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Artolf Hair Removal Device for Permanent Results

How much does the Artolf hair removal device cost? How many flashes does it emit? Are the results permanent? Know more info through our full review. 

Professional laser hair removal at the salon is very expensive. That’s why IPL devices for home use are very trending now. Using your own IPL device will help you reach the same results at home at a lower cost. Artolf Hair removal device comes with 999,999 flashes which are enough for full body hair removal. It is a great long-time investment. 

Why you should Buy Artolf Hair Removal

Today, most women and men use IPL and Laser technologies to get long-lasting results. With the Artolf IPL device, you can reach fast and permanent results with complete privacy at home. The device is clinically tested and it showed up to 90% hair growth reduction after using the Artolf IPL for one month. After 2 months, you won’t need to use the device regularly. It is a great economic choice you should consider. The user manual is detailed and contains everything about the device and how to use it. 

How Does Artolf IPL Work?

The Artolf device uses IPL technology. It is similar to the technology used at clinics. The IPL uses light energy to target the melanin inside the hair follicle. The more difference between the hair color and the skin tone, the faster results you will get. When the hair is heated, it is destroyed. The IPL technology is more useful than laser for large skin areas. IPL is a broad spectrum light while the laser is one wavelength light. Both technologies will give you the same results. However, you need more sessions to get professional hair removal results at home. 

Artolf Hair Removal Device 

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Our rate 4.5

User’s rate 4.8


  • 999,999 pulses 
  • 5 energy levels 
  • 2 flash modes 
  • Painless treatment
  • Great economic choice 
  • No disposable required 
  • Gentle on the skin 
  • Suitable for both women and men 


  • low-quality packaging

User’s review

“Very good IPL hair removal device” Olivia Said. 

She found the Artolf hair removal machine is very easy to use. Regular hair removal methods are tedious and don’t give her long-lasting results like laser and IPL. and now she is very happy with the results she got after using Artolf IPL for 2 months. The artolf device is very gentle on the skin and the price is considered cheap compared to professional laser prices at clinics. The device came with protective goggles and razors so you have everything you need to start your treatment at home. 

“Amazing device! It inhibits hair growth cycle” Amelia Said.

 She found that using the Artolf hair removal device makes her skin smoother and shinier than ever! The device has 999,999 flashes which are enough for doing full body laser hair removal at home. She has long dark hair and fair skin. After using the device for 2 weeks, her arms are almost hair-free. The hairs grow slower than before. The light produced goes deep into the dermis targeting the hair follicle without affecting the surrounding skin. You can use the product for the face and body. It has 2 treatment modes which are: manual and automatic. She used the automatic because it is easier and quicker. The device comes with protective goggles to prevent the light from hurting your eyes if you look at the light directly, a very safe product. The price is cheaper than Spa. she found the device very effective and worth the money. 

“Amazing device and the operation is very simple” Mia Said. 

She searched very well before getting the Artolf IPL device. She decided to get this product after reading the positive reviews of real customers. She used the device on the highest energy, it is a bit painful and makes the skin hot but it is worth it. The user manual is very clear and it will help you understand your device very well. Plugin the device and switch it on. Long press on the open key and choose the energy you want to do the treatment on. She used the device for treating her facial hair mainly. The results are amazing! It is a great investment compared to the prices at clinics. 

“This buy was worth!” Ava Said. 

She found the device is easy to use. It came with a razor and goggles to protect your eyes during the session. She noticed fast results after the first use! She bought this device because waxing and epilating are so tiring. The user manual will help you decide which energy level you should use for the treatment according to your skin tone and hair type. Read the precaution, safety, and how to use tips before your first session. She felt the device was worth the money. It made her skin very smooth and some areas are completely hairless. She definitely recommends buying Artolf IPL for long-lasting results at home. 

Video Reviews Of Artolf hair removal

How Do You Use Artolf hair removal?

  1. Shave the area you are planning to treat with the Artolf device. You should do this step a day before the treatment session. If your skin is not sensitive to shaving, you can shave on the same day prior to the session. 
  2. Clean the skin and dry well before using the Artolf hair removal machine. The skin must be pure and free from any products or lotions. 
  3. Plugin your Artolf device. Do the test patch if this is your first try. 
  4. To start using the device, adjust the energy setting suitable for the area you are going to treat. Choose the quick mode for treating large skin areas. The precise mode is more suitable for small skin areas such as the bikini line and underarms. 
  5. Put the treatment window 90 degrees above the skin. Press the light button to emit a pulse. Move the device from a spot to another and keep clicking the flash button after moving the device. 
  6. Continue pulsing the light. Make sure that you cover the whole area without hitting the same spot twice. Try to flash each spot only once per treatment session. After finishing the session, switch off the device. 
  7. Clean the Artolf hair removal device using a clean cotton cloth after each session to avoid hygiene problems. 

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How many sessions does it take for IPL to work? 

You should do an IPL session every 2 weeks during the initial treatment at home. After finishing 4 sessions you can use the device once every month. However, the results vary from one person to another. Some people need more than 8 sessions once every 2 months to see results. You should be patient and do your sessions as directed in the user manual. 

What Should I do after the IPL session? 

After your IPL session, you should avoid direct sun exposure. If you have to go out you can apply sun block which is SPF 30 or above. Don’t apply scrub or tanning creams after the IPL session. Also, you should avoid taking Vitamin A and glycolic acid derivatives for at least 2 days after the sessions as these ingredients increase the photosensitivity of your skin. 

What Does The Session Feel Like? 

You may feel like a slight tingling or heat during your IPL or laser session. Some people don’t feel anything. It is about your tolerance to pain. While most women describe the feeling of the IPL as a rubber band. Besides, somebody areas are more sensitive than others like the bikini line and underarms. People with thick dark hair are more likely to feel more pain during the IPL session. 

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What Will I see After The IPL Treatment?

After your hair removal session, the hair follicles are destroyed by the intense pulsed light but the hairs remain under the skin. The hair will be disappeared after 1-3 weeks. During the initial sessions, the hair growth cycle is reduced. After the initial sessions, the hair follicle will stop coming back. However, you might notice some hairs appearing in fewer numbers and thinner. You can remove them using the IPL device or simply with exfoliation. Some people notice redness after the IPL session. Don’t worry about this side effect if happen to you because it disappears after a day or two by itself. 


You don’t have to break the bank to remove unwanted hair forever. Instead of expensive professional laser hair removal, you can get your own Artolf device and get similar results at home. The device comes with protective glasses, a user manual, and 999,999 flashes. We recommend getting this device to remove hair at home easily and effectively. Don’t give up and you will reach the silky smooth skin you always wanted. 

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