosidin OTP machine. 


Tips Before Buying Bosidin Hair Removal Machine 

  1. Read the instructions before using your at-home device

Make sure you read the user manual before using your Bosidin hair removal device to avoid skin burns or sensitivity reactions. The device comes with 6 modes and 2 heads. We recommend reading the user guide and our full review carefully before using the device. Also, you should test the device on a small patch to know if it is suitable for your skin or not. 

2. It doesn’t work for everybody 

Unfortunately, IPL and laser devices are not suitable for all skin tones and hair colors. If you have brown or dark skin, the device won’t work for you. It is suitable for people who have pale to light brown skin. It also works effectively for all hair colors except white, red, yellow, and gray ones. 

3. You must be patient 

Some people give up after the first or the second IPL session. It is not how the device work. If you want permanent results, you must make effort. You should finish 6-7 sessions before deciding if the device works for you or not. 

4. Stick to the treatment Plan 

Using Bosidin hair removal regularly will help you see visible results. After finishing your initial sessions you can continue using the device once every month or every 2 months for best results. 

5. Bosidin should not be used on tattoos and frickles 

The device targets the melanin inside the hair follicles. It heats up the roots of the hair until the hair is burnt. After a few sessions, the hair growth cycle will be suppressed. However, tattoos and frickles absorb the light emitted if you direct the device towards them. For your own safety, don’t use the device on moles, tattoos, and frickles. It is better to cover them during the treatment session as it might be painful if you hit them by mistake. 

How Often Can You Use Bosidin Hair Removal? 

The device comes with a user manual. You should spend at least 15 minutes reading it carefully before trying the Bosidin Hair Removal machine for the first time. We recommend using Bosidin Device once or twice every week for the first 2 weeks of the treatment plan. Continue using the device once per week for 8 weeks. After you notice a visible difference, you can use the device once every 2 weeks. When you see complete clear patches, you should start your maintenance sessions by using the device once every month or twice every 2 months. Most people who use the device regularly don’t need to use the device more than once per month when the hair grows back. After each session, you will find that hair grows slower and less than before until you reach long-lasting results. 

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Can I Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At-home? 

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved technology that can remove unwanted hair permanently. However, Laser and IPL devices reduce the hair growth cycle each time it is applied. After a few sessions, you will get a permanent or semi-permanent reduction in the hair growth cycle. The electrolysis process is a bit tedious and painful. That’s why it is not very common today after the discovery of personal hair removal machines. You should only shave between your IPL sessions. Avoid epilating or waxing before your laser or IPL session. 

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Bosidin hair removal device will help you reach the smooth shiny skin you always dreamed of. It comes with 2 years warranty and a 180-day money-back guarantee. Women how tried the device found it very cost-effective. You can now do your IPL treatment at home using the Bosidin device. You can do full body hair removal in less than an hour. 

The device comes with everything you need to start your session at once. The Advanced OPT hair removal technology combines both IPL and laser which is the perfect blend of energy and bandwidth wavelength. The session is fast compared to other hair removal devices. We definitely recommend trying the Bosidin OTP device for long-lasting results. 

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