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Is Baivon IPL Hair Removal Really Effect

Baivon IPL hair removal device: how to use? Pros and cons? And is it really effective? Read our full review to find out. 

Traditional hair removal methods are not worth the time. Shaving is tedious and doesn’t get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing is painful and might cause skin redness. Epilating causes ingrown hair. For this reason, women tend to use Laser and IPL hair removal methods. They give you permanent results and they will solve your problem effectively. Baivon IPL device is very easy to use and comes with 999,999 flashes which are enough for full body hair removal sessions. 

How does Beamia Hair Removal Work?

Beamia IPL device using IPL technology. Most at-home hair removal machines use intense pulsed light technology. It works on the hair growth cycle. The light breaks the regrowth cycle of unwanted hair by heating the hair follicle until it is destroyed. IPL technology will give you long-lasting results if you finish the treatment schedule. It is very effective and safe. There are no worries about using an IPL device as the light targets the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding area. However, if you have skin scars, frickles or hyper skin pigmentation make sure you cover those areas before starting using Beamia to avoid skin burns. 

Why you Trust Us

We spent more than 4 months reviewing and comparing the best IPL and Laser hair removal devices on the market. We also compared the effectiveness of this product compared to professional laser hair removal to give you an ultimate review. This guide is based on customers’ and experts’ reviews. We chose the Beamia IPL as an economic portable choice. You can use this device anywhere and at any time you want. 

Beamia IPL Hair Removal Reviews 

baivon ipl hair removal

Our rate 3.6

User’s rating 3.5


  • 5 energy settings 
  • Painless hair removal experience 
  • Economical choice
  • Easy to use the device 


  • Works corded only (comes with long cord)

Positive Customer’s Reviews 

“Works perfectly for me and no issues,” Said Annie 

She used the Baivon IPL for 2 sessions and she noticed a real difference. The hair grew slower and slower than before. She tried the device on her legs and underarms. At first, she was worried about using an at-home laser device and she was afraid of getting burned. That’s why she started her treatment with the lowest setting (level 1). The lower the setting, the less effective is the device. The hair didn’t react to level one for her. After that, she used level 4 and level 5 for hair removal sessions. She has light skin and black hair. The treatment is pain-free. The device works better if you have fair skin. The goggles are nice and you should wear them for safety as the light is bright. The manual is only in English but overall good enough to understand. No side effects and she wished to get permanent results after finishing the treatment plan. 

“Cost-effective device and the treatment is not painful at all” Said Julia

She had laser hair removal at the clinic and she wanted to get a personal IPL device to use at home for maintenance. The product is very easy to use and the treatment is not painful. Although the instructions are not very clear, the machine is easy to understand how to use. She felt the treatment is similar to the professional hair removal she had before. Julia definitely recommends this product to any person who wants to use a personal device at home. 

“Super easy to use, love everything about it!” Said Claudia.

She wanted to try laser hair removal at home and she wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for her or not. She searched well before buying this product and her experience changed her mind about personal IPL machines. If you didn’t try laser at home before, it is better to read this full guide to help you understand the IPL machine and how to use it. For her Baivon IPL is completely painless. You must be patient and keep doing your IPL sessions to see results. If you have realistic expectations about a personal hair removal machine, you won’t be disappointed with using this device. She used the device for 12 sessions and noticed long-lasting results. Remember that personal machines are not as effective as professional lasers at clinics. If you get results at the clinic after 6 sessions, probably you need 10-12 sessions to get the same results at home so be patient to achieve what you want to. 

Baivon IPL machine is quick and easy to use” Said Ingra 

Her skin is very sensitive that’s why she decided to get an IPL device for home use instead of going to a beauty spa. This product doesn’t hurt at all. She used the lowest energy setting. It felt like a slight shock when the light emitted but no pain during or after the session. You should wear the goggles included during the treatment especially for the areas around the face. Shaving is very important. If you don’t shave properly, you might smell burnt hair. She found the device very easy to use and it is super quick. After finishing 3 sessions, she didn’t need to shave for 4 days. Besides, the hairs which grow back are fewer than before and less stubborn. This device is impressive! 

Negative Customer’s Reviews 

“Very slow between the flashes of light,” Said Kayle 

She used the device for 2 sessions and she found that the laser doesn’t emit quick enough. 

“Not for me,” Said Patrick. 

He used the device as instructed for 4 sessions but didn’t see results yet. He will continue the treatment sessions and see how it goes. 

“The instructions in the manual are not detailed” Said Hilda 

She found the directions a little bit confusing for her and she wished the user manual was more detailed. The device worked for her but she needed some time to figure out how to use it properly. 

How To Use Beamia IPL at home?

  1. Shave the area you are going to treat. You must shave before using Baivon IPL to notice results. 
  2. Clean your skin and make sure that it is perfectly dry before starting the IPL treatment
  3. Plugin the device and wear protective glasses as the light is too bright. 
  4. Choose the best energy level for your skin tone and hair color. Start using the device by moving from a spot to another and keep pressing the flash button to emit light. Don’t hit the same spot twice during the treatment session. 

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Video Reviews of Beamia Device


What to do before using an IPL device at home? 

  1. Read the user manual

You should also read the user manual and know everything about the device you want to get. Most IPL devices have a downloadable copy. It will give you information about the device, how to use and when to expect results. However, some devices come with a short user manual. Reading online reviews like our detailed guides will help you with more comprehensive information. 

  1. Test the device first

You should test the device before starting using it if you didn’t try the device before on your skin. Shave a spot and try the device on it. Wait for at least 24 hours before using the device. This will help you avoid skin inflammation and skin sensitivity reactions. We recommend using the lowest energy level during the test. If you found your skin is sensitive to light, talk to your doctor or your pharmacist at once. 

  1. Shave before every session

You should shave before your laser session especially before the initial ones. Besides, you can remove unwanted hair between IPL sessions by shaving. 

Is it safe to use IPL? 

Yes. Devices that use IPL technology to remove unwanted hair are generally considered safe. The IPL technology is FDA cleared. Personal IPL machines use lower energy settings than professional laser at clinics. That’s why it is designed for personal use. Laser at clinics uses higher energy settings and the technician must be qualified and trained enough to do the procedure. There are lower risks of getting burns using your own device at home as the treatment is usually pain-free. 

Does IPL have side effects? 

The IPL treatment is generally safe with no side effects in most cases. Some people get mild inflammation as their skin becomes red or pink after the laser session. This side effect is mild and usually goes away within 24 hours. IPL’s serious side effects are not common. However, the side effects include hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and scars. If you noticed any change on your skin, visit your doctor immediately. 

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Beamia IPL device is a safe, painless, and effective hair removal device. Most of the customers who tried it found real results after 8-12 sessions. The device doesn’t flash when the treatment window is not in contact with your skin which prevents light leakage and protects your eyes. Compared to professional laser hair removal at clinics, this product is a great economic choice that will change your life forever.  


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