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Beurer IPL 10000+ SalonPro System

Beurer IPL for long-lasting results: how does it work? How to get permanent results? And how to use safely at home?

Beurer laser hair removal will help you get up to 50% hair reduction after finishing 3-4 sessions at home. It has 250,000 flashes which are enough for more than 10 years. It is ideal for small areas. The device uses IPL technology to remove unwanted hair. It will give you similar results to laser hair removal used in clinics. The device uses IPL technology which is similar to the technology used by beauty salons and dermatologists. The device has everything you need to achieve the results you always dreamed of. 

How Does It Work? 

The device uses light energy to heat up the melanin pigment inside the hair follicle. It deactivated the hair follicles deep down beneath the skin preventing hair growth. 

The hair has 3 phases in the growth cycle. The anagen phase is the growth phase, the catagen phase is transitional, and telogen which is the resting phase. The laser hair removal system is only useful on hairs in the anagen phase. That’s why people don’t get permanent results from the first session. 

Beurer IPL 10000+ SalonPro System

beurer ipl

Beurer IPL SalonPro is one of the most famous hairs removal devices in the world. It is designed by the German medical company Beurer.  The device has 250k flashes while the older version “Beurer IPL 7500” had fewer flashes. The treatment window is 3.1 cm2 so you can use the device for treating small and large skin areas. You need 20-30 minutes to finish full body laser hair removal treatment. 

Safety Features 

The device has integrated UV protection and a 2-in-1 skin type to help you determine if the device suitable for your skin tone or not. It has an integrated skin contact sensor to avoid wasting the pulses. The skin contact sensor will ensure the safety of your eyes during the treatment. The device won’t emit flashes unless it is in full contact with your skin. The integrated UV filter will protect your skin from unwanted light. 

Fast Session 

You will need only 20 minutes to remove unwanted hair. The device is perfect for treating small areas because it has a handy design. 


  • 250,000 flashes 
  • Up to 50% hair reduction 
  • Automatic skin tone sensor 
  • Easy to use 


  • Results are a bit slow 

Beurer IPL Review

“Following the instruction will help achieve great results,” Nadia said. 

She has done laser hair removal at clinics before. Laser hair removal at clinics is expensive. She wanted to try this product because its price is similar to 2 sessions at clinics. After using Beurer IPL for 2 months, she noticed visible results. This device is great and she saved a lot of money using it at home. There are no hidden costs. You can use the device for the face, legs, underarms, and almost all body areas safely at home. 

“I’m reviewing this device after 2 sessions. Very good so far” Said Tiziana 

She has been using the device for 1 month only on level 3. The treatment is painless. It feels warm with each pulse you do. The results are amazing. The hair grew back slower than before. 

“The device needs the patience to see results but it is effective,” Said Madona 

She got the device from Amazon online and waited to notice the results before reviewing the product. She has very dark hair and her skin is fair. You need to use the device constantly to get the best results. Also, if you noticed the device is heated up during the treatment, you should switch it off for some time then continue your treatment session. 

“Cheap and it will give you the same results as expensive product,” Said Enrica. 

The results are very similar to the results she got when she used the Braun laser hair removal device. The device worked well for her. After using the device for 2 weeks, she noticed that up to 50% of the hairs don’t come out again. She used the device for 2 months and noticed it is effective on legs and arms. 

How To Use Beurer Laser Hair Removal? 

  1. Shave and clean the area you are going to treat.
  2. Check the hair and skin color chart to determine which intensity level is suitable for your skin tone and hair color.  
  3. Clean the treatment window using a cleaning cloth. 
  4. plug in the device. The indicator lamp will flash green. Switch on the device.  Put the device on the area you are going to treat. Press the trigger button. To increase the energy level press again on the selection button. Put the device on the skin surface you want to treat. Press the trigger button while the treatment window is in contact with your skin to emit light. Continue moving the Beurer IPL device from one spot to another while pressing the trigger button to emit flashes.
  5.  Don’t hit the same spot twice during the same session. Try to avoid overlapping or gaping between the pulses. 
  6. If you want to enable the auto flash mode you can press and hold the trigger button for 3 flashes. This method is better for treating large skin areas such as the legs, back, and arms. 
  7. Switch off the device after finishing the treatment session. 
  • The indicator lamp would light green while the treatment if your skin is suitable for laser hair removal. Otherwise, it will flash red. 
  • Beurer IPL can be used on the face. However, you shouldn’t use it too near to the eyes. It is also suitable for treating arms, legs, armpit, and bikini lines. Men can use Beurer laser hair removal for getting rid of chest and back hair. 

Tips Before Using Beurer Hair Removal 

Here are some tips you should know before using Beure IPL and laser hair removal in general: 

Make sure it is suitable for you 

The device has 3 different modes. Make sure you choose the right energy level for your skin tone and hair color. See the charts which come with the device to determine the right energy level for your skin tone and hair color. You shouldn’t use the device on bleached hair as it won’t be effective. Beurer IPL works best on people who have light to medium brown skin. It is not suitable for you if you have dark skin. The device works best for people who have fair skin tone and dark hair. If you have a dark skin tone and still want to try laser hair removal at home, you should ask your doctor first. If the dark skin absorbed the light energy, it might cause skin burns and irritation. People with brown skin use IPL devices that have low energy settings to avoid skin burns. 

You Must Be Patient 

If you decided to try laser hair removal at home, I’m not going to lie: it takes time and effort. You must be committed to your IPL sessions in order to notice real results. You shouldn’t miss your sessions. If you are not patient enough, you won’t be able to see permanent results. However, after finishing the initial treatment sessions, you will only need to use your device once every month or every 2 months so it will be much easier to maintain your results after achieving them. 

Read The Product Manual Thoroughly Before Your First Session 

Some people get so excited when they get IPL device and they forget to read the user manual before using the IPL device. This might cause skin inflammation or burning if you use the IPL kit improperly. Also, if you don’t know how to use the device, you might not get results if it is not actually working. To maximize your results, you should use your IPL device after reading the user manual for at least 15 minutes. Also, you should see real video reviews from actual buyers of the device to help you understand how does it work. I recommend reading the user guide then watching the product review of a real person who used the IPL kit you ordered. 

How Often Should I use Beurer IPL device? 

You should use the device regularly to get fast results. For the initial treatment, use the device once every 2 weeks for 4 sessions. After that, you can do 3 sessions once every month. When the hair stops growing back, you will only need to use the device when needed. For removing facial hair, you will get the best results after finishing 6 sessions. You can check the detailed treatment plan in the user manual which comes with your device. 

Can I use my IPL every day? 

No. it is not recommended to use your IPL device daily. Using your IPL device too often might cause skin irritation. The instructions of using the IPL device is totally different from one device to another. You should read the user manual very carefully before starting your IPL sessions. Also, using your IPL device too often won’t get you better results as the light targets the hair in a certain phase. 


Can I use Beurer IPL For Full Body Hair Removal? 

Yes. the device is safe to use on the legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, stomach, and face. However, you shouldn’t use the device above the cheekbones. Beurer IPL is suitable for both women and men. However, it is not recommended to use Beurer Laser hair removal on the anus, genitals, or nipples. 

Does Beurer IPL Device Actually Work? 

Yes. the device is clinically tested and it is proven effective by doctors. You can use the device safely at home with complete privacy. There are many positive reviews online of women who tried the device and found it working for them. 

Is The Treatment Painful? 

No. the device is less painful than waxing and epilating. You might feel slight warmth during the treatment. However, the pain tolerance differs from one person to another according to the sensitivity of the skin. 

Can Men Use Beurer IPL Device? 

Yes. the device is suitable for both women and men. However, certain body areas will require more sessions than women such as the chest and back. Also, men shouldn’t use the device on the face. 

Can I use IPL for Public Hair? 

You can safely use your IPL device for the mons pubic and bikini line. However, you shouldn’t use your device for treating the area near the anus, inguinal, and scrotum. In general, it is not recommended to use the device on dark pigmented skin areas as they are more sensitive to light and it might cause skin irritation and redness. 


Beurer IPL is a compact device for permanent hair removal. The device is economic and effective at the same time. The results need time so you must be patient. It works ideally on the legs, arms, bikini line, and face. Besides, both men and women can use the device. The treatment session takes from a minute to 15 minutes depending on the size of the area you are treating. 

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