at home laser hair removal canada

Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2021 

Best at home laser hair removal in Canada according to the user’s & expert’s reviews. Features, who can use? And which ones actually work? This guide will help you learn all the information you should know about laser & IPL devices for personal use. 

Body hair is a fact of life. It is totally normal and you should be proud of it. At the same time, we all try to be the best versions of ourselves. Shaving is easy to do but it is pretty annoying when you have to do it every day to keep your skin shiny. Besides, shaving causes pimples and skin irritation. Today, people are turning to laser & IPL hair removal as they give long-lasting results. Laser hair removal at clinics is expensive and time-consuming. It is more difficult to finish your treatment course at clinics. IPL devices for personal use are more reliable and they will get you similar results with complete privacy of your own home. 

What is the best laser hair removal machine for the home? 

Here are the home laser hair removal in Canada devices: 

Philips Lumea BRI957

at home laser hair removal canada

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Philips Lumea BRI957 is the best home laser hair removal device in Canada and worldwide. It is a modern device that uses IPL technology to remove unwanted hair. It destroys the hair follicles like a laser using light. Most women who tried Lumea BRI957 noticed results after finishing 3-4 sessions. It really works and is worth the money. You should shave before using this device to maximize your results. 

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Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x

at home laser hair removal canada

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Tria 4x uses a diode laser which is the same type of laser used in clinics to target the melanin inside the hair follicle and destroy it. The device is easy to carry and it works perfectly for small areas such as the bikini area, face, and underarms. It is one of the most effective devices for home use as it uses real laser and not IPL. however, this device is intense. That’s why you should use it on level 3 or level 4 if you noticed that the highest intensity level is painful to you. Tria 4x laser hair removal is only suitable for people who have light to medium skin tone and dark or brown hair color. 

Me Smooth Professional At Home Face and Body Hair Reduction System

at home laser hair removal canada

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Posina says this device is FDA cleared and you can use it for removing facial and body hair. It is suitable for all skin types. It is a good economic choice for you if you are a beginner at laser hair removal at home.  


Xsoul Hair Removal At home 

at home laser hair removal canada


Another great economic device with 2 treatment modes and easy to hold design. The device is fast. It takes 1-2 minutes for treating small areas like the bikini area and armpits. It is actually effective but results need time so you have to be patient. The device quality is good for its price range and the user manual is clear. Xsoul hair removal device is suitable for pale skin to light brown skin tone. It is not safe on brown and dark brown skin colors. Besides, you shouldn’t use it on red, grey, white and yellow blonde hairs as it won’t show results. 

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Beamia IPL Hair Removal Device 

best home laser hair removal 2021 

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Beamia IPL device is suitable for many skin tones. The best candidate is light skin and dark hair. The device comes with 999,999 flashes and 5 intensity levels. You can use it for both the face and body. Once you get your Beamia version, you can start your IPL treatment immediately as it comes with everything you need including a razor and protective goggles. The only disadvantage is that the device heats up fast so you need to take rests during your full body laser hair removal. The duration for full body hair removal is one hour. The device works corded only. You should use the Beamia IPL hair removal system once every 2 weeks to get the best results for the first 2 treatments. Then you should use the Beamia IPL device once every month for 2 treatments. After that, the hair will grow slower and thinner than before. Most people get the best results after finishing 6-7 sessions. Continue your IPL sessions following the user guide to get the best IPL hair removal experience. 

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Is Laser Hair Removal At Home Safe?

 Laser hair removal devices are not FDA cleared. However, many of them match European standards. Most of them are safe. However, you should get a trusted IPL device that has many positive reviews to ensure that it will work for you. Using laser hair removal devices at home is safer than professional laser treatment at a clinic as the light used is less powerful than the professional laser. 

Are at home laser hair removal worth it? 

Yes. Using laser hair removal machine at home is more reliable than laser appointments at the clinic as you can use the laser device whenever you want. The device is a life investment as the flashes are enough for initial and maintenance sessions. Laser hair removal at home is cheaper than a professional treatment. You can use your IPL device for both small and large areas. Besides, you can use the device for treating sensitive areas with complete privacy at home. 


There are many at-home laser hair removal kits in Canada you can buy. We recommend Philips Lumea BRI957 because it has many positive reviews and comes with 450,000 flashes which are enough for full body hair removal at home. It will give you professional-like results as the IPL light is effective and powerful. It is suitable for both people who are trying IPL for the first time and others who want an IPL machine for top-ups. 

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