beamia ipl hair removal

Beamia IPL Hair Removal Review

Beamia IPL hair removal machine at home. Is it really effective? How often should you use it? And what experts say about this device? Find out now. 


Having your own laser hair removal device at home will save you money and time. Beamia IPL device is for both women and men. It has 999999 flashes to help you finish your full-body laser treatment at home with complete privacy. 

How does Beamia Hair Removal Work?

Beamia IPL machine uses intense pulsed light technology (IPL) to break the growth cycle of unwanted hair. The hair follicle under the skin heats up and gets destroyed. The light is absorbed in the hair follicle without affecting the skin around it. Within time you will give long-lasting results. Most at-home IPL devices are totally safe and pain-free as they are designed for personal use. 

Why you Trust Us

Our laser hair removal experts spent more than 435 hours comparing and reviewing the best at-home devices. We found that Beamia IPL is one of the top 20 IPL devices for personal use. Our choice is based on the price of the device, users’ ratings, durability, and ease of use. The device comes with everything your need to start your at-home laser hair removal session at once. 

Beamia Hair Removal Review 

beamia ipl hair removal

Our rate 4.2

User’s rating 4.3  

Beamia at-home IPL device works on different skin colors. However, it works best on light skin and dark hair color. Its price is cheap compared to other brands which make it a great economical solution for removing unwanted hair permanently. 


  • 999,999 flashes 
  • 5 energy settings 
  • Flash and glide treatment modes 
  • Comes with razor 
  • Comes with protective goggles 
  • Enough for lifetime use 


  • Heats up fast 

User’s Review 

“Beamia IPL seems to be working for me!” said Emilie. 

She wasn’t so sure about how effective the product is when she bought it. She knew that IPL devices for home use wouldn’t be the same as professional hair removal. You need more sessions to achieve the same results at home. She has thick hair and she used the device for 4 sessions. At first, she used to use the device on the lowest setting then she used level 2, and so on. Despite the fact that she didn’t use the highest energy setting from the beginning, she noticed a big difference after 4 sessions. 30% of the hairs on the legs didn’t grow back. Before using the Beamia device, make sure your skin is free from cosmetics and lotions. You can also shower before your sessions. Your skin must be dry and clean. After the session, you can apply a moisturizer if you felt that your skin is dry. If you found your skin is red after the treatment, it will be fine within a few hours so no worries. 

“This product worth the money, but you must be patient,” Said Kevin. 

You must shave before your laser hair removal sessions. Also, you should avoid direct sun exposure on the areas you treated. The device is effective but you won’t get results from the first session. This process takes weeks to notice a difference. He found the device very easy to use. The device doesn’t flash unless it detects the treatment window is perpendicular to the skin. This makes the treatment safer for your eyes and easier. There are 2 modes for the treatment: flash and glide. He used glide for treating large skin areas and glide for treating sensitive areas. For him, the device worth the money and much better than the other device he used before. He will continue the treatment for maintenance and definitely recommend trying this! 

“Love the device.. I don’t need to shave anymore now!” Said Mariam 

Her mum bought her this device as a Christmas gift. She didn’t believe that she can use an IPL device at home and it would give her results. Her skin is fair and her hair color is dark black. The device works best for her skin tone. She was very impressed! Now she used the device for 4 months and she doesn’t need to shave her legs daily as before. There are some fine hairs that grow back. She planned to remove her underarms and bikini line areas next. For maintenance, she will use Beamia IPL every few weeks to get long-lasting results. She highly recommends this product! 

How To Use Beamia IPL at home?

  1. Shave before using the device. This step is very important as shaving maximizes your results. The light targets the hair follicle under the skin. That’s why you must clean your skin, dry and shave.  
  2. Wear protective glasses before turning on the device. 
  3. Plugin your Beamia IPL. 
  4. Hold on to the power button. The number of flashes remaining will show on the screen. 
  5. Press the power button again to change the intensity of the treatment light. If you didn’t use an IPL device before, start with the lowest energy level then shift to higher energy settings later. 
  6. To start your session, direct the treatment window to the area you want to treat. The screen will blink which means the device is ready. Press the flash button to emit a pulse. The flash button is located in front of the device upper the treatment window. You can see the flash emited. It feels like a rubber band. 
  7. Move the treatment window from one area to another while coving the whole area without missing spots. Don’t hit the same spot twice to avoid skin inflammation. 

Video Reviews of Beamia Device

Beamia IPL Vs Philips Lumea: Which Is Better?


Philips Lumea

Beamia IPL

How to use 

Works corded and cordless

Works plugged in only 

Number of heads 

4 heads 

1 head for the whole body 

Nu of flashes 

999,999 flashes

250,000 flashes 

Intensity levels 


When to expect results 

3-5 sessions

After 3 months

Duration of session 

15-30 minutes only

An hour 

Shop now 

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon

Philips Lumea BRI956 is a much better choice. It is a reliable device with all the luxurious attachments you need. However, if you are looking for a cheap device that does the job, choose Beamia IPL. Philps Lumea is a bit expensive. 


Is Beamia IPL effective? 

Yes. the device is very effective in removing unwanted hair with IPL technology at home. You should keep on the schedule to maintain your results. Try not to miss your sessions at all. Also, we recommend continuing the treatment during the mensuration too. 

Can You Use IPL Daily? 

No. you should only use your IPL device once every 2 weeks. The IPL device is effective in certain stages of the hair growth cycle. Avoid using the device more than instructed in the user manual as that might cause skin inflammation and burns. 

How Often Should I Use Beamia IPL? 

You should use the Beamia IPL hair removal device once every 2 weeks for the first 2 sessions. After that use the device once every month for a month or two. To maintain your results, use the device once each month when needed to get long-lasting results. 

Does Hair Fall Out After IPL Treatment? 

For the first few sessions, you won’t notice a change in the number of the hair growing back. After finishing 6-7 sessions, the hair will shed and fall out. Continue your treatment plan to get permanent results. Don’t wax or use an epilator between your sessions to get the best results. 

Is Beamia IPL easy to use? 

Yes. using Beamia IPL is very easy. Read the instructions very well before using your own device. It has 5 intensity levels. It is very easy to adjust the settings according to the area you want to treat. Make sure you choose the best energy setting for the hair color and skin tone of each area. If you felt any pain during the session, consider choosing however heat. The higher the setting you choose, the more strong is the treatment light. 

Hint: Philips release the new model of Lumea 2021 check our full review here Reviews For Philips Lumea 9000 Series


We consider Beamia IPL as one of the top 20 IPL devices for home us. It is a great economic choice for people who want to try IPL hair removal at home. The device is very easy to use and reliable. It also shows the number of flashes remaining which will help you determine whether or not you are using the device properly. It is cheaper than the money you spend on waxing at salons. Besides, it will solve your problem forever. The best thing about having your own IPL device is that it is private and safe. 

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